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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
AP 080Waltz of the FlowersTschaikowsky (Davis)SATBp & s$7.95n/a
AP 056Venite Adoremus(Davis)SATBp & s$7.95n/a
AP 126The Twelve Days of Christmas(Davis)AATBp & s$7.95n/a
UE 18741Selected Pieces from The Magic Flute for Two Csakans or RecordersMozartSS(TT)s$15.95n/a
OFB 13011 DuetsGenzmerSAs$14.95image
OFB 34Tanzstucke, Duets for 2 altosGenzmerAAs$14.95image
9790060123849Microjazz Christmas Collection, 20 jazzy interpretations of traditional carols(Norton)Pfs$22.99image
237199Christmas Together, 20 Simple Piano Duets(Gillock)Pfs$9.99image
FF3002My First Piano Adventure Christmas, Book B Steps on the Staff(Faber & Faber)Pfs$5.50image
FF3001My First Piano Adventure Christmas, Book A Pre-Reading(Faber & Faber)Pfs$4.95image
250149Hallelujah, arranged for violin and pianoCohen (Stirling)V Pfp & s$8.99image
FF1086Piano Adventures, Performance Book, Level 2B, Second 2013 edition(Faber & Faber)Pfs$6.99image
FF1083Piano Adventures, Performance Book, Level 2A, Second 2012 edition(Faber & Faber)Pfs$6.99image
FF1097Piano Adventures, Technique & Artistry Book, Level 1, Second 2011 edition(Faber & Faber)Pfs$6.99image
FF1079APiano Adventures, Theory Book, Level 1, Second 2011 edition(Faber & Faber)Pfs$6.99image
FF1078APiano Adventures, Lesson Book, Level 1, 2011 edition(Faber & Faber)Pfs$7.99image
110041Pachelbel's Canon, Easy SoloPachelbel (Anon)Pfs$3.95image
ED09789Pachelbel's Canon, Easy ArrangementPachelbel (Krekel)Pfs$3.95image
645526Pachelbel's Canon, Level Two Piano SoloPachelbel (Schaum)Pfs$2.95image
UE36746TangoGardel (Collatti)AA(T)2s$18.50image
172041First 50 Christmas Songs You Should Play on the PianoAnthologyPfs$14.99image
FF1077Piano Adventures, Performance Book, Primer Level, Second edition(Faber & Faber)Pfs$6.99image
FF1075Piano Adventures, Lesson Book, Primer, Second edition(Faber & Faber)Pfs$7.99image
FF1076Piano Adventures, Theory Book, Primer Level, Second edition(Faber, Faber, & McArthur)Pfs$6.99image
ED12591Fun and Games with the Recorder, Tune Book 1, with Acc.Engel, Heyens, Hunteler, LindeS Pfp & s$7.95image
AP 202Three Traditional Carols, Angels We Have Heard, Bring a torch, What Child(Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
AP 208The Wassail Song (a la swing)(Davis)AATBp & s$7.95image
AP 210Winter WonderlandBernard and SmithAATBp & s$7.95image
M060122521Microjazz Collection 2, with CDNortonPfs CD$19.95image
AP 084Chanukah Memories, Medley of Chanukah Songs(Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
3.0303/ B288Invitation to the Partsong 2, Partsong satb(Bush and Hurd)satbs$13.00image
DE 4A Baroque Christmas, 12 English Carols(DeLoach)2 Vdgs$12.00image
UE 21452Easy Blue Recorder Duets for 2 soprano recordersRussell-SmithSSs$15.95n/a
UE 31972Workshop Bass Recorder, Vol. 3(Beutler, Ripper, and Rosin)BBB, AAB, BB CDp & s CD$33.50n/a
AP 022Hallelujah Chorus From: MessiahHandel (Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
AP 124Four American Christmas Carols(Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
DE 3A Baroque Christmas, 12 English Carols(DeLoach)AAs$12.00n/a
AP 158The Holly and the Ivy(Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
AP 152Carols, Away! Here We Come A-Caroling, Bring a Torch, Masters in this Hall(Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
AP 151Santa Claus BluesStraight & Kahn (Davis)SATB (TBgBcB)p & s$7.95image
DE 2Joyeux Noël, 12 French Christmas Carols for 2 Bass Viols(DeLoach)BBs$12.00image
DE 1Joyeux Noël, 12 French Christmas Carols(DeLoach)AAs$12.00n/a
ST 11468Enjoy the Recorder, Treble Tutor, Book 1BonsorAp$14.95image
UE 31971Workshop Bass Recorder, Vol. 2(Beutler, Ripper, and Rosin)B SATgBcB CDp & s CD$31.95image
UE 31970Workshop Bass Recorder, Vol. 1(Beutler, Ripper, and Rosin)B SAT CDp & s CD$32.95image
AP 123Two Christmas Dance Carols(Davis)AATBp & s$7.95image
359130The Best Christmas Songs EverAnthologyvo Pf(G)s$24.99image
3.1109/ B331Invitation to Medieval Music, Book 5(Stevens)1-5vo(1-5i)s$16.80image
AP 131Flapper DaysAnthologyAATBp & s$7.95image
AP 079Carol of the BellsLeontovichSATBp & s$7.95image
UE 30213Declarations of Love to the Bass RecorderFortinBGp & s$19.95n/a
OFB 107Sonata, g minor, TWV 42:e8 transposedTelemannAA Bcp & s$14.95image
UE 30382Sonata G minor for Alto Recorder (after BWV 1034)Bach, J. S.A Bcp & s$22.95image
UE 14009Tunes for Fun(Russell-Smith)As$14.95image