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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
LIMALSonata in A minor by an anonymous Spanish Guitar composer from Lima, Peru(Bachmann)Ls TAB$20.00image
16.025Lieder, Tänze und Präambeln, Lautenmusic des sechzehnten Jahrhunderts(Back)Ls$24.00image
SIL 01Cadenza and Passaggios for Theorbo from G 239(Bagnati)Theorbos$32.00image
BP1682Solothurner Lautentabulature for Renaissance Lute(Greuter)Ls TAB$45.00image
21590The Renaissance Vihuela and Guitar in Sixteenth Century Spain(Koonce)Gs$34.99image
LR 103Two Dances and Two FantasiesAdriaenssenL(G)$6.00image
LTRLAUTEEasy Dances for Renaissance Lute, facsimile, App. Leipzig II.6.6 AnthologyLs TAB$40.00image
SDS 02Complete Works for Lute, Vol. 1, Suite BWV 995, for Baroque LuteBach, J.S. (Smith)Ls TAB$29.00image
SDS 03Complete Works for Lute, Vol. 2, Suite BWV 996, for Baroque LuteBach, J.S. (Smith)Ls TAB$29.00image
SDS 04Complete Works for Lute, Vol. 3, Suite BWV 997, for Baroque LuteBach, J.S. (Smith)Ls TAB$22.00image
SDS 05Complete Works for Lute, Vol. 4, Suite BWV 1006a, for Baroque LuteBach, J.S. (Smith)Ls TAB$22.00image
SDS 08Complete Works for Lute, Vol. 5, Preludio, Fuga BWV 998, for Baroque LuteBach, J.S. (Smith)Ls TAB$19.00image
SDS 09Complete Works for Lute, Vol. 6, Preludio BWV 999, BWV 1000 for Baroque LuteBach, J.S. (Smith)Ls TAB$19.00image
AL34Music for the Lute, FacsimileBaron & WeissL TAB$44.00image
SDS 26Non ti spiacqua l'ascoltar, Anthology from Vincenzo Capirola's Lute BookCapirola (Cherici)Ls TAB$23.00image
SDS 28A Teaching Anthology for the LuteChericiLs$50.00image
SDS 27Rule for Learning the Basso continuoChericiL, Theorbo, Gs$14.00image
BP2175Figured bass on the Classical GuitarCrotonGs$40.00image
PF 159Varietie of Lute-lessonsDowland, R.Ls TAB$25.00image
MK7029Fantasias and Tientos from Libro de Musica para Vihuela with FacsimileFuenllana (Moser)Gs$20.00image
SDS 13Anthology of 17th Century French Pieces for 2 Baroque Lutes, Vol. 1Gautier, Dubut (Dugot)LLp & s$28.00image
SDS 16Anthology of 17th Century French Pieces for 2 Baroque Lutes, Vol. 3Gautier, Mouton, Anonymous (Dugot)LLp & s$25.00image
SDS 15Anthology of 17th Century French Pieces for 2 Baroque Lutes, Vol. 2Gumprecht, Dufaut (Dugot) LLp & s$25.00image
LR 102Pavan and GalliardHolborneL(G)$3.00image
MK3804Selected works for the 4 course guitar, with facsimileLeRoyGs$20.00image
96693MThe Scottish Lute, Online PDFMcFarlaneL(G)2s TAB$29.99image
LR 201Fantasia for Two LutesMilanoLL(GG)$3.00image
ST 12324A Tutor for the Renaissance LutePoultonLs$49.00image
LR 104A Suite of Dances (1546)RottaL(G)$3.00image
AM948629The Complete Works of Gaspar Sanz, Volumes 1 & 2Sanz (Willard)Gs TAB 2CDS$29.95image
U DM 46A Tutor for the Theorbo, English translation by Ivan FowlerTorelliTheorbos$26.00image
253222893Guide to Playing Baroque GuitarTylerGs$32.00image
32EPBL32 Easy Pieces for Baroque Lute(Bailes)Ls TAB$30.00n/aOut of stock
AMLUTEAwake, my Lute, 20 Pieces for Renaissance Lute(Curry)Ls TAB$20.00imageOut of stock
BLB2Leipziger BarockLautenBuch ca. 1680, Facsimile in two volumes(Reyerman)Ls TAB$90.00n/aOut of stock
30EPRL30 Easy Pieces for Renaissance Lute(Smith, Douglas Alton)Ls TAB$30.00n/aOut of stock
GLW2Adam Franz Ginter: Life and Works, Facsimile, two volumesGinter (Treder)Ls TAB$75.00n/aOut of stock
LEWWolff Jakob Lauffensteiner, Ensemble WorksLauffensteiner (Towne Ls TAB$75.00n/aOut of stock
LCLSWolff Jakob Lauffensteiner, Collected Works for Solo LuteLauffensteiner (Towne)Ls TAB$75.00n/aOut of stock
MethodRLMethod for the Renaissance-LuteLundgrenLs TAB$50.00n/aOut of stock
99624BCDHighland King, The Scottish Lute, Vol. IIMcFarlaneLs TAB CD$35.00imageOut of stock