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Instruments - Recent Acquistions

Item NumberDescriptionCompanyPriceSee ItIn
YRS-402BEcoDearTM Plastic soprano, yellowgold, cloth case Yamaha$24.00n/ayes
YRA-402BEcoDearTM Plastic alto, yellowgold, cloth case Yamaha$35.00n/ayes
Book ClipBook Clip with Tassel, to hold books openht-skeleton$2.50n/ayes
PTG157130Bass viol D-1, gut 15 PM, 0.75mm Pirastro$25.00n/ayes
PTG257420Bass viol C-4, gut/aluminum 24 PM, 1.2mmPirastro$50.00n/ayes
CHO112241Viola a-1 gut medium ChordaPirastro$24.00n/ayes
CHO122241Viola D-2 gut medium Chorda Pirastro$36.00n/ayes
W7619210Accessory kit, neck strap for Yamaha bass, creamYamaha$19.00n/ayes