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HARA 112We Wish You a Merry Christmas(Lewin, A.)SAATBp & s$11.00image
HARA 109Christmas Villancicos(Lewin, G.)SATBp & s$14.95image
HAEE 6Mediaeval Christmas Carols in two parts(Lewin, G.)2vo(2i)s$14.50image
CVP 15AAll Things Bright and Beautiful or May Hill, quintet version(Lindvall)SnSATBp & s$5.00image
CVP 15All Things Bright and Beautiful or May Hill, trio version(Lindvall)STB3s$5.00image
CVP 11Amazing Grace(Lindvall)ATB3s$5.00image
CVP 21Go, Tell It on the Mountain(Lindvall)AAB3s$5.00image
CVP 23I Am so Glad/ Joy to the World(Lindvall)ATB3s$5.00image
CVP 03In Thee is Gladness for 5 parts(Lindvall)S(Sn)S(A)ATBp & s$5.00image
CVP 35Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley(Lindvall)A Pf, S Pf 4 s$5.00image
CVP 07Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now(Lindvall)SATB perc4s$5.00image
CVP 22Noel Nouvelet(Lindvall)SAT3s$5.00image
CVP 38O Jesus, King most Wonderful! Early American Hymn Tune(Lindvall)SATBp & s$5.00image
CVP 34O Sacred Head, Now Wounded/ Pange Lingua(Lindvall)SATBp & s$5.00image
CVP 20Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers(Lindvall)SATB percp & s$5.00image
CVP 31There is a Balm in Gilead(Lindvall)SATTBp & s$5.00image
LTM 13Carol of the Birds(Loux & Phelps)SATTB, TrTrTTB, vo pfp & s$8.00image
LTM 11Noël De Sedan(Loux & Phelps)vo Pf, 5ip & s$8.00image
LTM 2The Sleep of the Infant Jesus(Loux & Phelps)SATTB, TrTrTTB, vo pfp & s$8.00image
LTM 12There was a Lovely Maiden(Loux & Phelps)SATTB, TrTrTTB, vo pfp & s$8.75image
LTM 1Marche des Rois ( March of the Kings) (Loux )voPf, 5 inp & s$8.00image
LCC 19A Songbag of French Carols, Il est né, Célébrons la Naissance, Venez bergers(Loux)vo 1-4i, Pf, percp & s$12.50image
LCC 23Abbots Bromley Tune, Staffordshire Deer Dance(Loux)SAA(T)TBp & s$7.00image
LCC 20Christmas Trios(Loux)3i vo percp & s$8.00image
LCC 21Good Tidings(Loux)vo Pf(4i)p & s$11.95image
LMP 144Medieval English Carols(Loux)3 vo, i3s$5.75image
MK 259Six Polish Christmas Carols(Lutoslawski)SATs$5.50image
N3939The Christmas Duo, 97 tunes with texts(Lutz)SA(ST) s$18.95image
N4646The Christmas Trio for 3 Recorders, 70 Tunes(Lutz)SAT/SST/SAB/SSB/SAAs$17.95image
MK 284French Christmas Carols and Dances(Martelli)SATs$3.50image
MK2020Uns kompt ein Schiff gefahren, 12 Christmas Songs(Medek)SATTs$10.00image
ST 10768Come and Adore Him(Meech)SATs$7.95image
MK 439Christum wir Sollen Loben Schon, Tricinien der Renaissance zur Weihnachtszeit(Monkemeyer)SS(A)A(T)s$2.50image
MTC 99An International Christmas, 23 Carols from many countries(Moore)vo SATBs$12.60image
LCC 10Two European Carols, O Leave Your Sheep, On Christmas Night(Music)SATp & s$6.25image
TR 71Glorious Glorias, Gloria Movements by Palestrina, Hassler, Guerrero and Lasso(Nagel)SATB (trTnTnB)p & s$7.75image
MR 154Christmas Tunes for Two (Ocarinas, Recorders, Crumhorns)(Neuberger)STs$3.95image
LCC 7More Ancient Carols(Neuberger)SATB percp & s$12.95image
PBE 438 Danish & Swedish Folk Hymns(Newman)SATB/ AATB4s$7.95image
MK2060Nine Pastoralen by old masters, Handel, Vivaldi, Locatelli, Giardini, and others(Ochs)2r Pf (G) Vdgp & s$24.50image
330360Mazel Tov!, Music for a Jewish Wedding, Book and CD(Pasternak)V(vo,A,G)s CD$29.95image
HARA 92A Carol Suite for Large Recorder Ensemble(Pennick)SnSSAATTBBp & s$13.00image
SB1006Winds of Worship, Flute, 12 Hymn Arrangements for One or more wind players(Pethel)Fp CD$12.95image
LCC 2Carols for Krummhorns or Recorders(Phelps)SATB percs$5.95image
HCS 7Gloucestershire Wassail(Phelps)SAATB(VVVaCB)(vo Pf)p & s$6.75image
HCS 9Herefordshire Carol(Phelps)5i(5vo)p & s$6.75image
HNM 1How Sleeps This Little Child(Phelps)4i/voPfp & s$6.00image
HNM 2In the Middle of the Night(Phelps)5i/voPfp & s$6.75image
HCS 1Jolly Old St. Nicholas(Phelps)5ip & s$6.75image
HCS 5Masters in this Hall(Phelps)SAATB(VVVaCB)(vo Pf)p & s$6.75image
LCC 8More Carols for Krummhorns or Recorders(Phelps)SATB percp & s$12.95image
HNM 4O Sleep Tiny Child(Phelps)4i/voPfp & s$5.25image
LMP 151Thanksgiving Greetings (Suite of the Pilgrims) hymn arrangements(Phelps)SATB percp & s$29.95image
HCS 8The Boar's Head Carol(Phelps)SAATB(VVVaCB)(vo Pf)p & s$6.75image
HNM 3The Shepherds Were Watching by Night(Phelps)4i/voPfp & s$6.25image
HCS 11The Wexford Carol(Phelps)SAATB(VVVaCB)(vo Pf)p & s$7.25image
HNM 5There Was a Maid Above All Other(Phelps)5i/voPfp & s$6.75image
LMP 159Twelve Favorite Carols for voice (melody instrument) and keyboard, HCS series(Phelps)v (i) Pfs$8.00image
LCC 11Yuletide Favorites(Phelps)SATB percp & s$13.50image
O5135Christmas and Recorder, 60 Favorite Melodies including Lyrics and Chords(Pickow)Ss$6.95image
CH61424Recorder from the Beginning Christmas Songbook, Pupil's Book(Pitts & Holdstock)S vop$9.00image
MK 378O Freudenreicher Tag, Songs of Christmas(Poser)SATBs$4.50image
PM2420164ROne-Two-Three! Christmas Brass(Power)TptTptTbns$8.95image
PM2418162ROne-Two-Three! Christmas Clarinet(Power)ClClCls$8.95image
PM2417161ROne-Two-Three! Christmas Flute(Power)FFFs$8.95image
PM2421165ROne-Two-Three! Christmas Piano accompaniment(Power)Pfs$8.95image
PM2419163ROne-Two-Three! Christmas Saxophone(Power)ASxASxTSxs$8.95image
PM1000010ROne-Two-Three! Christmas Violin(Power)VVVs$8.95image
LCC 9Good King Wenceslas: Theme and Variations(Price)SATBp & s$7.00image
LCC 13Noel Nouvelet(Price)SATBp & s$5.00image
LCC 14We Wish You a Merry Christmas(Price)SATBp & s$5.00image
MK2032Pieces of Old Masters for Advent & Christmas(Rodemann)SS(A) Pfp & s$20.00image
CMFGChristmas Music for Guitar and Flute(Roland)F(SAT)Gs$7.00n/a
UE 31474Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer and other Christmas Carols(Rosin and Beutler)SAT(B)Gp & s$18.95image
JE 8Cradle Song(Rutter)SSATBs$2.00n/a
ED 7061-12Das Buch der Weihnachtslieder (151 Christmas songs) C treble clef medody part(Schallehn)A (V)p$16.95image
BA 6435Das Quempas-Heft, 41 German Christmas settings for 2 voices or instruments(Schweizer)2 vo, is$10.00image
BA 6274Das Quempas-Heft, 41 German Christmas settings to play with recorder quartet(Schweizer)SATBs$16.00image
CC082Suite No. 2 on Early Carol Tunes and Wassails(Seibert)SATBp & s$20.00image
CC036Suite on Early Carol Tunes(Seibert)SATBp & s$12.00image
MK 170Old Christmas Carols for Voice and Alto recorder(Siebert)SA vos$5.50image
ECS2040Christmas Carols for Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Recorders(Simpson)SATs$13.50image
96494Music Group Choruses, Book 2(Stent)C,B flat,E flat,Bp & s$17.95image
97505Music Group Choruses, Book 4(Stent)C,B flat,E flat,Bp & s$19.95image
20665A Celtic Recorder Christmas(Tanguay)S(SS,TT)s$12.99image
LCC 26Two For Christmas: 24 Easy duets for Soprano Recorders(Taylor)SSs$10.00image
ST 12573Recorders for Christmas(Turner)SS CDs CD$17.95image
MK2061Am Weihnachtsbaum(Unger)SS Pf (vo)s$20.00image
MK2062Am Weihnachtsbaum, 40 songs in German for Advent and Christmas, revised parts(Unger)SS(2vo) Bcp$16.00image
MK2063Kommt, pfeift und trombt!, Come fife and trumpet! songs for Christmas(Unger)SS(A)AT, SAT vos$16.00image
AP 122Four Carols for Christmas(Van Dahm)SSATTBp & s$7.95image
H 1Pipe the Yuletide Carols(Wachtell)SSs$3.25image
SP 2339Songs of Praise(Walker)SS Pfs$2.95image
UE 17767Lieder Zur Weihnachtszeit(Warttmann)ATs$9.95image
UE 17440Weihnachtslieder(Warttmann)SATBs$9.95image
MK2083Weihnachtslieder, 23 Christmas Songs with German texts(Weber)SS/SA Gs$16.00image
ED 7061Das Buch der Weihnachtslieder (151 Christmas songs) Score, hard cover(Weber- Kellermann)vo, Pfs$29.95image
CM 1014Eleven Traditional Hymns(Whitney)SS(A) Pfs$4.00image
93414Christmas Carols for Recorder(Zeidler)1-3is$5.95image
MK 726/7278 German Christmas Songs(Ziesmann)SATs$8.00image
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