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ED21705Easy Concert Pieces for Violoncello and Piano, Vol. 1(Deserno & Mohrs)C Pfp & s CD$19.99image
ED22216Easy Concert Pieces for Violoncello and Piano, Vol. 3(Deserno & Mohrs)C Pfp & s CD$19.99image
ED21706Easy Concert Pieces for Violoncello and Piano, Vol. 2(Deserno & Mohrs)C Pfp & s CD$19.99image
50261320Harpsichord PiecesCouperin (Oesterle)Hs$13.99image
FTR 704 Sonatas, Opus 1, Volume 1 Sonatas 1-2StanleyF Bcp & s$20.99image
XYZ1114Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. I, A Selection for Alto RecorderEyck (Wind)As$12.99image
ED22946Renaissance Recorder Anthology, Vol. 4, 20 Works, CD, Alto(Bennetts & Bowman)A Pf CDp & s CD$21.99image
VDGS 65BTen Sonatas, Vol. IICaroloCC (BB) Bc3p & s$15.00image
VDGS 65ATen Sonatas, Vol. ICaroloCC (BB) Bc3p & s$15.00image
LMP 218Sonoma Birthday VariationsShannonATBB(Gb)Cbp & s$11.95image
ED21796Altblockfloten-solobuch(Hintermeier and Baude)As$28.99image
9781848499126Treble Recorder Scales and Arpeggios from 2018, Grades 1-5ABRSMAs$8.25image
HN 166Songs from the Mur IslandTajcevicPfs$16.95image
LMP 210Any Blue Cat DancesThornAATB opt. Pf Bp & s$29.95image
XYZ1013Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. IEyck (Wind)Ss$18.99image
Z14283Baroque Dances for two Sopranos, 89 dances(Czidra)SSs$28.45image
Z14276Baroque Dances for two Altos, 89 dances(Czidra)AAs$28.45image
OFB 12648 PreludesHotteterre (Doflein/Delius)As$19.95image
GSM1024Shannon Duets, Vol. 4 for AltosShannonAAs$10.00image
ED13324Baroque Recorder Anthology, Vol. 3, 21 Works, CD, Alto(Bowman & Heyens)A Pf (G)p & s CD$22.99image
PWM234Complete Works II StudiesChopin (Paderewski)Pfs$22.99image
FF1020ChordTime Piano Classics, Level 2B(Faber & Faber)Pfs$5.99image
GSM1022Shannon Duets, Vol. 2 for Soprano ShannonSAs$10.00image
GSM1025Shannon Duets, Vol. 5 for Alto & TenorShannonATs$10.00image
N3514Folklore of Bolivia, 14 duets for two Soprano recorders(Lewitus)SSs$15.75image
N3451Folklore of Argentina, 21 duets for Soprano and Alto recorders(Lewitus)SAs$11.75image
N3450Folklore of Argentina, 21 duets for two Soprano recorders(Lewitus)SSs$15.75image
N3437Folk Music from Peru, 18 duets for two Soprano recorders(Lewitus)SSs$11.75image
ED 460112 Chamber Sonatas, Op. 4, no. 1-6, Vol. 1CorelliVV Bcp & s$28.99image
9781860962943Time Pieces for Treble/ Alto Recorder, Volume 1(Bennetts & Bowman)A Pfp & s$17.00image
9781860962929Time Pieces for Descant/ Soprano Recorder, Volume 1(Bennetts & Bowman)S Pfp & s$13.50image
N4999Strassenmusik for 2, Heft 1HegerSS (TT,ST,SA)Gs$19.25image
PF 159Varietie of Lute-lessonsDowland, R.Ls TAB$25.00image
50289800Souvenirs , Op. 28 Arranged for Two PianosBarberPfPfs$26.99image
SMM113Quartet No. 2 in A Minor WanderlustShannonSATBp & s$15.00image
PF 127The First Booke of Songs or Ayres, facsimileDowland4vo Ls$20.00image
ED10886Shepherd's HeyGraingerSAT Pfp & s$13.99image
OFB 1021Concerto, F Major, Keyboard ReductionSammartini, GiuseppeS Pfp & s$19.95image
FF1045Showtime Piano Jazz & Blues, Level 2A(Faber & Faber)Pfs$5.99n/a
FF1021ChordTime Piano Rock 'n Roll, Level 2B(Faber & Faber)Pfs$6.99image
OFB 1017Sonata a 7 FlautiSchmelzerSSAATTB Bcp & s$16.99image
SP 2350Moon RiverManciniSSA(T) Pfp & s$4.75image
N409412 Sonatas, Opus 5, Vol. IV, No. 7-8CorelliA Bcp & s$35.00image
ED 11239The CrumhornHuntSATs$12.95image
OFB 98Six Sonatas in Canon, TWV 40:118-123TelemannAAs$18.99image
OFB 144Six Sonatas for two Treble Recorders, Vol. 3, opus 2 No.5-6, TWV40:105,106transTelemannAAs$21.95image
OFB 142Six Sonatas for two Treble Recorders, Vol. 1, opus 2 No.1-2, TWV 40:102,101transTelemannAAs$20.99image
ED 5240Solo Book for Soprano Recorder, Vol. I(Runge)Ss$13.99image
ED 12217A Garland of Melodies(Bramley)As$13.99image
ED 4797Modern Exercises for the AltoLindeAs$19.99image
DER 1023Basic Recorder Technique, Vol. 2, altoOrrAs$23.00image
DER 1021Basic Recorder Technique, Vol. 1, altoOrrAs$14.00image
SP 2313The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book, Vol. 1 soprano(adults)BurakoffSs$6.50image
SP 2308Recorder Time, Book 1BurakoffSs$5.50image