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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
FTR 10Koncert e minor für Flöte und Streichorchester, fluteBenda, F.F Pfp & s$11.95image
CON 25-70Koncert e minor für Flöte und Streichorchester, partsBenda, F.FVVVaCBcp$48.00image
MEM 20316 Sinfonien (Canzonen)BerardiS (V) Bcp & s$36.00image
EW 330Sinfornia concertata quinta, All EpistolaBernardiVV, TrTBB, Bcp & s$18.00image
9781458417619Variations on an Octatonic ScaleBernsteinACs$9.99image
EW 545Sonata a PastoraleBiber, C.VVC Bcp & s$18.50image
EW 859Serenada a 5, mit der nachtwachterlied with bass soloBiber, H.b VVVaVaC Bcp & s$38.00image
91.220.19Sonata pro tabula, Score and parts setBiber, H.SSATB,VVVaVaC Bcp & s$40.00image
COP17.015.01Sonata pro tabula, ScoreBiber, H.SSATB,VVVaVaC Bcs$17.00image
BP 317Twelve sonatas for Recorder and Bc, Op. 1/1-4BigagliaS(T,F,V,O)p & s$26.00image
BP 318Twelve sonatas for Recorder and Bc, Op. 1/5-8BigagliaS(T,F,V,O)p & s$26.00image
BP 319Twelve sonatas for Recorder and Bc, Op. 1/9-12BigagliaS(T,F,V,O)p & s$26.00image
BCMS 13Sonatas in A Major and G Major, for 2 violins, viola da gamba and basso continuoBlowVV(2 T, O) Vdg (C)Bcp & s$8.75image
IMC1140Quintet No. 6, Op. 57 (posthumous) The Military Night Watch in MadridBoccheriniVVVaCPfp & s$28.25image
CMP 669Sonata in A Major arranged for Viola & GuitarBoccherini (Gammie)VaGp & s$10.75image
CMP 391Concerto for 2 GuitarsBöhm (Gammie)GG GGG(VVaCB)p & s$15.00image
BP 20786 Sonata Op. 14 for 2 Bassoons or CellosBoismortier2 Bsn (2C)s$25.00image
BP 1535Concerto in e minor for Flute, Violin, Oboe, Bassoon, and Bc, Op. 37/6BoismortierFVOBsnBcp & s$28.00n/a
HM 241Sonata in D Major for Flute and Viola da gamba, Op. 37/3BoismortierF(O,V) Vdg(Bssn) Bcp & s$20.00image
ANT 19Triosonata a minor, Opus 37/ 5BoismortierF(O,V) Vdg(Bsn, C)Bcp & s$13.95image
CON 30Concerto for Alto Recorder with Violins, scoreBoismortierAVVBcs$15.00image
OFB 125Concerto for Alto Recorder with Violins, keyboard reductionBoismortierA Bcp & s$14.95image
CON 30-12Concerto for Alto Recorder with Violins, ViolinBoismortierVp$1.00n/a
CON 30-13Concerto for Alto Recorder with Violins, RipienoBoismortierV(F,O)p$1.00n/a
CON 30-14Concerto for Alto Recorder with Violins, CelloBoismortierCp$1.00n/a
CON 30-70Concerto for Alto Recorder with Violins, string setBoismortier4V, 4 V(F,O) 4C444$22.00image
BP 2571Sonata I g-moll, op. 34/1BoismortierA(F)FF Bcp & s$23.00image
BP 2572Sonata II in G-dur op. 34/2BoismortierAFF Bcp & s$22.00image
BP 2573Sonata III in e minor, op. 34/3BoismortierA(F,V)FF(VV)Bcp & s$22.00image
BP 2574Sonata IV in D major, op. 34/4BoismortierA(F,V)FF(VV)Bcp & s$23.00image
BP 2575Sonata V in d-moll, op. 34/5BoismortierA(F,V)FF(VV)Bcp & s$22.00image
BP 2576Sonata VI in a-moll, op. 34/6BoismortierA(F,V)FF(VV)Bcp & s$24.00image
HM 160Sonata in e minor, Op 37/2BoismortierF(O,V) Vdg(Bsn, C)Bcp & s$15.00image
OFB 162Triosonate, B flat Major, Op. 41/3BoismortierAV(O,A) Bcp & s$19.95image
MK1009Divertimento da cameraBononciniA(F,O,V) Bcp & s$15.00image
HN 231Sonaten Opus 120, for Piano and Clarinet, Viola versionBrahmsVa Pfp & s$29.95image
EP3899DKlavier-Trio, c-moll, Opus 101BrahmsPfVCp & s$15.50image
MK1540TriptychonBraunATB marimba perc3s$9.00image
ME 8191Concerto pour Guitare & Petit Orchestre, (slightly shop worn copy)BrouwerGp$8.00image
LPM EML 322BalloBrunelli5i(5vo)Bc5s$6.50image
WHE 4180BSummertrioBuckFGCp$26.25image
CMP 401Three Dorick Fantasias for Viols (or recorders)Bull4ip $12.00image
LPM EML 163Sinfonie + GagliardaBuonamenteVV(SS) Bc3s$5.00image
MK9015Monumenta Musicae, Recercari for four voicesBuus4is$28.00image
CF 2Suonate à doi, Violino & Violadagamba con Cembalo, Opera prima, facsimileBuxtehudeVVdgBc3p$40.00image
ANT 21Triosonata, a minor, Opus 1, No. 3, BuxWV 254BuxtehudeVVdg(C)Bcp & s$19.95image
VDGS 19Second Suite for pardessus de viole and basso continuoCaix D'HerveloisTr(F, A, V) Bcp & s$8.50image
G098Suite A-Dur, Op. 6/1Caix d'HerveloisF(Pardessus) Bcp & s$24.00image
DM 935Six Sonatas, Vol I, Sonata I in e, Sonata II in F, Sonata III in ACaldaraV Bcp & s$44.00image
DM 936Six Sonatas, Vol II, Sonata IV in d, Sonata V in C, Sonata VI in bCaldaraV Bcp & s$44.00image
NMA 12Trio-Sonata c mino, Op. 1 No. 6CaldaraVVC Bcp & s$18.00image
494029440Duo Concertant Op. 16, Ouverture pour l'Opera du Barbier de SevilleCarnicer (Fossa)G Pfp & s$9.95image
ZM1244Sonata für Gitarre und Klavier, op. 21 Nr. 1Carulli (Albert)G Pfp & s$14.95image
ZM12450Sonata für Gitarre und Klavier, op. 21 Nr. 2Carulli (Albert)G Pfp & s$14.95image
E4809BDuo, Op. 11 per chitarra e pianoforte, rev.Carulli (Carpino)G Pfp & s$31.95image
DM 14192 Sonatas, Sonata V and VI, Libro SecondoCastelloS (V,F,O,Cornetto) Bass Bcp & s$24.00image
DM 37Due SonataCastelloS Bcp & s$22.00image
BA 8080Sonata concertataCastelloSS(TT) Bcp & s$13.50image
LPM CS 21Three Sonatas from Libro Primo, Prima Sonata, Seconda Sonata, Terza SonataCastelloSS(VV)Bcp & s$13.25image
LPM CS 17Two Sonatas (Libro Secondo) Sonata Prima, Sonata SecondaCastelloS Bcp & s$8.75image
MK2523Zwei Sonaten (Libro Secondo) Sonata terza, Sonata quartaCastelloSS Bcp & s$26.00image
BP 811Zwei Sonaten für zwei Altblockflöten und Bc, Libro Primo, Sonata I, Sonata IICastelloAA(VV)Bcp & s$19.00image
DM 941Sonata concertate, Libro Primo, 1 Prima SonataCastelloSS(VV) Bcp & s$20.00image
DM 942Sonata concertate, Libro Primo, 2 Seconda SonataCastelloSS(VV) Bcp & s$20.00image
DM 943Sonata concertate, Libro Primo, 3 Terza SonataCastelloSS(VV) Bcp & s$26.00image
DM 944Sonata concertate, Libro Primo, 4 Quarta SonataCastelloV(S)B Bcp & s$26.00image
DM 945Sonata concertate, Libro Primo, 5 Quinta SonataCastelloV(S)B Bcp & s$22.00image
DM 946Sonata concertate, Libro Primo, 6 Sesta SonataCastelloV(S)B Bcp & s$22.00image
DM 947Sonata concertate, Libro Primo, 7 Settima SonataCastelloV(S)Bsn(C) Bcp & s$22.00image
DM 948Sonata concertate, Libro Primo, 8 Ottava SonataCastelloV(S)Bsn(C) Bcp & s$22.00image
DM 949Sonata concertate, Libro Primo, 9 Nona SonataCastelloVV(SS)Bsn(C) Bcp & s$25.00image
DM 950Sonata concertate, Libro Primo, 10 Decima SonataCastelloVV(SS)Bsn(C) Bcp & s$33.50image
JRC 1Partita Concerto Based on Partita 16 for Solo Lute, by WeissCharltonG H Cp & s$5.00image
MK1136Tibiades, 3 Suites for Flute /Voice Flute/ Oboe and Bc ChauvonF(VoiceF, O) Bcp & s$24.00image
HM 135Il Pastor Fido attributed to Antonio Vivaldi, Six sonatas, UrtextChedevilleMusette(F,O,V) Bcp & s$31.00image
PF 111Il Pastor Fido, Sonatas Opera XIIIChedeville formerly att. VivaldiMusette (V,F,O) Bcs$20.00image
LPM CS 8Two SonatasCimaS Bcp & s$8.50image
LPM CS 7Sonata a 3Cima, G.SS(V) Bcp & s$6.50image
CMP 431Twelve Dances from the Island PrincessClarke4ip & s$14.00image
BP 449Sonata La Magnifique für zwei Violinen und BcClérambaultVV(FF,AT,OO) Bcp & s$21.00image
BP 448Sonata Prima für zwei Violinen und BcClérambaultVV(FF,AT,OO) Bcp & s$21.00image
BCMS 8Sonata: L'AbondanceClerambaultV(F,O,A)B(C) Bcp & s$10.50image
BCMS 24Sonata: La FeliciteClerambaultVV(FF,OO,AA)C Bcp & s$10.00image
FE21SPThe Consort Songs and Viol Consorts in Five PartsCobboldvo, 4-5ip & s$46.00image
AA1Sonata a 3 in B flat (W-K28)ColistaVV (FF,OO, SS) Bcp & s$18.00image
AA5Sonata a 3 in C (W-K13)ColistaVV (FF,OO, SS) Bcp & s$18.00image
ST 10634Concerto for Treble Recorder and string orchestra, (piano reduction)CookeA Pfp & s$10.00image
BP 703Concerto grosso VIII Weihnachtsdonzert Op. 6/8CorelliAAVVVaC Bcp & s$35.00image
BP 736Sechs Triosonaten für zwei Violinen und Bc, op. post., Vol. I No. 1-3CorelliV(F)V Bcp & s$22.00image
BP 2322Sonata a quattro für Trompete oder Oboe, 2 Violinen und BcCorelliTpt (O,F) VVBcp & s$18.00image
BP 748Sonata D major for violin or recorder, op. post.CorelliV (S, F, O) Bcp & s$15.00image
PF 240Sonate à Tre, Opera Prima, facsimileCorelliVVCOrgan4p$50.00image
BA9455Sonaten for Violin and Bc, Vol. 1, Op. 5, I-VI, Urtext ed.CorelliV Bcp & s$36.00image
BA9456Sonaten for Violin and Bc, Vol. 2, Op. 5, VII-XII, Urtext ed.CorelliV Bcp & s$36.00image
ANT 28Due Sonate da chiesa a tre, Op. 1, VII & XIICorelli (Roth)VV Bcp & s$20.95image
ANT 28VIDue Sonate da chiesa a tre, Op. 1, VII & XII Extra partCorelli (Roth)Vp$2.00n/a
ANT 28VIIDue Sonate da chiesa a tre, Op. 1, VII & XII Extra partCorelli (Roth)Vp$2.00n/a
ANT 28VCDue Sonate da chiesa a tre, Op. 1, VII & XII Extra partCorelli (Roth)Cp$2.00n/a
BP 721Concerto comique in G dur Le Plaisir des Dames Op. 8/6CorretteAFF(VVV)Bcp & s$22.00image
BP 395Concerto Comique Margoton Op. 8/3CorretteAAA(VVV)Bcp & s$21.50image
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