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MH6185EMollenhauer Recorders in English, Poster 59.4 x 84 cm$5.00n/a
MH6171EParts of the Recorder, in English, Poster 61 x 43 cm$2.00n/a
193210398Pilgrimage and Bartholemew Faire(Astle)tapetape$12.95n/a
253210259The French Noel(Mather & Gavin)FF, 2 vos$8.25image
BVP 1528Concerning the Flute, dedicated to Frans Vester(Reede)$26.00image
330762Violin Owner's Manual, The Complete Guide(Scott)V$14.95image
06-284387Songs of the Civil War(Silber)vo Pfs$14.95image
9780253213860J. S. Bach as Organist, paper(Stauffer & May)$24.95image
253211392Francesca Caccini's Il primo libro delle musiche of 1618, paperAlexander & Savino$24.95image
4469The A to Z of Foreign Musical TermsAmmer$11.00image
9780253206015Gregorian Chant, paper coverApel$37.00image
0198164653Master Musicians MonteverdiArnold$40.00image
06-431886The Art of Accompaniment from a Thorough-Bass, Volume IArnoldH$24.95image
06-431959The Art of Accompaniment from a Thorough-Bass, Volume IIArnoldH$24.95image
980916720Accidentals on Purpose, A Musician's Dictionary, New and ExpandedBarber$15.95image
980916713Bach, Beethoven and the Boys, New and RevisedBarber$17.95image
DEROB03Getting a Handle(el) on MessiahBarber$12.95image
DEROB26If It Ain't Baroque....Barber$17.95image
DEROB01Tenors, Tantrums & TrillsBarber$14.95image
DEROB19When the Fat Lady SingsBarber$17.95image
9780253010186The Italian Cantata in Vienna, Entertainment in the Age of Absolutism, clothBennett$50.00image
00-0586Studying Suzuki Piano: More than Music, A Handbook for Teachers, ParentsBigler & Lloyd-WattsPfs$26.95image
331583Musical Life in a Changing SocietyBlaukopf$22.95image
9780195307719Oxford Composer Companions: J.S. Bach, Third Edition, paper coverBoyd$30.95image
9780199754595Silent Music, Medieval Song and the Construction of History, 18 Cent. SpainBoynton$39.95image
DOL 112The Recorder, A Basic Workshop ManualBrown$14.00image
0198166494Handel, Master Musicians SeriesBurrows$26.00image
050551626Medieval Music and the Art of Memory, paperBusse Berger$39.95image
0198165447Editing Early Music, Second EditionCaldwell$45.00image
9780253357069A Performer's Guide to Seventeenth Century Music, Second Edition, clothCarter, Kite-Powell$49.95image
198757Musical Instrument Coloring BookCerullo$16.99image
4718Musical Mind BendersCohn$13.95image
253209749A Catalog of Music for the CornettCollver & DickeyCornet$19.95image
25-MUS071L5The Twentieth Century, An Illustrated History of Music for Young MusiciansComeau & Covert$29.95image
PTCRANMObedience Training for Recorders, a Care and Maintenance ManualCranmore$22.00image
00-PROBK01100Note-Word Puzzles, Bass Clef BookDearborn$4.00image
00-PROBK01097Note-Word Puzzles, Treble Clef BookDearborn$4.00image
DEROB02I Wanna be Sedated; Pop Music in the SeventiesDellio & Woods$14.95image
9780393300529Baroque Music, Style and Performance, A Handbook, paper Donington$16.95image
253215338A Performer's Guide to Medieval MusicDuffin$35.00image
0393334201How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony (and Why You Should Care) paperbackDuffin$14.95image
9780393058895Shakespeare's SongbookDuffinbook & CD$40.00image
9780190856601Some Other Note, The Lost Songs of English Renaissance ComedyDuffin$45.00image
00-0079The Art of Classical Guitar PlayingDuncanGs$19.95image
417-41039The New Elsons Pocket Music DictionaryElson$5.95image
AG 01Music and Language, Interpretation of Early Music According to Traditional RulesEngelke$56.00image
EW 905Upon a Ground, Improvisation on Ostinato Basses from 16th-18th Cent. Erhardt (Machover)s 2CDs$45.00image
9780393920222Music in the Medieval West, AnthologyFassler$46.50image
9780393929157Music in the Medieval West, Western Music in ContextFassler$44.50image
00-2400Alfred's Pocket Dictionary of MusicFeldstein$6.95image
9780393920192Music in the Renaissance, AnthologyFreedman$46.50image
9780393929164Music in the Renaissance, Western Music in ContextFreedman$44.50image
83MCAll for Strings FlashcardsFrostVVaC$5.50n/a
N12/328Performance Practices of Early Music (paper)Frotscher$12.95image
9780007156610Evening in the Palace of Reason, Bach meets Frederick the GreatGainesbook$13.99image
19CGS19th Century Guitar Songs, An idiosyncratic survey, with facsimileGammievo G$40.00image
95638Classical Guitar Pedagogy, A Handbook for TeachersGliseG$18.00image
ED 005Rediscovered Bach, Vocal Chamber Music in the Bach CantatasGoldberg$30.00image
9780253354617Music and the Language of Love, Seventeenth-Century French Airs, clothGordon-Seifertvo$36.00image
MM13EJacob van Eyck's Der Fluyten Lust-Hof 1644-c1655, cloth coverGriffioen$80.00image
HAASGOThe Grammar of Ornament, ornamentation & embellishment in late BaroqueHaas$15.00image
9780195189872The End of Early Music, A Performer's History of Music for 21st Century, ClothHaynes$39.99image
331505Antonio Vivaldi, The Red Priest of VeniceHeller$34.95image
00-0589Shinichi Suzuki: The Man and His PhilosophyHermann$22.95image
06-24606XPrinciples of the Flute, Recorder, and OboeHotteterre$9.95image
253213914Meter in Music, 1600-1800, (paper cover)Houle$22.00image
DEROB06Love Lives of the Great ComposersHowitt$17.95image
9780253353542Musical Cultures in Seventeenth Century RussiaJensen$30.00image
9780190628475A Heinrich Schutz Reader, Letters and Documents in TranslationJohnston$32.00image
253209110The Lira da BraccioJones$20.00image
TEMPESTA Tempest in a Glass of Water, translations of French TreatisesKinneyVdgs$32.00image
9780253348661A Performer's Guide to Renaissance Music, Second Edition. ClothKite-Powell$49.95image
520210816Companion to Medieval & Renaissance MusicKnighton & Fallows$36.95image
N12/338Antonio Vivaldi, Documents of his life and works (paper)Kolneder$10.95image
253356475Historical Harpsichord Technique, Developing La douseur du toucher, clothKosovskeH$35.00image
ED12322The Recorder Player's HandbookLinde$39.00image
253214645Dance and the Music of J. S. Bach, Expanded edtion, paperLittle $29.00image
9780195378276Music in Renaissance Ferrara 1400-1505Lockwood$45.00image
253202857Readings in the History of Music in Performance (paper cover)MacClintock$28.00image
EW1220Greensleeves and Pudding Pies, Figured Bass and Historic Improvisation, Level 1Mandelartz$33.00image
EW1230Greensleeves and Pudding Pies, Figured Bass and Historic Improvisation, Level 2Mandelartz$33.00image
EW1240Greensleeves and Pudding Pies, Figured Bass and Historic Improvisation, Level 3Mandelartz$33.00image
253316066Dance Rhythms of French Baroque, Cloth coverMather, Betty Bang$49.95image
0520234936Modal SubjectivitiesMcClary$55.00image
253333537Medieval Instrumental DancesMcGee1-2i(1-2vo)s$30.00image
253353047The Ceremonial Musicians of Late Medieval Florence, clothMcGee$28.00image
9780253210265Singing Early Music, Pronounciation of European LanguagesMcGee, Rigg, and Klausnerbook & CD$35.00image
9780253356925The Decorum of the Minuet Delirium of the Waltz, clothMcKee$45.00image
FF1630Edwin McLean's Music Crossword Puzzles and GamesMcLean$4.95image
253210180Luis Milán on Sixteenth-Century Performance PracticeMilán (Gásser)$26.99image
9780253345615A New Treatise on Accompaniement, with the Harpsichord, Organ, other instrument.Monsieure de Saint Lambert(Powell) $15.95image
00-11757Meet the Great Composers, Book 1 (CD)Montgomery & HinsonBkCD$12.00image
00-16888Meet the Great Composers, Book 2 (CD)Montgomery & HinsonBkCD$13.00image
00-16908Meet the Great Composers, Book 1, Class KitMontgomery, HinsonBkCD Kit$21.00image
00-17389Meet the Great Composers, Book 2, Class KitMontgomery, HinsonBkCD Kit$21.00image
CCMORLA Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall MusickeMorleys$50.00image
253213976Georg Muffat on Performance Practice, New Translatioin, Comentary, paperMuffat (Wilson)$21.95image
GAM1012Classical Snap!, Composer card gameMusic Games$6.95n/a
GAM1386Fiddlesticks, Instrument card gameMusic Games$6.95n/a
GAM1045Musical Happy Families, Quartet, Card game of InstrumentsMusic Games$6.95n/a
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