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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
TR 17The Muses, Vol. IIEastTTB(TrTrB)p & s$7.50image
TR 18The Muses, Vol. IIIEastTTB(TrTrB)p & s$7.50image
LPM EML 3244 Madrigals from the Second Book of MadrigalsEast3vo(3i)3s$8.50image
ASC 316Divisions upon a GroundEcclesAAAp & s$17.00image
7.0026Three Pieces for Recorder TrioEtlerAATs$5.50image
MK 345Dances from WestphaliaFalkSSAs$3.50image
ST 11565Eight Pieces for Recorder TrioFarnabySATs$13.95image
FFD01A Folksong TrioFarquharATBp & s$11.00image
MK 327Acht Zwiefache, Eight Dances Vol. 1FegersSATs$3.50image
MK 432Acht Zwiefache, Eight Dances, Vol. IIFegersSATs$2.50image
FFH01English Suite for three RecordersFergusonSATs$10.00image
OFB 10122 SuitesFingerAAAs$13.95image
N22629 Pieces from Musicalischer ParnassusFischerSATs$11.00image
RCE 20Calliope SuiteFischerSATs$2.25image
LPM TM 33Nine VillanelleFontana3i(TTB)3s$6.50image
LPM EML 275Five Pieces, from Trium Vocum CarminaFormschneyderS(A)TB3s$9.75image
MK 307Magnificat V. ToniForster3 vo, SSAs$5.50image
ETF2148Trio bravoFortinAAT FFFp & s$22.00image
JR 16Album of Well Known SongsFosterSATs$13.50image
CVP 17Slumber My DarlingFoster (Lindvall)TBB3s$5.00image
MK 622Enigma BluesFriederichSSTs$4.00image
MK 599/600Happy Birthday VariationsFriederichSATs$9.25image
MK 613Highstreet-Dixie, Op. 2FriederichSATs$5.50image
MK 638Jubilee Stomp(1986)FriederichSnTBs$7.95image
LPM EML 365Chi'nde dara la boseGabrieli, A.3vo(3i)3s$5.25image
ETF 040Tango JalousieGadeATBp & s$14.00image
OFB 120Divertimento, Op. 98GalSATs$14.95image
MK2125Bilder und Stimmunger, Pictures and provisions, 9 Pieces GebauerSSA/SSS/SATs$10.00image
HARA 105Four Italian MadrigalsGhibelSATp & s$13.00image
LPM EML 2105 Instrumental PiecesGhiselinATB(3i)3s$9.75image
LPM EML 1972 Famous RondeauxGhizeghemATB(3vo)3s$5.50image
DOL 3363 FantasiasGibbonsAABp & s$8.25image
LPM EML 34711 pieces from the Glogauer LiederbuchGlogauer Liederbuch3i3s$7.75image
LPM TM 29Music from the Glogauer Liederbuch, Selection IGlogauer Liederbuch3i3s$9.50image
1.2545Chanukah Suite for Recorder TrioGoldsteinSAT2s$11.00image
MK 755/756Little DancesGraapSSS3s$10.00image
LMP 6FugueGreeneATBp & s$8.50image
CC027Four for ThreeGuess-HansonATBp & s$9.00image
CC022Sympathetic IntrospectionGuess-HansonATBs$0.90image
MK2504Recorder Tales for 3 recorders of equal pitch (modern technique)Gumbel3 recs$10.00image
P 224Five Fine Scottish SongsHallSATp & s$12.00image
P 351Let My Little Light Shine, 5 SpiritualsHallSATp & s$16.00image
P 221Three Scottish SongsHallSATp & s$9.00image
P 222Winter WeatherHallSATp & s$11.00image
PAR 421Covent Garden TriosHandelSABp & s$17.00image
PP 31Pastoral Symphony from MessiahHandelAAB3s$9.50image
AVP 40Se Tu Non Lasci AmoreHandelATBp & s$16.00image
ST10197Suite in C Major arranged from Ouverture in D major, HWV 424Handel (Bloodworth)SSAs$12.95image
ST11831Allegro from Concerto Grosso No. 1 in G (from HWV 319)Handel (Dwyer)SATs$6.95image
N3908Concerto d-moll, Op. 3, No. 5 HWV 316Handel (Herrmann)S(T)TBp & s$24.25image
N3751AFeuerwerksmusik (Fireworks Music) partsHandel (Herrmann)ATBp$12.95image
N3751Feuerwerksmusik (Fireworks Music) scoreHandel (Herrmann)ATBs$11.00image
MK 249Five pieces from Music for the Royal FireworksHandel (Ochs)SST(B)s$5.50image
ST11637Two Original Pieces, Air from Giustino and Symphony for the FlutesHandel and Purcell (Bergmann)AABs$6.95image
TR 32Baroque Trios, Handel Fugue from Op.3 No. 5, Corelli Largo Allegro Op.Post.No.6Handel, CorelliATBp & s$4.50image
MK 639/64020 Pieces for Flute Clocks, Book IIHaydnSATs$8.00image
MK 710/71120 Pieces for Flute Clocks, Book IIIHaydnSATs$9.00image
ST10076Divertimento and SerenadeHaydn (Bergmann)SSAs$16.95image
N4888Strassenmusik a 3, 25 tunes, Klezmer, Blues, Ragtime und Latin-FolkHegerSATs$25.50image
N4889Strassenmusik a 3, Book 2, 26 tunes for SAT and B ad libHegerSAT (B)s$22.50image
MK2525La Leggenda di Sant'Orsola (modern technique)HeiderTTTs$12.00image
OFB 208Trio from Ploner Musiktag, OriginalmusikHindemithSAAp & s$19.95image
MK 434/435The Hen, the Cuckoo, and the DonkeyHoffmeisterAAA3p$9.25image
LPM TM 55Six PiecesHofhaimer3vo(3i)s$4.00image
MK 339Eight Little TriosHohlfeldSAAs$2.50image
LPM EML 1922 FantasiasHolborne3i3s$5.25image
LMP 137Trio, Op. 83, No. 1HookAA(T)T,FFF,VVVp & s$7.50image
LMP 138Trio, Op. 83, No. 2HookAAT(ATT)(FFF)p & s$7.50image
LMP 139Trio, Op. 83, No. 3HookAA(T)Tp & s$7.50image
LMP 140Trio, Op. 83, No. 4HookAA(T)Tp & s$7.50image
LMP 141Trio, Op. 83, No. 5HookAA(T)Tp & s$7.50image
LMP 142Trio, Op. 83, No. 6HookAA(T)Tp & s$7.50image
DOL 310Trio, Op. 83/vHookAAAp & s$9.75image
DOL 321Trio Opus 133/IIHookSATp & s$9.75image
MK 713/714Der Hund, CarmenIsaacATBs$8.00image
LPM TM 28Five Italian SongsIsaac3i(3vo)3s$9.00image
LPM AN 12Seven Instrumental PiecesIsaacATB(3i)p & s$13.00image
LPM EML 1202 La Spagna SettingsIsaac & de la Torre3i3s$6.00image
LMP 213Ogelletto SilvagioJacopo da BolognaTTT (3vo)p & s$8.95image
LPM AN 7Sixteen Secular PiecesJosquin3i(3vo)s$13.00image
HARA 80Two Trios, Cela sans plus and Si j'ay perdu mon amyJosquinTTBp & s$10.50image
MK 221DivertimentoKirmsseSSAs$2.50image
MTC09Elegaic TrioKittsAA(T)Tp & s$6.50image
MK 278New Suite for ThreeKnappSATs$3.50image
1.2344Songs and DancesKochSATs$4.85image
ASC 313.4.5Estampie, Lamento di Iseult, Hoketus EstampieLa Fontegara Amsterdam3is$10.00image
MK 623/624Suite in GLaburdaSSSs$8.00image
LPM EML 1012 BallateLandiniAAT(3vo)3s$5.25image
LPM EML 2214 BallateLandini3vo(3i)3s$9.75image
LPM EML 161Musica sonLandini3i3s$5.25image
MK 460Beyond the StarsLechner3i vos$2.50image
LMP 208Deux Chansons- D'une colline me promenant, Pastourelles joliettesLeJeune3 vo, 3 i3s$5.75image
HASA 10Oddbods AbroadLewin, A.SSA(T)p & s$14.50image
G 12.042Dance Garden, Eleven TriosLischkaAATs$18.00image
G 12.038The pleasure of dancing, Seven triosLischkaSATs$21.00image
MK 377Les Trio des Opera LullySSAs$5.00image
LPM EML 1983 PavansLupo3i3s$7.50image
DOL 3294 FantasiasLupoAABp & s$9.75image
MK 481Flauto Trio, Seven easy piecesMaaszSSSs$2.50image
LPM EML 1312 RondeauxMachautAAT(3vo)3s$5.25image
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