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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
CH01803Sonatina for GuitarBerkeleyGs$17.95image
CH00480Theme and Variations for GuitarBerkeleyGs$17.95image
132055Selection of Pieces for the Lute, Volume I EasyBesard (Margaria)Gs$2.25image
132056Selection of Pieces for the Lute, Volume II Medium DificultyBesard (Margaria)Gs$2.25image
4940210324 Preludes, Book II, Preludes 13-24BiberianGs$18.00image
12-0571580254Walking in the Air, Theme from The SnowmanBlake (Wynberg)Gs$6.50image
49401961Innocent MeanderingBlanchardGs$10.00image
49402753Three Dances: Nouveau Rag, True and Authentic Gymnopédie,& Doctor Bland, His JigBland (Starobin)Gs$11.95image
26117 HLSuite pour une NaissanceBodyGs$10.00image
GSP 163In Winter GardenBogdanovicGs$5.50image
EB3015Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue for the Golden FlowerBogdanovicGs$12.00image
GSP 181LamentBogdanovicGs$5.50image
GSP 118Omar's FancyBogdanovicGs$6.50image
EB2581Sonata n. 2 pour guitareBogdanovicGs$11.25image
GSP 161Unconscious in BrazilBogdanovicGs$5.50image
GSP 10Four PiecesBonfá (Barbosa-Lima)Gs$12.00image
PWYS-84Arbatski ValsBoríslovaGs$6.95image
26040 HL3 Danses Populaires ArméniennesBoutrosGs$9.00image
26174 HL7 MiniaturesBoutrosGs$8.00image
27170 HLL'apatrideBoutrosGs$12.95image
26654 HLLes Échelles du LevantBoutrosGs$4.75image
26871 HLTriptyqueBoutrosGs$8.50image
GT218Joaquin is Dreaming for Solo GuitarBresnickGs$9.99image
UE 29162Ten Simple PreludesBrindleGs$12.95image
F50056Nocturnal after John Dowland, Op. 70BrittenGs$16.50image
56401915Sonatina per a GuitarraBrotonsGs$10.25image
CH64295An IdeaBrouwerGs$7.95image
GA 424Canticum para guitarraBrouwerGs$8.95image
ME 7999Deux Airs Populaires CubainsBrouwerGs$12.00image
56400189Le Decameron NegroBrouwerGs$18.95image
ME 7997Etudes Simples 1-5BrouwerGs$9.95image
ME 7998Etudes Simples 6-10BrouwerGs$14.95image
ME 8494Etudes Simples 11-15BrouwerGs$16.95image
ME 8495Etudes Simples 16-20BrouwerGs$24.95image
HA26Will Yow Walke the Woods Soe WildeByrd (Alexander)Gs$3.00image
98352Select Danzas of Juan Morel CamposCamposGs TAB$10.95image
Z 23807035 EtudesCano, A.Gs$9.00image
9738625 Melodic and Progressive StudiesCarcassiGs$9.95image
UMG 19761Seis Caprichos, Op. 26Carcassi (Sainz de la Maza)Gs$7.95image
EB 2318Allegretto, Op.3, No. 4 (slightly shopworn)Carcassi (Tapella)Gs$2.00image
UME 22139Preludio, Suite Popular No. 3 Sudamericana (slightly shopworn)CardosoGs$1.00image
UME 22088Tema NegroCardosoGs$1.50image
GSP 5Three PiecesCardosoGs$6.00image
EB 3344Il Tesoretto, 20 piccoli pezziCarfagnaGs$14.50image
ECH724Aires de Vidalita sobre un Tema de E. Cotelo (slightly shopworn)CarlevaroGs$4.50image
B AND C 4029Cinco Estudios, No. 1 H. V. L.CarlevaroGs$8.00image
B AND C 4026Cinco Estudios, No. 2 Movimiento transversalCarlevaroGs$8.00image
B AND C 4030Cinco Estudios, No. 3 BicordesCarlevaroGs$6.00image
B AND C 4031Cinco Estudios, No. 4 TrasladosCarlevaroGs$6.00image
B AND C 4032Cinco Estudios, No. 5 Acordes repetidosCarlevaroGs$5.50image
ECH792Microestudios, Vol. 2, Nos. 6-10CarlevaroGs$9.00image
ECH793Microestudios, Vol. 3, Nos. 11-15CarlevaroGs$8.95image
ECH794Microestudios, Vol. 4, Nos. 16-20CarlevaroGs$11.95image
R132398A Thousand and One Notes, Very Easy Pieces for Small Guitarists, First PostitionCarnovichGs$3.00image
PWYS-87Raccolta di Sonate DiverseCarulliGs$12.95image
EB 2438Marcia, Op. 335, No. 3Carulli (Caliendo)Gs$2.00image
49401963Variations sur l'air Ah! vous dirai-je Maman, Op. 60, No.3Carulli (Danner)Gs$9.00image
PWYS-76Solo and Variations on the air Nel cor più Op. 107Carulli (Ophee)Gs$9.95image
ME 8891Adieu de Ferdinando CarulliCarulli (Zigante)Gs$16.25image
EB4982Works for GuitarCassadóGs$33.95image
49402529The Complete Works of Frantz Casséus, Vol. 1 Solo GuitarCasséus (Ribot)Gs$24.95image
BA 12544Naranjos en FlorCastelnuovo-TedescoGS$6.25image
GB 26Rondel on the name of Siegfried Behrend, Op. 170, No. 6Castelnuovo-TedescoGS$7.50image
GA 168Rondo, Op. 129Castelnuovo-TedescoGS$6.95image
EB5470Sonata (Omaggio a Boccherini) includes facsimileCastelnuovo-TedescoGs$49.95image
ZG 134Alma ZapotecaCastilloGs$3.00image
GSP 3111 Immortal SongsCatullo da Paixão CearenseGs$12.00image
R132419My Friend the Guitar, 15 Easy Pieces for the Guitar, in the First PositionCavanzzoliGs$4.00image
AZ1373Sonatina MargravinaChailley (Schembri)Gs$7.50image
49401964Two Preludes for guitarChandler (Holzman)Gs$6.00image
49401769Sonho do MarCharnofskyGs$5.95image
EB 3469Europa-SuiteChiti (Carfagna)Gs$15.00image
DO 023Five Pieces for GuitarChobanianGs$10.00image
27609 HLFrédéric Chopin, 8 pièces arrangées pour guitare soloChopin (Lalanne)Gs TAB CD$36.95image
564030410Chopin for Guitar, Famous TranscriptionsChopin (Oberbek, Tarrega)Gs$34.95image
PWYS-75Theme and Allegro from the Fantaisie on the English Song We Have Lived and LovedCiebra (Ophee)Gs$7.95image
49400307Sonata (Boghen XV)Cimarosa (Artzt)Gs$3.95image
49402368Three Sonatas, Nos. 15, 46, and 53Cimarosa (Artzt)Gs$5.00image
GSP 47Three Sonatinas, Op. 36, #6; 37, #2; 38, #3Clementi (Regnier)Gs$8.00image
UME 21947Introduccion y DanzaCodinaGs$2.00image
ZG 1006What a FriendConversGs$2.90image
GSP 23Three Concert EtudesCoopermanGs$6.00image
MK7042Arien IVCorbettGs$18.00image
R135330Caprice de ChaconneCorbetta (Paolini- Brouwer)Gs$7.95image
ME 8772Dos Tiempos de SonataCordero, E.Gs$7.50image
PWYS-92Perugia, La catedral de TaxcoCordero, E.Gs$7.95image
PWYS-94Six DivertissementsCordero, F.Gs$5.95image
27443HLTango Barroco no. 3Cosentino (Pujol)Gs$18.95image
EB 2337Valzer, Op. 41, No. 8CosteGs$2.00image
SI 00180Andante, Op. 39Coste (Keaton)Gs$2.95image
ECH1401The Collected Guitar Works, 25 Etudes de Genre, Op.38, facsimileCoste (Wynberg)Gs$13.00image
ML007Tombeau de Mr. BlancrocherCouperin, L. (Lorimer)Gs$2.00image
96800BCDGuitar Collection of Antonio CuriCuriGs TAB$19.95image
93974Great American Guitar SoloCurtis-Smith (Lorimer)Gs$5.95image
TECLA 792Five PiecesCutting (Jeffery)Gs$9.00image
GP4001Clair de LuneDebussy (Tarchara)Gs TAB$3.50image
SRB0063Acrostic Song from Final AliceDel Tredici (Starobin)Gs$11.50image
PWYS-74Pocket SonataDelprioraGs$8.95image
PWYS-101Variations on a Theme by SorDelprioraGs$18.95image
MK7011NachtfantasienDenhoff (Evers)Gs$12.00image
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