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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
DBBIIDuets for Basses, Recorders, Viols. Vol. II English & German Baroque(Haas)BBs$25.00image
DBBIDuets for Basses, Recorders, Viols. Vol. I Music of the Renaissance(Haas)BBs$25.00image
ART OF FUGUEThe Art of Fugue, The Four-Part Contrapuncti BWV 1080Bach, J. S. (Haas)SATBp & s$45.00image
AWP0056Three Christmas Fancies(Ayton)A Tr Bp & s$8.80image
BRSBBass Recorder Solo Book(Haas)Bs$35.00image
ARSBAlto Recorder Solo Book(Haas)As$35.00image
SRSBSoprano Recorder Solo Book(Haas)Ss$35.00image
UE 18741Selected Pieces from The Magic Flute for Two Csakans or RecordersMozartSS(TT)s$19.95image
UE36968The Daily LessonStaepsAs$16.95image
EB 5606100 Daily Exercises, The Flutebook of Frederick the GreatFredrick the Great, QuantzFs$32.00image
UE 17116Duets for Treble Recorders, From Works by J. S. Bach(Kitamika)AAs$27.95image
TR 52Reflections on American Shape Note Hymns, Set 2AytonSATB(TrTTB)p & s$7.25image
TR 51Reflections on American Shape Note Hymns, Set 1AytonSATB(TrTTB)p & s$7.25image
AWP0003Carols for Recorders or Viols, 92 Carols(Ayton)SATB(TrTTB)s$28.25image
UE 17132Medieval Songs and Dances(Coles)S(T,V,F,O)s$16.95image
46400039Little Recorder BookPersichettiSA Pfs$2.50image
UE 18748Sonata BWV 1030Bach, J. S.A Bcp & s$21.95image
UE16586Easy Jazzy DuetsBonsorSSs$15.95image
UE31970Workshop Bass Recorder, Vol. 1(Beutler, Ripper, and Rosin)B SAT CDp & s CD$36.95imageOut of stock