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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
51102243The Art of Diminution in the 16th and 17th cent., Vol. 1MatharelS(A)s$43.95image
PAR 102Les Agréments- French baroque ornamentation from Principes de MusiqueMonteclair (Robinson)$24.00image
CMP 413English Translation of the text of Tratado de Glosas 1553Ortiz$5.50image
BVK1594Trattado de glosos sobre clausulas (2003) Translations, viol partOrtizVdgVp & s$68.00image
00331157The Best of Hebrew RoundsPasternak1-3 vo or is$12.95image
EBA1227The Dancing Master, I Maggots & Marches, 25 MelodienPlayford & AlteraS(O,F,V) Bcp & s$24.50image
EBA1228The Dancing Master, II Cooking & Gardening, 25 MelodienPlayford & AlteraS(O,F,V) Bcp & s$24.50image
EBA1229The Dancing Master, III Dames & Dances, 25 MelodienPlayford & AlteraS(O,F,V) Bcp & s$24.50image
12-0571507239The Complete Country Dance TunesPlayford (Barlow)V(F,S,A,T)s$22.25image
CMP 43941 Trios for winds or stringsPlayford (Gammie)3i VV(Va)C TrTr(T)B4p & s$21.00image
LPM 111200 Playford Dance Tunes with chord symbols, with CD RomPlayford (Thomas)i Gs CD-Rom$12.50image
M051670376Purcell Collection for Recorder ConsortPurcell1-4is$19.95image
MK1525Arrangements (modern techniques)Serocki1-4 rp$20.00image
ST 10752Descants in ConsortSimpsonSSSSs$6.95image
P 300Who Gave Thee Thy Jolly Red Nose, Tunes from the Taverns, Streets and TheatresSkeaping and Skeaping1-4 rec vos$13.00image
AO103Caedmon Capers, a collection of country dancesUptonis$8.95image
PYSPlayford for Young String Players(Barron)3is$15.00imageOut of stock
PPECDIPurcell, Playford, and the English Country Dance I Dances(Barron)s$25.00n/aOut of stock
PPECDIIPurcell, Playford, and the English Country Dance II Music(Barron)3is$25.00n/aOut of stock
StepS1Stepping Stones, Volume One(Barron)3-4is$14.00n/aOut of stock
Wall IWallflowers at the Drancy Fess Ball, Book I(Barron)3is$15.00imageOut of stock
Wall IIWallflowers at the Drancy Fess Ball, Book II(Barron)3is$15.00imageOut of stock
Wall IIIWallflowers at the Drancy Fess Ball, Book III(Barron)3is$15.00n/aOut of stock
MVB102Traditionelle Musik aus Nepal(Bornmann)S(A,T)s$18.00imageOut of stock
98684BCDForget Met Not, A Collection of 50 Memorable Traditional Irish Tunes(Connolly & Martin)S(V,F,W)s 2CD$29.95imageOut of stock
OS11000Irish Session Tunes, The Red Book(Cranitch)V(F,S,A,T)s$12.95imageOut of stock
BB 1The Baroque Book for Two Treble Instruments(Feldman & Barron)VV, SAs$14.00imageOut of stock
BB 2The Baroque Book for Two Treble Instruments, Book 2(Feldman & Barron)2is$14.00imageOut of stock
MUSICSILVERMusic with her silver sound, Sounds from the plays of William Shakespeare(Haas)1-2 vo, 3-5 rec, L s$35.00imageOut of stock
96836BCDEarly American Roots, Violin Edition, CD(Hesperus, Chancey)V,A,Gs CD$27.95imageOut of stock
A168Reels & Rants, Flings & Fancies(Kennedy)V(F,S)s$12.95imageOut of stock
SUP 8Thirteen Stars, Music of Colonial, Revolutionary and Federalist America(Kitts-Turner)SA, SAT, SATBs$16.95n/aOut of stock
RCE 27God Bless the Prince of Wales and 26 other melodies and airs(Koch)3-4 is$4.95n/aOut of stock
AM401100 Essential Irish Session Tunes(Mallinson)V,F,W,S,A (G)s$15.45imageOut of stock
STAP 555A Renaissance Banquet(Remple & Kunzman)SnSATB percs$9.95imageOut of stock
RE 934Pipeaux 1934, Mélodies Milhaud, Roussel, Ibert, Auric, Poulenc, Ferroud,MartelliAnthologyS Pf,A Pf,SATB,SSPfs$29.00n/aOut of stock
BACHGGBach, a Glimpse of GeniusBach, J. S.2is$30.00n/aOut of stock
RL16370Opera IntitulataGanassii vos$42.00imageOut of stock
P 142An Introduction to Fontegara and the Art of DivisionsGanassi (Murphy)is$17.25n/aOut of stock
E1801Thirty-five Compositioins by King Henry VIII, Complete secular worksHenry VIII (Stevens)3 vo, 3 is$11.50imageOut of stock
EMB 2787Recorder Collection, Vol. IKodaly3-4is$2.00n/aOut of stock
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