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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
00-6296Prep Course Solo Book, Level FPalmer, Manus, LethcoPfs$7.99image
00-3138Prep Course Solo Book, Level DPalmer, Manus, LethcoPfs$9.99image
00-3137Prep Course Solo Book, Level CPalmer, Manus, LethcoPfs$9.99image
00-6295Prep Course Solo Book, Level EPalmer, Manus, LethcoPfs$9.99image
BP2552Hochzeit-Divertissement (Wedding Divertissement) TWV 11:21TelemannA Bcp & s$21.00image
BP0994Twelve Sonatas for Alto recorder and Bc,Op. 3 No. 10-12BellinzaniA Bcp & s$30.00image
TSM 1123 Playford Dances: Dove's Vargary, All in a Garden Green, NewcastleSearsATBp & s$8.00image
RMD 031Celtic Airs and Dances for all C Instruments, Book 4, Strathspeys, Polkas(Gorton)S, T, F, V, O (A)s$32.00image
RMD 030Celtic Airs and Dances for all C Instruments, Book 3, Hornpipes, Clog Dances(Gorton)S, T, F, V, O (A)s$27.00image
RMD 029Celtic Airs and Dances for all C Instruments, Book 2, Jigs(Gorton)S, T, F, V, O (A)s$27.00image
RMD 028Celtic Airs and Dances for all C Instruments, Book l, Reels(Gorton)S, T, F, V, O (A)s$32.00image
PAR109The Solo Recorder Vol. 2 from strings(Robinson)As$32.00image
PAR108The Solo Recorder Vol. 1 from flute(Robinson)As$32.00image
P716ASea Bass for Two, Five jazzy duets for two great bassesHallGbGbs$8.00image
BP2221Concerto I, G-dur, Op. 44/11 RV 443, transposed, scoreVivaldiSVVVa Bcs$24.00image
TSM 110Honey Bee JigSearsAT2s$6.95image
P731Six More Scottish Island Tunes(Hall)SATBp & s$15.50image
ARDBIIIAlto Recorder Duet Book III(Haas)AAs$35.00image
BP0866Zwölf Sonaten für Altblockflöte und Bc, No. 10-12ManciniA Bcp & s$30.00image
BP0865Zwölf Sonaten für Altblockflöte und Bc, No. 7-9ManciniA Bcp & s$30.00image
P730Six Scottish Island Tunes(Hall)SATBp & s$15.50image
ARDBIIAlto Recorder Duet Book II(Haas)AAs$35.00image
RMD 026Great Bass Practice Book, Sight Reading, Studies(Gorton)Gbs$27.00image
P744Four Klezmer TriosHallSATp & s$12.25image
VHWTRSBTenor Recorder Solo Book(Haas)Ts$35.00image
TSM 105Blue Boat HomePritchard (Sears)SATBp & s$8.00image
VHWBRSBBass Recorder Solo Book(Haas)Bs$35.00image
BP28416 Sonatas for Alto and Bc, Op. 5, second partCorelliA Bcp & s$48.00image
ARTBAlto Recorder Trio Book(Haas)AAAs$30.00image
BP0717Two Flute sonatas, g minor and E flat MajorBach, C. P. E.F Harpsichordp & s$24.00image
JW 5Five Part Consort MusicWardTrTrTTBp & s$28.00image
MHE21008Mr Allerton's Booke of MusickMarshall, S.SATBp & s$15.00image
P615Second Klezmer Collection(Hall)SATBp & s$13.25image
BON601The 17ths Farewell to AlvaBonsorSA(Sn)TBGbCbp & s$13.25image
MHE90303Three Recorder BluesMarshallSATBBp & s$16.00image
MHE 20706The Leaves be BlueMarshallSATTBBp & s$14.00image
HAASGOThe Grammar of Ornament, ornamentation & embellishment in late BaroqueHaas$15.00image
PBE 511 Hexachord Vocalises for Treble Choir, Book 1Palestrina (?) (Newman)AAAB2s$10.00n/a
P 315More Razzjazz for Two, five Jazzy duetsHallSAs$8.00image
BP2710Sonata in g minor (transposed from d minor) for Alto and Cembalo, BWV 527Bach, J. S.A Hp & s$21.00image
P 439Caprice for Recorder OrchestraHallSAATTBGbCbp & s$19.50image
BP084212. Pariser Quartett in e-moll for Flute, Violin, Viola da gamba, Bc TWV 43:e4TelemannFVVdg (C) Bcp & s$32.00image
BP0992Twelve Sonatas for Alto recorder and Bc, Op. 3 No. 4-6BellinzaniA Bcp & s$24.00image
P401Jazzin' 1HaverkateA Pfp & s$21.00image
P 412Hava Nagila: 4 Jewish Songs and Dances(Hall)SATBp & s$13.25image
00-0152SSuzuki Violin School, Vol. 5 International, 2022SuzukiVp$14.99image
00-30395Suzuki Recorder School, Vol. 7, Soprano and Alto, Accompaniment(White)S, As$7.95image
00-30392Suzuki Recorder School, Vol. 6 Soprano and Alto(White)SAp$7.95image
00-30390Suzuki Recorder School, Vol. 5 Soprano and Alto(White)SAp$7.95image
00-30393Suzuki Recorder School, Vol. 6 Soprano and Alto, Accompaniment(White)Pfs$7.95image
00-30391Suzuki Recorder School, Vol. 5 Soprano and Alto, Accompaniment(White)Pfs$7.95image
WB 3Three Part Consort Music, Barless versionByrdTrTBp & s$16.00image
PAR 101Traditional Irish Music for Treble Recorder(Robinson)As$9.25image
BP2175Figured bass on the Classical GuitarCrotonGs$40.00image
BP2036Triosonate in c-moll, opus 2/6LoeilletA(F)O(V) Bcp & s$18.00image
BP0460II Livre de Pieces, Sechs Suiten, Vol. II Suite 4-6Danican Philidor, A.A Bcp & s$24.00image
BP0358Triosonate in d-moll, Wq 145Bach, C. P. E.FV Bcp & s$24.00image
00-0618Adventures in Music Reading for Violin, Book I(Starr)VVs$8.99image
TT 5Five-Part FantasiasTomkinsTrTrTnTnBp & s$13.00image
00-0558SSuzuki Recorder School, Vol. 2 Alto(White)Ap$8.95image
OG 3GBFantasia of Three Parts for Treble, Bass, and Great BassGibbonsTrBGbp & s$25.00image
OG 3Nine Fantasias of Three PartsGibbonsTrTBp & s$22.00image
SP 2353Medieval to Modern Musical Cameos(Buckton)SAs$4.95image
PBE 4Bicinia on well-known Christmas Carols(Goldstein)2is$8.00image
BP0788Vier Suiten fur Altblockflote, Op. 5/3-4HotteterreA Bcp & s$24.00image
BP0787Vier Suiten fur Altblockflote, Op. 5/1-2HotteterreA Bcp & s$26.00image
PP 56Crumhorn CollectionAnthologySATBp & s$11.00image
PP 44Waltz of the FlowersTchaikovskyA(Sn)ATBp & s$12.50image
SP 2359Sweet Land of Liberty, Eleven Patriotic American Songs(Hettrick)SATBs$4.50image
BP03921. Premiere Suite de Pieces Fur Zwei Altblockfloten, Op. 4HotteterreAAs$17.00image
SP 2345Alto for Two(Burakoff)AAs$4.95image
BP0704Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. 1EyckSs$30.00image
00-HRW495 Dexterity Exercises & Dances for F RecordersRoodaAs$6.95image
00-HRW395 Dexterity Exercises & Dances for C RecordersRoodaS(T)s$6.95image
SP 2318The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book, Vol. 1 alto(adults)BurakoffAs$7.50image
00-0562SSuzuki Recorder School, Vol. 2 Soprano, Accompaniment(White)Pfs$8.99image