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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
UE 19938Six Suites Op. 11BoismortierAAs$18.95image
UE 16586Easy Jazzy DuetsBonsorSSs$13.95image
UE 34190Celtic Recorder DuetsBrambockSSs$19.95image
BP 1150Six Suites for two Recorders, op. 2BraunAA (FF, OO, VV)s$19.00image
MK 518/519Seven PiecesBresgenATs$6.00image
CC016Six Thumbnail SketchesBurfordAAs$2.00image
PAN 302Suite for two altosCampagneAAs$20.00image
U HS133Italian Masters of the 17th Century, 13 two part compositionsCaresana, Spagnolis, StrozziATs$20.00image
JR 9Traditional Music of Many LandsCharlton2is$13.50image
JR 23Whimsical DuosCharltonSnS(ATBGb)s$14.95image
CME 10-112Caricatures, Five Duets for Alto and Tenor RecordersChaudoirATs$5.00image
CME 10-105Suite for two alto recorders 2008ChaudoirAAs$6.00image
HM 81Galant DuosChedevilleSSs$24.00image
N4022Nine PiecesChedevilleSAs$7.00image
OFB 123Simphonies, Three easy duets for Melody InstrumentsChedevilleAAs$17.95image
HM 199Six Galant DuosChedevilleAAs$22.00image
MK 697Six Little DuetsCollinetSS(FF,VV)s$5.00image
MK 466Six DuetsCookeSSs$5.00image
ED 2729Little Pieces for 2 recorders optional GuitarCorelliSA (G)s$6.95image
BP 3793 Suiten für 2 Blockflöten, op. 5/2-4CorretteAAs$16.00image
BP 2054Sechs Sonaten für Zwei Altblockflöten, op. 2CorretteAAs$22.00image
OFB 17Six SonatasCourtivilleAAs$9.95image
OFB 10286 Sonatas (Opus 3)CroftAAs$19.95image
BP 2090Sechs Suiten für Zwei Altblockflöten I, Op. 1/1-3Danican-Philidor, P.AAs$19.00image
BP 2091Sechs Suiten für Zwei Altblockflöten II, Op. 2/7-8, 3/11Danican-Philidor, P.AAs$27.00image
DOL 704Complete Duos, Volume I: Suites I-Vde la BarreAAs$14.75image
G 12.008Deuxieme Suitte de Piecesde la BarreAA s$14.00image
G 12.007Premiere Suitte de Piecesde la BarreAA s$14.00image
OFB 1784 Suites, Op. 1 Nr. 1, 2, 5 and 6de La VigneAA(FF,OO,VV)s$17.95image
BP 553Les Fleurs, Pieces pour les Musettes ou Vielles Vol. I, Op. 4DelavigneAA(FF, VV) Musettes$16.00image
BP 554Les Fleurs, Pieces pour les Musettes ou Vielles Vol. II, Op. 4DelavigneAA(FF, VV) Musettes$16.50image
BP 2085Sechs Suiten für Zwei Blockflöten, Op. 1, Nr. 1-6DelavigneAAs$24.00image
ST 8822Amusements en Duo, Opus II/2DupuitsAA (FF, VV)s$19.95image
SP 2325Five Duets from Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Part 1EyckSS(TT)s$2.50image
UE 30249Six Sonatas Opus 9FeschAAs$21.95image
OFB 26Four Sonatas, Op. 2FingerAAs$17.95image
BP 802Six Sonatas for two Alto Recorders, Op. 2FingerAAs$20.00image
SP 2311Four Duets with FacsimileFonghetti2ip & s$5.00image
LPM IM 23Contrapunti a due voci (1584)Galilei2i s$13.50image
UE36746TangoGardel (Collatti)AA(T)2s$18.50image
LPM IM 21Il Primo Libro della Musica a due voci (1598)Gastoldi2is$17.00image
SP 2306Six DuetsGastoldiSAs$3.25image
OFB 13011 DuetsGenzmerSAs$16.95image
OFB 34Tanzstucke, Duets for 2 altosGenzmerAAs$14.95image
MK 557/558Exercita Duarum Vocum from Synopsis musicaeGesiusAT vos$7.75image
MEM 109815 Duette for recordersGeysenAT/TT/SA/AA/BTs$18.00image
LPM RM 4Duo Tessuti con diversi SolfeggiamentiGiamberti2is$17.00image
12-0571505066Three FantasiasGibbonsAAs$9.95image
PBE 2Southwest of BaroqueGoldsteinSAs$3.50image
LPM IM 4Seven RicercariGuamiSA(TrT)s$8.50image
LPM IM 3Ten RicercariGuamiAT(TrT)s$8.50image
SSSharin' SharersGuess-HansonABs$2.00image
DOL 709Six Sonatas 1746GuillemantAAs$10.50image
P462A Piece of CakeHallSAs$9.50image
P 315More Razzjazz for Two, five Jazzy duetsHallSAs$7.50image
BP 168018 Tunes for Clay's Musical ClockHandelAA2s$23.00image
MK 701Four DuetsHandelATs$6.50image
PRM0402Jazzin' 2, 11 DuetsHaverkateAAp & s$21.95image
MK 628Eight Easy MarchesHeberle (Petri)SSs$5.50image
N4999Strassenmusik for 2, Heft 1HegerSS (TT,ST,SA)Gs$18.50image
N4949Strassenmusik for 2, Heft 2HegerSS(TT,ST,SA,OO)Gs$14.00image
ZR 161Ode I for 2 Recorder PlayersHiroseB(A)B(T)s$14.95image
ZR 162Ode IIHiroseAAs$13.00image
ST 8878Easy Duets for soprano and alto, 18 duetsHookSAs$11.95image
ST 10359Easy LessonsHook (Bergmann)SAs$12.95image
BP 3921. Premiere Suite de Pieces Fur Zwei Altblockfloten, Op. 4HotteterreAAs$16.00image
BP 20642. Deuxieme Suite de Pieces Fur Zwei Altblockfloten, Op. 6HotteterreAAs$24.00image
BP 4323. Troisieme Suite de Pieces Fur Zwei Altblockfloten, Op. 8HotteterreAAs$15.00image
DOL 706Complete Duos From Op. 1, Op. 4,Op. 6, & Op. 8HotteterreAAs$14.25image
N4026Suite de Pieces pour la Marechalle de VillarsHotteterreAAs$5.50image
RCE 9A Miniature SuiteKatzAAs$2.95image
MK 589DuetsKernbachAAs$2.50image
MK2210Der Flötenkönig, The Flute KingKöhlerSAs$21.00image
MK 514Six Little Recorder Duets for instruments in CLaburdaSS (TT)s$3.50image
HM 2Bicinias for singing and playingLasso2 vo, is$18.00image
LPM RM 6Motetti et Ricercari a due vociLasso2i(2vo)s$13.25image
LPM RM 1Premier Livre de Chansons a deux parties (1578), Vol. ILe Roy & Ballard2i (2vo)s$13.25image
ST 4261Im HagedornLerichSAs$12.95image
PEL 751Melodische DuetteLerichSAs$11.25image
HASA 15Post CardsLewin, A.SS(A)p & s$14.50image
G 12.037In a good mood, eight duets for 2 altosLischkaAAs$20.00image
OFB 55Six Duets, Vol. 1LoeilletAA(FF,OO,VV)s$16.95image
OFB 56Six Duets, Vol. 2LoeilletAA(FF,OO,VV)s$16.95image
MK 409Four DuosLuchterhandtAA (FF)s$5.50image
LPM IM 6Nine FantasiasLupacchino & TassoAT(TrT)s$10.00image
MK 474Flauto Duo, Seven easy piecesMaaszSSs$2.50image
LMP 186Neuf Ballades à 2, B-2, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 24Machaut2is$6.00image
SP 2319Four DuetsMancinusABs$2.50image
BP 2531Nouvelle Suitte d'AirsMarchandSS (TT, FF, OO, VV)s$16.00image
BP 2530Sechs Sonaten d'airs für Zwei Altblockflöten, op. 1/1-3MarchandAAs$21.00image
BP 977Four Sonatas for 2 Alto Recorders, Op. 1/1, 1/2, 1/11, 1/12MatthesonAAs$16.00image
M EM 1215A due for 2 Alto recordersMauteAA2 s$23.00image
AMP 482Bixler BeatMauteS(T)B2s$10.00image
11.606It's SummertimeMauteABp$10.50image
MK1565Lamento/ DornroosjeMauteAT/BBs$18.00image
M EM 1092Twins MauteAA/TT/BB2s$24.50image
MK 648/649Striving Apart(1993)MedekSAs$8.75image
BP 4406 Concerts for two Alto Recorders without bass, Vol. I, 1-3MonteclairAAs$17.00image
BP 4416 Concerts for two Alto Recorders without bass, Vol. II, 4-6MonteclairAAs$17.00image
LMP 25Bicinia on Morley's CanzonetsMorleySS/TTs$6.75image
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