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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
2.651.00Grand Operachoir, 8 opera choruses for choir and pianoWagnersatb, Pfs$35.75image
7.386.40Dulce lumenWaldenbyssaattbbs$3.00image
7.386.60Epilog. Deum timeWaldenbyssaattbb Cs$3.00image
7.386.20Et haec non vanitas estWaldenbysaattbbs$3.00image
7.386.50Memento Creatoris tuiWaldenbysatbs$3.50image
7.386.30Omnia tempus habentWaldenbyssaattbb Cs$6.50image
7.386.10Verba EcclesiastesWaldenbysaattbs$5.00image
BA 4397Four Sacred Choral PiecesWalter, J.4-6vos$13.50image
C032829Mitten wir im Leben sindWalther, Johannsatbs$2.50n/a
9.115.00Four Early Songs, Tief von fern, Heiter, Der Tod, SommerabenWebern (Gottwald)4-16 voicess$7.25image
3.0321Invitation to Madrigals, Book 9Weelkesssatbs$11.00image
3.1205Invitation to Madrigals, Book 10Wilbye3-6vos$11.75image
08551393Three Songs for 2-Part Chorus(DeWitt)2vo Vs$1.60n/aOut of stock
08551556Shine on Me, traditional Spiritual(Dilworth)ssa, Pfs$1.80n/aOut of stock
40225105Sing We Now of Christmas(Eilers)sab Pfs$1.60n/aOut of stock
08551737Old Joe Clark(Emerson)tbs$1.60n/aOut of stock
M051805006150 American Folk Songs to sing, read, and play(Erdei and Komlos)vos$22.99n/aOut of stock
45/1109HIn Concert, Distinctive Repertoire for Two-part Choirs(Lightfoot)2vo Pfs$8.95n/aOut of stock
NV 50048The Novello Book of Carols(Llewellyn)1-8vo(1-8i)s$14.95n/aOut of stock
08747409High School Musical 2 (Choral Medley) for 2 parts and Piano(Lojeski)2 vo Pfs$2.95n/aOut of stock
WB506Sing Joyfully, Easy Anthems in Two Parts, 17 Anthems(Martens)2vo Pfs$7.95n/aOut of stock
ST 4251Antiqua Chorbuch, Teil 1(Monkemeyer)3-6vo(3-6i)s$9.95n/aOut of stock
50483689Goin' Away(Pooler)sab Pfs$1.80n/aOut of stock
BA 6341Choral book, sacred music from Renaissance - Baroque(Riehm)4-6vos$18.00imageOut of stock
BL331Codfish Shanty(Singh)tb Pfs$1.60n/aOut of stock
TRG 50Polish National Anthems(Soltysik)1-3 vo, sPfs$12.50n/aOut of stock
50440700The King's Singers' Madrigals, Vol. 1(The King's Singers)SATBs$6.95n/aOut of stock
50440710The King's Singers' Madrigals, Vol. 2(The King's Singers)5vos$6.95n/aOut of stock
H7878Pars I, Tropi Ordinarii Missae, Tropi, 12 Plates(Vlhova-Worner)vos$42.00n/aOut of stock
M051305209333 Elementary Exercises, Kodaly Choral Method(Young)vos$8.95n/aOut of stock
08203000Someone Like YouAdkins and Wilsonssa Pfs$1.90n/aOut of stock
0193417790MiserereAllegri (Rutter)ssab,ssatbs$2.95n/aOut of stock
B0209Sleigh RideAndersonssaPfs$1.60n/aOut of stock
BLCD00T6Accompaniment Tracks for BriLee MusicAnthologyvoCD$25.00n/aOut of stock
99/1107HAccompaniment Trak # 3 for Heritage Music PressAnthologyvoCD$39.95n/aOut of stock
08745538Choral Survival Kit for New Teachers: Tried and true music for choirsAnthology2-4 part, book, 2CD45s 2CD$24.95n/aOut of stock
M051472390Ave MariaBach/Gounod (Lang)ssa PFs$1.95n/aOut of stock
40207012God Bless America, 2 partBerlin (Eilers, Jennings)2 vo, Pfs$1.90n/aOut of stock
00-CH9990Winter Wonderland. three part mixedBernard (Schram)3vo Pf (G) Percs$2.25imageOut of stock
M051463442Gloria Tibi from MassBernsteinsa t Pf bongoss$1.75n/aOut of stock
WW006I Charge You, O Ye Daughters of JerusalemBillings (Bennett)satbs$1.80n/aOut of stock
80-100Festive Verse Settings, Christmas, Epiphany, TransfigurationBoehnkesatb(Pf)s$1.25n/aOut of stock
50-8300Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, Lo! He Comes with Clouds DescendingBoehnkesatb(Pf)s$1.50n/aOut of stock
0193520079A Byrd Anthology, 14 Anthems and MotetsByrd4-8vo (Pf)s$12.95n/aOut of stock
OBoneJO Bone JesuCarver19 vos$3.00n/aOut of stock
00-SV9673The Rhythm of Life, SABColeman (Leavitt)sab Pf perc, Bs$1.75n/aOut of stock
00117027Make a Rainbow, 2 partConsaul (Shaw)2vos$1.90n/aOut of stock
00117028Make a Rainbow, ShowTraxCDConsaul (Shaw)vo CDCD$26.99n/aOut of stock
48004374Ching-A-Ring ChawCoplandss$1.70n/aOut of stock
EMP 274In spiritu humilitatisCroceSATB+SATBs$4.75n/aOut of stock
EMP 332Veni in hortum meumCroceSATB+SATBs$4.75n/aOut of stock
42304012The Drunken Sailor, Sea ChanteyCrocker2vo Pfs$1.60n/aOut of stock
08740050A Cappella Songs for Treble ChorusCrocker & Leavittsa, ssas$2.50n/aOut of stock
00-SV98104Scarlet Ribbons for Her HairDanzig (Spevacek-Avery)ssa Pfs$1.65imageOut of stock
SC495RaindropsDeWittsas$1.10n/aOut of stock
SC692Scarborough Faire, SA with optional 2 flutes or recordersDeWittsa (FF,SS)s$2.50n/aOut of stock
08551392The MoonflowerDeWitt2vo F Pfs$1.40n/aOut of stock
CMF6InSight Singing: a Multi-Sensory Approach to Reading MusicEaton, Juneau, Schottvos$8.99n/aOut of stock
BL293Sometimes I Think and WonderEriksonsabs$1.60n/aOut of stock
43206092Feliz NavidadFeliciano (Billingsley)2 vo Pfs$1.80n/aOut of stock
08743574Only HopeForemanssa Pf Cs$1.70n/aOut of stock
C78In ecclesiis a 14Gabrieli, Gsatb+attb+ssatbb, Bcs$7.00n/aOut of stock
C142Timor et tremorGabrieli, Gatttbbs$3.00n/aOut of stock
GN0111Canten, Amigos! 2 parts with CDGallina 2 vo Pf CDs CD$49.95n/aOut of stock
SVM01011Hey Ho, Nobody's HomeGilpinttb Pfs$2.25n/aOut of stock
CM8861Hey Ho, Nobody's Home, Three part versionGilpin3vo Pfs$1.80n/aOut of stock
TRG 29Motety Paschalne, Paschal MotetsGorczyckisatbs$11.50n/aOut of stock
WINWinterGuess-HansonsatbVap & s$2.50n/aOut of stock
WW024Ode on MusicHolden (Bennett)s, stbs$1.60n/aOut of stock
08200917My Heart will Go On (from Titanic)Horner (Billingsley)ssa Pfs$1.80n/aOut of stock
BL422Kyrie, ssa, accompaniedHowardssa, Pfs$1.65n/aOut of stock
0193532182A Josquin Anthology, 12 MotetsJosquin (Duffin)4-6vos$13.95n/aOut of stock
M060035500Pentatonic Music, 100 Hungarian Folk Songs, Vol. 1Kodalyvos$5.95n/aOut of stock
08621074Seasons of Love, from RentLarson (Emerson)sat Pfs$1.70n/aOut of stock
08551289Choral Highlights from The Phantom of the OperaLloyd Webber (Snyder)2vo Pfs$2.25n/aOut of stock
08500325Stuff 'N' NonsenseLuboffssaas$1.50n/aOut of stock
BL339Alleluia! Sing for Joy!Lully (Liebergen)sa Pf F percs$1.60n/aOut of stock
A0478Anthem for Spring from Cavalleria RusticanaMascagni (Simeone)satbs$1.90n/aOut of stock
08748616Enchanted (Choral Highlights) 2 partsMenken (Billingsley)2 vo Pfs$2.95n/aOut of stock
08748615Enchanted (Choral Highlights) SABMenken (Billingsley)SAB Pfs$2.95n/aOut of stock
08200077A Whole New World- Aladdin's ThemeMenken (Lojeski)sa Pfs$1.70n/aOut of stock
08564107The Happy Wanderer, 2 parts with pianoMoller (Leavitt)2vo Pf, B, percs$1.80n/aOut of stock
08711231One Small Voice (2 part)Moss (Emerson)2vos$1.70n/aOut of stock
TC-272Give Thanks for MusicParkerssa Pfs$1.70n/aOut of stock
TC-260Sing and Make MelodyParkerssaas$2.25n/aOut of stock
50-9928Singing QuestionsParkerss PF (C)s$1.75n/aOut of stock
00-21073A Festive AlleluiaPerry3vo percs$2.25n/aOut of stock
BL349Dona Nobis PacemPoormansab Pfs$1.60n/aOut of stock
A1621Harriet TubmanRobinson (Coates, Jr.)satb Pfs$1.60n/aOut of stock
08637224Do-Re-Mi From the Sound of MusicRogers, Hammerstein II, (Brymer)2vo Pfs$1.70n/aOut of stock
08621685I Dreamed a Dream from Les MiserablesSchonberg (Lojeski)ssa Pfs$1.90n/aOut of stock
08621066Castle on a Cloud from Les MiserablesSchonberg (Spevacek)ssa Pfs$1.95n/aOut of stock
BL329The SwallowSchram1-2vo Pfs$1.50n/aOut of stock
00-SVM01030Simple Gifts, Two-Part, Optional FluteSchram2vo Pf, Fs$1.60imageOut of stock
BA 523Selig sind die Toten SWV 391Sch├╝tzssattbs$4.75n/aOut of stock
S8012If I had a Hammer, Two part TrebleSeeger (Leyden)2 vo, Pfs$1.25n/aOut of stock
08745409It's a Small World, 2 partSherman 2 vo Pfs$1.70n/aOut of stock
08745410It's a Small World, ShowTrax CDSherman voCD$35.00n/aOut of stock
BL535Jazz Kyrie, Three-Part Mixed, PianoShowers Crescenz3vo Pfs$1.75n/aOut of stock
CH 55601SindbadSmith3voPfs$5.95n/aOut of stock
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