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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
DOL 233Four SinfoniasMontalbanoS Bcp & s$8.50image
00148815Gabriel's OboeMorriconeA (O) Pfs$6.99image
PD 06SonataMurrillA Pfp & s$14.50image
OFB 185Sonata in C minorNaudotA(F,O)Bcp & s$14.95image
HM 182Sonata in G MajorNaudotA(F)Bcp & s$20.00image
ETF2182Ludvig was here wasn't he...NieuwkerkA Pfp & s$17.00image
M060079504Microjazz for RecorderNortonS Pfp & s$21.50image
DOL 6013 RecercadasOrtizA Bcp & s$6.50image
DOL 250Five SonatasPaisibleA Bcp & s$24.25image
DOL 251Four SonatasPaisibleA Bcp & s$20.00image
DOL 291Solo in GParchamA Bcp & s$7.00image
BP 2481Sechs Sonaten für Altblockflöte und Bc, Second Suite, Vol. 1, No. 1-3PepuschA(F) Bcp & s$23.00image
BP 2482Sechs Sonaten für Altblockflöte und Bc, Second Suite, Vol. 2, No. 4-6PepuschA Bcp & s$23.00image
N3148Six Sonatas for Soprano Recorder and Piano, Volume I, C major, d minor, F majorPepuschSPfp & s$17.75image
N3149Six Sonatas for Soprano Recorder and Piano, Volume II, d minor, d minor, F majorPepuschSPfp & s$17.75image
ST 11703Sonata in G MajorPepuschS Bcp & s$9.95image
ECS2092DuetPinkhamS(O) Bcp & s$11.30image
DOL 13050 Playford Dance Tunes for Recorder and KeyboardPlayfordS Pfp & s$12.00image
MK15065 InventionenPoletzkyA Pfp & s$4.25image
FPG10Skally Skarekrow's Whistling BookPooleA Pfp & s$10.00image
ST 6234Greensleeves, Variations (1970)PoosA Pfp & s$17.95image
PP 104SinfoniaPorpora (Kupferberg)A Bcp & s$5.75image
OFB 783 Sonatas for Alto recorder and Basso continuo, F major, d minor, C majorPurcell, D.A(F,O,V) Bcp & s$17.95image
OFB 77Sonate F major for Alto recorder and PianoPurcell, D.A Pfp & s$14.95image
UE 19940If Music be the Food of Love Songs and AriasPurcell, H.A Bcp & s$21.95image
DOL 105The Purcell Collection, 20 PiecesPurcell, H.S Bcp & s$10.50image
OFB 153Masters of the Early BaroqueQuagliati, Selma, MontalbanoS(T) Bcp & s$13.95image
DOL 262Sonata in C major after Trio in C (QV2:2)QuantzA Bcp & s$7.00image
DOL 115The Rameau Collection, Vol. 1RameauS Pfp & s$9.50image
1.2429SonataReidA Bcp & s$9.30image
DOL 290Three Solos for soprano recorder and continuoReidS Bcp & s$7.75image
RL29570Sonate IV and VIIRomanA Bcp & s$10.95image
UE 19930The Kid from VenezuelaRoseS Pfp & s$15.95image
MK 2147Full House, a waltz for alto and pianoRosinA Pfp & s$13.00image
MK2145The River, Native American SongRosinS(T) Pf percp & s$14.00image
AL0869Meditazioni Sopra Coeurs DesolesRubbraA Pfp & s$17.95image
UE 21354Easy Blue RecorderRussell-SmithS Pfp & s$16.95image
UE 18828Jazzy Recorder 1Russell-SmithS Pfp & s$16.95image
MK 161Berliner Sonatine in G SachsS Pfs$2.50image
BP 443Zwei Sonaten für Sopranblockflöte und Bc, opus 2 No. 1, 4SammartiniS(F,V,O)p & s$19.00image
DOL 2243 GymnopediesSatieA Pfp & s$7.00image
PAR 112Sonatas K89, K322, K78, K77, K63, K64, and K380Scarlatti (Robinson)S H(Pf)p & s$12.00image
MK1081Sonata Op. 17/2SchickhardA Bcp & s$16.00image
MR 1923L'Alphabet de la Musique, Op. 30, 24 Sonatas, Volume ISchickhardtA Bcp & s$28.00image
MR 1924L'Alphabet de la Musique, Op. 30, 24 Sonatas, Volume IISchickhardtA Bcp & s$35.00image
MR 1925L'Alphabet de la Musique, Op. 30, 24 Sonatas, Volume IIISchickhardtA Bcp & s$35.00image
MR 1926L'Alphabet de la Musique, Op. 30, 24 Sonatas, Volume IVSchickhardtA Bcp & s$35.00image
MR 1927L'Alphabet de la Musique, Op. 30, 24 Sonatas, Volume VSchickhardtA Bcp & s$31.00image
MR 1928L'Alphabet de la Musique, Op. 30, 24 Sonatas, Volume VISchickhardtA Bcp & s$31.00image
MK1502Suite for Soprano recorder or Oboe and PianoSchillingS (O) Pfp & s$16.00image
OFB 171Thema und Variationen (1988)SchneiderA Pfp & s$14.95image
MK1128Lachrime PavaenSchopT(V,S)Bcp & s$13.00image
UE 36673Walzer Nr.2 aus Suite fur Variete-OrchesterSchostakowitschA Pfp & s$17.50image
SIEG033Imibala yenjabulo, African Suite No. 18SiegA/S Pfp & s$27.00image
11.111DialogeStaepsA Pfp & s$10.50image
FL029Fantasia con EchoStaepsS(T) Pfp & s$19.00image
FL037Furioso, Gigue, and AriaStaepsA(S)Pfp & s$25.00image
FL038ImmortelleStaepsA(B)Pfp & s$26.00image
UE 18742Mobile for Descant Recorder and PianoStaepsS Pfp & s$16.95image
UE 12603Sonata in E flat majorStaepsA (F,O,Y) Pfp & s$19.95image
1.2468SonataSterneA Bcp & s$8.10image
MK1537Duo mit Suiten-Fragmenten (modern technique)StockmeierA Pfp & s$8.00image
MSM018Donna di MaestaStrozzi (Thorn)A Bcp & s$18.50image
MSM026Three love songsStrozzi (Thorn)A Bcp & s$12.50image
EP4565Suiten und AirsStrungkS(A) Bcp & s$10.95image
OFB 1812 Sonatinen, c minor TWV 41:c2, a minor TWV 41:a4TelemannA Bcp & s$16.95image
OFB 18250 New Minuets for Alto Recorder TWV 34:51-100TelemannA(F,V)Pfp & s$29.95image
DOL 124-01Complete Original Recorder Sonatas, TWV 41:F2,C2,B3,f1,C5,d4,a4,c2,f2 alto partTelemannAp$10.00image
DOL 124-02Complete Original Recorder Sonatas, TWV 41:F2,C2,B3,f1,C5,d4,a4,c2,f2 bass partTelemannVdg(C)p$7.25image
DOL 124Complete Original Recorder Sonatas, TWV 41:F2,C2,B3,f1,C5,d4,a4,c2,f2 SetTelemannA Bcp & s$29.00image
OFB 145Concerto d min, for Alto and obligato Cembalo TWV 42:h1 transposedTelemannA Hp & s$14.95image
OFB 152Concerto in C Major, Alto and obligates Cembalo TWV 42:A3 transposedTelemannA Hp & s$22.00n/a
ED13219Don Quixote Suite, Six movements TWV 55:G10TelemannS Bcp & s$17.95image
BP 664Duetto in B-dur, in canon TWV 41:B3TelemannA Bcp & s$15.00image
HM 6Four Sonatas TWV 41:F2, 41:B3, 41:f1, 41:C2TelemannA Bcp & s$22.00image
DOL 120Methodical Sonatas TWV 41:g3,A3,e2,D3,a2,G4,bflat3,c3,E5,B5,d2,C3 (transposed)TelemannA Bcp & s$70.00image
SP 2314Partita II TWV 41:G2TelemannS(T) Bcp & s$5.00image
OFB 103Sonata C Major TWV 41:C5TelemannA Bcp & s$12.95image
OFB 104Sonata d minor TWV 41:d4TelemannA Bcp & s$9.95image
UE 19937Sonata f minor for Treble Recorder TWV 41:f2TelemannA Bcp & s$14.95image
DOL 260Sonata in F major (TWV 42:F9) from trio in FTelemannA Bcp & s$7.00image
DOL 261Sonata in g minor (TWV 42:g9) after trio in gTelemannA Bcp & s$7.00image
DOL 241Sonata Metodica no. 10TelemannA Bcp & s $7.00image
B 2001Two Sonatas for Alto Recorder, Bb, Sinfonia ala FrancoiseTelemannA Bcp & s$3.00image
ST 10349Wedding DivertissementTelemannS(V,O)Bcp & s$12.95image
Z 13542Sonatas for Recorder und Bc, Urtext, TWV 41:F2, B3, f1, C2, d4, C5, f2Telemann (János)A Bcp & s$30.95image
EW 809Harrach-Sonata Nr. 1, Sonata in c minor Telemann?A Bcp & s$19.00image
MK 723/724SerenadeTurnerS Pfs$8.00image
OFB 1883 Sonatas of the English BaroqueTurner, Topham, ValentineA(F)Bcp & s$20.95image
MK1545Recitativo, (1986)UlrichSH(Pf)p & s$8.00image
Z1205412 Sonatas for Recorder and BcValentineA (F) Bcp & s$23.95image
ST 11726Sonata No. 8 in GValentineS(T) Bcp & s$5.95image
UE 14008Sonata SestaVeraciniA Bcp & s$14.95image
EP4965A12 Sonaten, Vol. IVeraciniA(F,V)Bcp & s$28.00image
EP4965B12 Sonaten, Vol. IIVeraciniA(F,V)Bcp & s$29.00image
EP4965C12 Sonaten, Vol. IIIVeraciniA(F,V)Bcp & s$19.95image
EP4965D12 Sonaten, Vol. IVVeraciniA(F,V)Bcp & s$19.95image
UE 30210Ciaconna in G minorVitaliA(V)Bcp & s$19.95image
DOL 202Allemanda with VariationsVivaldiS Bcp & s$6.25image
N4523Concerto G major RV 312RVivaldiSn Pfp & s$19.95image
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