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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
OFB 1636 SonatenMouretAAs$20.95image
ST 7228Easy Duets from Notebooks of the MozartsMozartSSs$9.95image
UE 18741Selected Pieces from The Magic Flute for Two Csakans or RecordersMozartSS(TT)s$15.95image
G 21.001Blue DuetsMuller-BuschSAs$15.50image
MK 656/657Eight One-Page PiecesMuller-BuschSSs$8.00image
N3630Babioles, Suites 1-6Naudot (Arx)SSs$24.00image
OFB 66Babioles, Volume 1 Suites 1-3Naudot (Ruf)AAs$12.95image
OFB 67Babioles, Volume 2 Suites 4-6Naudot (Ruf)AAs$16.95image
MK 505ContrastsNobisSAs$2.50image
ASL 22Visits with Friends, Soprano and Alto Recorder DuetsOwensSAs$3.95image
OFB 68Sechs Duette, Op. 1, Vol. 1 Duets 1-3Paisible (Ruf)AA(FF,OO,VV)s$16.95image
OFB 69Sechs Duette, Op. 1, Vol. 2 Duets 4-6Paisible (Ruf)AA(FF,OO,VV)s$16.95image
MK 388Eight Two Part MiniaturesPaporiszSAs$2.50image
MK 250Thirteen CanonsPoserSS (TT)s$4.00image
MK 201Little Dialogues(1955)PraagSS(AT)s$3.50image
DOL 702Six Duetti, Op. 2QuantzAA2p$14.75image
UE 21395Jazzy Recorder DuetsRaeAAs$16.95image
MK 454EncountersRebscherSS(TT)s$2.50image
MK 406Our animals, Pieces in two parts of five notesRebscherSSs$5.50image
BP 26577 Entertainments für 2 BlockflötenReitzSA (FF)s$17.00image
LPM TM 2Bicinia Germanica 1545, Selection IRhawAT(voT)(TrT)2s$6.50image
LPM TM 19Bicinia Germanica 1545, Selection IIRhaw2vo, 2i2s$6.50image
LPM TM 11Six Pieces (1521)Romano2i2s$8.00image
MK 431Bergkreyen 1551RotenbucherATs$5.00image
MK 478Children's Dance BookRottlerSSs$2.50image
MK 526Children's Games RottlerAA(SS)s$3.50image
MK 604Ferien auf dem Lande, Holidays in the CountryRottlerSAs$2.50image
UE 21452Easy Blue Recorder Duets for 2 soprano recordersRussell-SmithSSs$15.95image
DER 1038Two SonatinasScarlatti, D.SSs$14.00image
OFB 21942 Duette from Principes de la FluteSchickhardtAAs$23.99image
MEM 3036Principes de la flute, facsimileSchickhardtAA2p$20.00image
CM 1016Menuet in Bi-Modals (1972)SerlyAAs$1.50image
GSM1021Shannon Duets, Vol. 1 for Soprano or TenorShannonSS (TT)s$10.00image
GSM1022Shannon Duets, Vol. 2 for Soprano ShannonSAs$10.00image
GSM1023Shannon Duets, Vol. 3 for Soprano & TenorShannonSTs$10.00image
GSM1025Shannon Duets, Vol. 5 for Alto & TenorShannonATs$10.00image
GSM1026Shannon Duets, Vol. 6 for Soprano & BassShannonSBs$10.00image
GSM1027Shannon Duets, Vol. 7 for Alto & BassShannonABs$10.00image
GSM1028Shannon Duets, Vol. 8 for Tenor & BassShannonTBs$10.00image
OFB 183Music from afarShchedrinBBs$9.95image
SIEG014Umlanjana, 20 duets for various recordersSieg2 recs$27.00image
MK 774/775Duos (1807)SimrockSS2s$8.00image
OFB 94Reihe kleiner DuetteStaepsAAs$11.95image
MK1529Konversation (modern technique)StockmeierAAs$10.00image
FH 29986 Duets, Sonatas, Book 1, Op. 2, Ns. 1-3, TWV 40:102.101.103 transposedTelemannAAs$13.00image
FH 29996 Duets, Sonatas, Book 2, Op. 2, Ns. 4-6, TWV 40:104-106 transposedTelemannAAs$13.00image
DOL 707Complete Opus 2 Duo Sonatas TWV 40:101-106; Sonata in B flat TWV 40:107TelemannAAs$14.00image
OFB 99Duett, TWV 40:107TelemannAAs$13.95image
MK 746Four duets, from Keyboard fantasienTelemannSA2s$6.00image
FH 2087Sechs Sonaten im Kanon, TWV 40:118-123TelemannAAs$11.00image
BP 777Six Duos for Two Alto Recorders, 1752, TWV 40:124-129 transposedTelemannAAs$22.00image
DOL 701Six Duos, 1752, TWV 40:124-129 transposedTelemannAAs$12.50image
OFB 142Six Sonatas for two Treble Recorders, Vol. 1, opus 2 No.1-2, TWV 40:102,101transTelemannAAs$19.95image
OFB 143Six Sonatas for two Treble Recorders, Vol. 2, opus 2 No.3-4, TWV 40:103,104transTelemannAAs$17.95image
OFB 98Six Sonatas in Canon, TWV 40:118-123TelemannAAs$17.95image
LPM IM 19Sinfonie, scherzi, ricercari, capricci et fantasie a due voci, (also transposed)Troilo2is$13.50image
LPM TM 27Eight Chansons for two voices or instrumentsTurnhout2vo, 2i2s$7.00image
N4713Concerto No. 1, La Primavera, arranged for Recorder duetVivaldi (Cassignol)SA/ATs$15.00image
N4716Concerto No. 4 L'Inverno, Winter arranged for duetVivaldi (Cassignol)ST/ATs$14.95image
ZM35500Phantom CastleWaterhouseSA(S)2s$14.95image
C of DA Ceremony of Duos(Barron)2is$20.00imageOut of stock
MK 69Duets by Old Masters(Baum, Hechler)SAs$2.50n/aOut of stock
UHS 37 Roman duets of the 17th Century(Bornstein)AAs$16.50imageOut of stock
UE 17133Medieval Duets(Coles)SA(S)s$15.50imageOut of stock
N4535Greensleeves, Irische, schottische und englische Folklore(Heilig & Heger)ATs$16.50imageOut of stock
PAN 211Von der Volta zur Polka(Keller-Lowy)AAs$18.75n/aOut of stock
MK 413Dances from Old English Masques(Monkemeyer)SAs$5.50imageOut of stock
CH61297Descant & Treble Recorder Duets from the Beginning(Pitts)SAs$9.95imageOut of stock
PEL 881Folk songs and folk dances(Ruegg)SAs$11.25imageOut of stock
PAN 240Landuuf Landab, Swiss songs and dances(Ruegg)AAs$12.50n/aOut of stock
H 2Recorder Music by Candlelight(Wachtell)SSs$3.95imageOut of stock
JR 9Traditional Music of Many LandsCharlton2is$13.50imageOut of stock
CME 10-104Six Bagatelles for alto and bass recorder 2007ChaudoirABs$6.00n/aOut of stock
99643Native American Music for the RecorderConstasATs$19.99imageOut of stock
AP 015Two Bird Duos, Le Coucou and Le Rappel des OiseauxDaquin, RameauAA/ AT2s$6.95n/aOut of stock
PP 155Goodbye, SweetheartGoldsteinSA2s$4.50imageOut of stock
P 194Razzjazz for Two, three Jazzy duetsHallSAs$8.00imageOut of stock
BP 168018 Tunes for Clay's Musical ClockHandelAA2s$23.00imageOut of stock
N4949Strassenmusik for 2, Heft 2HegerSS(TT,ST,SA,OO)Gs$14.00imageOut of stock
DOL 703Originalstucke, Op. 25KrahmerSS(AA,TT)s$7.75imageOut of stock
ST 2737Frohliche StuckeMetzgerSV(T)s$8.95imageOut of stock
AVP 17Sonata K. 292 (Sonata for Bassoon and Cello)MozartSA(TB)2s$18.50n/aOut of stock
MK 115Klange von unterwegs, Wayfaring SoundsSchulerSS (TT)s$2.50n/aOut of stock
LPM 206Eight Duos from the Cancionero de UppsalaScotto2is$9.00imageOut of stock
GSM1024Shannon Duets, Vol. 4 for AltosShannonAAs$10.00imageOut of stock
PP 178A Thom Tallis Fancy for Recorder DuoSt. PierreA/Sn T2s$4.50n/aOut of stock
HBR 08Zu zweien durch den Tonkreis, 32 DuetteStaepsAAs$28.00imageOut of stock
OFB 144Six Sonatas for two Treble Recorders, Vol. 3, opus 2 No.5-6, TWV40:105,106transTelemannAAs$17.95imageOut of stock
DOL 705The Berlin Duos, TWV 40:130-135TelemannAAs$13.50imageOut of stock
ED10024Twelve Short DuetsTelemannSA(T)s$9.95imageOut of stock
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