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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
00-0413SEnsembles for Flutes, Vol. 1, 1993(Blechta, Bryce, & Martin)FFFs$6.95image
PW21FLStandard of Excellence, Book 1 Flute, Enhanced(Pearson)Fs 2CD$9.95image
PW22FLStandard of Excellence, Book 2 Flute, Enhanced Comprehensive Band Method(Pearson)Fs 2CD$9.95image
00-0165SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 1, 1971(Takahashi)Fp$6.95image
00-0166SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 1, Accompaniment, 1971(Takahashi)Pfs$6.95image
00-42237Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 1, International Edition, with CD(Takahashi)Fp CD$19.99image
0332Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 1 & 2, cassette(Takahashi)FTape$4.00n/a
00-0913Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 1 & 2, CD(Takahashi)FCD$15.95image
00-0414Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 1 & 2, piano acc., CD(Takahashi)PfCD$15.95image
00-0167SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 2 rev, 1996(Takahashi)Fp$6.95image
00-0168SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 2, rev, Accompaniment, 1996(Takahashi)Pfs$7.99image
00-0169Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 3, 1996(Takahashi)Fp$4.00image
00-0169SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 3, rev, 1996(Takahashi)Fp$6.95image
00-0170SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 3, rev, Accompaniment, 1997(Takahashi)Pfs$6.95image
00-0459Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 3 & 4, piano acc., CD(Takahashi)PfCD$15.95image
0333Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 3, 4, & 5, cassette(Takahashi)FTape$4.00n/a
00-0914Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 3, 4, & 5, CD 1996(Takahashi)FCD$15.95image
00-0171SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 4, 1996(Takahashi)Fp$6.95image
00-0172SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 4, Acc., 1999(Takahashi)Pfs$6.95image
00-0173SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 5 Rev., 1996(Takahashi)Fp$6.95image
00-0174SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 5 Rev., Acc., 1999(Takahashi)Pfs$6.95image
00-0381SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 6, 1988(Takahashi)Fp$6.95image
00-0382SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 6, Acc., 1988(Takahashi)Pfs$6.95image
00-0915Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 6 & 7, CD(Takahashi)FCD$15.95image
00-0383SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 7, Rev., 1998(Takahashi)Fp$6.95image
00-0384SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 7, Rev., Acc., 1998(Takahashi)Pfs$6.95image
691Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 8, 1993(Takahashi)Fp$4.25image
692Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 8, Acc., 1993(Takahashi)Pfs$5.50image
00-0692SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 8, Acc., 2003(Takahashi)Pfs$9.95image
00-0691SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 8, Revised 2003(Takahashi)Fp$6.95image
00-0916Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 8 & 9, CD(Takahashi)FCD$15.95image
00-0693SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 9, 1993(Takahashi)Fp$7.99image
00-0694Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 9, Acc., 1993(Takahashi)Pf.s$9.95image
696Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 10, Acc., 1993(Takahashi)Pfs$5.50image
00-0695SSuzuki Flute School, Vol. 10, Rev. 2004(Takahashi)Fp$6.95image
00-0917Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 10 & 11, CD(Takahashi)FCD$15.95image
697Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 11, 1993(Takahashi)Fp$4.25image
00-0698Suzuki Flute School, Vol. 11, Acc., 1993(Takahashi)Pfs$5.50image
IMC194818 Studies, Opus 41Andersen (Wummer)Fs$8.75image
IMC166424 Studies, Opus 15Andersen (Wummer)Fs$15.50image
BMC 11418A New Tune a Day for Flute, Book 1BennettFs, CD$12.99image
93886The Flutist's CompanionMcCaskill, GilliamFs$14.95image
50333710The Flutist's Primer, Easy and Melodic ExercisesMoyseF Pfp & s$13.99image
00-2887A Modern Guide to Fingerings for the FlutePelleriteFs$17.50image
AS 10390Guide to Flute TeachingPoorFs$5.95image
CU148Seven Daily Exercises, Op. 5ReichertFs$6.95image
ED2107924 Progressive Studies for fluteTaffanel, GaubertFs$14.99image
610209EAMA Flute 2000 Book 1WinnFp & s CD$19.99image
610243EAMA Flute 2000 Book 2 - Getting on with itWinnFp & s CD$27.00image
NV120584Beginner's Book for the Flute, Part OneWyeFs$11.95image
NV120585Beginner's Book for the Flute, Part TwoWyeFs$13.95image
NV120510Practice Book for the Flute, Book 1 ToneWyeFs$11.95image
NV120522Practice Book for the Flute, Book 2, TechniqueWyeFs$13.95image
NOV164142Practice Book for the Flute, Book 3 ArticulationWyeFs$13.95image
NOV164186Practice Book for the Flute, Books 1-6WyeFs$32.95image
NOV120781The Alto Flute Practice BookWye & MorrisAlto Fs$25.95image
IMC162124 Studies, Opus 33Andersen (Wummer)Fs$12.75imageOut of stock
93896Flute Fingering ChartAnonymousF$3.95imageOut of stock