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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
FEB029LargoCaldaraSSATBp & s$10.00n/a
EW1035Eight Famouse Christmas Carols(Wilgo)SATB, vop & s$23.00n/a
EW 958Sonata prima, La PellicanaCazzatiS(VCorn)V Organp & s$19.00n/a
EW 973Advent in Europe, 17 Songs for Martinmas and St. Nicholas' Day, CD, Vol. 3(Wilgo & Oberbanscheidt)1-2 vo(VV, SS, SA, FF, OO) PfGp & s, CD$27.50n/a
EW 925Europe for Advanced Musicians, 16 Great Christmas Songs, CD, Vol. 2(Wilgo & Oberbanscheidt)1-2 vo(VV, SS, SA, FF, OO) PfGp & s, CD$27.50n/a
N4539Tarantella, Musik aus Italien(Mandelartz)SAA, AAT, SST, ATT, SATs$21.50image
MK 414Christmas Music from Former Times, Rathgeber, Hammerschmidt, Zachow(Hechler)S Pf (SAB)s$5.00image
SIEG025Journey to Jinja for quartet and orchestraSiegSATB, SnSSAATTBBGbCbp & s$48.00image
AM1007391The 3 Chord Songbook of Great Ukulele Songs, Play 19 great songsAnthologyUkulele, vos$10.99image
EW10236 Highlights for Recorder and GuitarVivaldi (Cassignol & Demarez)Sn,A,T (F) Gp & s$27.50image
EW 993Nine Pieces from the MikrokosmosBartokSATBp & s$31.50n/a
MPC001Sonata pour 4 FlutiPaisible (Kelly)AAAA Bcp & s$19.00image
FEM3225 Highland SongsEcclesSATTB (G) p & s$25.00image
FEM3213 English FolksongsEcclesTTTTB p & s$18.50image
EW 774Five Christmas CarolsSullivan (Wilgo)SATB p & s$20.00image
SIEG023Siku njema, solo recorder and recorder orchestraSiegS/B/A/Sn SSAATTBBGbCbp & s$48.00image
SIEG019Inxaxheba, African Suite No. 16SiegAATB/TBGbCb/AATBp & s$26.00image
G324Christmas duets for 2 low instrumentsPraetoriusBB (CC)p & s$22.50image
EW 888Drei sonaten BWV 1027-1029, FacsimileBach, J. S.Vdg Hp & s$48.00image
PI1054Sonata a Violino Solo senza BassoPisendelVs$19.00image
G26912 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 1-4, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)B Bc3 s$29.50image
EW 984The Ruffo Music Book, 11 Sonatas and Sinfonias, Band 1, I-VRuffoB Bcp & s$27.50image
SIEG021Wakati njema, African Suite No. 15SiegSATBp & s$26.00image
G151Puer natus in Bethleham, Heft 1 for two partsPraetorius2i 2vo2s$22.50n/a
EW 579Sonata Wie schon leuchtet der MorgensternAnonymer MeisterV Bcp & s$23.50image
SIEG014Umlanjana, 20 duets for various recordersSieg2 recs$27.00image
AG 01Music and Language, Interpretation of Early Music According to Traditional RulesEngelke$52.00image
ST21787Schott Recorder Library, The finest Sonatas & Suites for 2 alto recorders(Kretschmann)AAs$28.99image
EW 455Curiosa and IntradaFingerBBp & s$23.00image
MK3320Summertime from Porgy and BessGershwinSATBGbCbp & s$25.50image
MK 427Six Christmas BiciniaLuchterhandtSSs$5.00image
MK 350Fluturas, ButterfliesBresgenSSAB percs$5.00image
MK 314Four PiecesJenkinsSATBs$5.00image
HN 676Drei Gambensonaten, Urtext, BWV 1027-1029Bach, J. S.Vdg, Hp & s$32.95image
MK3324Peer Gynt Suite No. I, op. 46Grieg (Michatz)2SnSSAA4TBGbCbp & s$57.00image
MK1570Pina ya Phala, Afrikanische Suite Nr. 2SiegATBp & s$26.00image
N3867Sonate d-Moll, TWV 44:32 transposedTelemann (Herrmann)SATTB(Gb/Cb)p & s$30.50image
MK 451Variations on Two English Christmas CarolsCookeSATs$5.00image
N3870Suite C-Dur, TWV 55:D16Telemann (Herrmann)SATTBp & s$29.00image
MK2826Mavumo ya uana, Afrikanische Suite Nr. 3SiegATTBp & s$19.00image
GAM1045Musical Happy Families, Quartet, Card game of InstrumentsMusic Games$6.95n/a
MK1040Sonata Sol MaggioreFasch, J. F.FAA Bcp & s$21.00image
ANT 126Concerto II, La Notte, Op. X No. 2, RV 439, flute, scoreVivaldiA(F)VVVaCBcs$20.00image
MK 487Christmas BiciniaOthmayr2is$5.00image
MK 653Four Dutch Christmas Carols(Buis)SATBs$5.00image
OMB55Traditional Music(Gunn)S(A,T,F,V,O)Pfp & s$12.95image
OFB 142Six Sonatas for two Treble Recorders, Vol. 1, opus 2 No.1-2, TWV 40:102,101transTelemannAAs$19.95image
ST 12391The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology, Vol. 5, German & Dutch Music(Thomas)2-6is$20.95image
ST 12388The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology, Vol. 2, French & Spanish Music(Thomas)2-6is$20.95image
00125372Two-Chord Songs for Ukulele, 24 Pop, Country & Motown HitsAnthologyUkulele, vos$14.99imageOut of stock
001411433 Chord Songbook, Play 50 Great Songs with just 3 Easy ChordsAnthologyUkulele, vos$16.99imageOut of stock
520746The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Musical InstrumentsK├Ânemann$19.95imageOut of stock