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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
SP 2339Songs of Praise(Walker)SS Pfs$2.95image
UE 17767Lieder Zur Weihnachtszeit(Warttmann)ATs$9.95image
UE 17440Weihnachtslieder(Warttmann)SATBs$9.95image
MK2083Weihnachtslieder, 23 Christmas Songs with German texts(Weber)SS/SA Gs$16.00image
ED 7061Das Buch der Weihnachtslieder (151 Christmas songs) Score, hard cover(Weber- Kellermann)vo, Pfs$29.95image
CM 1014Eleven Traditional Hymns(Whitney)SS(A) Pfs$4.00image
EW 973Advent in Europe, 17 Songs for Martinmas and St. Nicholas' Day, CD, Vol. 3(Wilgo & Oberbanscheidt)1-2 vo(VV, SS, SA, FF, OO) PfGp & s, CD$27.50image
EW 925Europe for Advanced Musicians, 16 Great Christmas Songs, CD, Vol. 2(Wilgo & Oberbanscheidt)1-2 vo(VV, SS, SA, FF, OO) PfGp & s, CD$27.50image
EW1035Eight Famouse Christmas Carols(Wilgo)SATB, vop & s$23.00image
93414Christmas Carols for Recorder(Zeidler)1-3is$5.95image
MK 726/7278 German Christmas Songs(Ziesmann)SATs$8.00image
41841022Play a Song of Christmas, 35 Christmas Songs, CD Rom, mp3, pdf lyrics(Zimmerman)variousCD$7.95image
41641032Play a Song of Christmas, 35 Favorite Christmas Songs, B flat Cl Parts A and B(Zimmerman)Clp$5.95image
41641033Play a Song of Christmas, 35 Favorite Christmas Songs, Flute Parts A and B(Zimmerman)Fp$5.95image
41641029Play a Song of Christmas, 35 Favorite Christmas Songs, Horn in F Parts A and C(Zimmerman)Hnp$5.95image
41641034Play a Song of Christmas, 35 Favorite Christmas Songs, Oboe Parts A and B(Zimmerman)Op$5.95image
41641028Play a Song of Christmas, 35 Favorite Christmas Songs, Percussion(Zimmerman)Percp$5.95image
41641051Play a Song of Christmas, 35 Favorite Christmas Songs, Recorder, Guitar(Zimmerman)S Gp$5.95image
41641030Play a Song of Christmas, 35 Favorite Christmas Songs, Tenor Sax Parts A and C(Zimmerman)TSaxp$6.95image
41641026Play a Song of Christmas, 35 Favorite Christmas Songs, Viola Parts A and C(Zimmerman)Vap$5.95image
41641025Play a Song of Christmas, 35 Favorite Christmas Songs, Violin Parts A and B(Zimmerman)Vp$5.95image
CM 1022Five Sacred CanzonettasAichingerAA(SS)Bs$2.75image
CM 1029Three Marian MotetsAichinger3i(3vo)s$2.75image
PBE 36Eight Norwegian Folk HymnsAlnaesSATB4s$9.00image
LPM EML 1172 Intradas, Intrada XII Ein Feste Burg; Intrata III Vater unser in HimmelreichAltenburg6i(6vo)6s$7.75image
MK 522/523Six part Chorales for Advent and ChristmasAltenburgSSATTB vos$6.00image
MK 330Vierstimmige WeihnachtsgesangAltenburgSATB(4i)s$7.95image
LPM EML 294Ave vera caro ChristiAnonymousSATB(T)4s$6.00image
AM 20157Christmas Songs for the RecorderAnonymousS(T)Gs$8.95image
LPM EML 185Five English Medieval CarolsAnonymousATT(vo)3s$7.25image
LPM EMLV185Five English Medieval Carols, Version for ViolsAnonymous3i3s$8.50image
LCC 18The Twelve Days of ChristmasAnonymousSATB(vo)s$1.95image
LPM EML 276Ave regina coelorum/ O decus innocentiAnonymous (Petrucci)4i(4vo)4s$6.50image
LPM EML 308Aus tiefer NotAnthology4i(4vo)4s$6.00image
LPM EML 287Ave maris stella, 5 settings from German sourcesAnthology4i(4vo)4s$9.00image
LPM EML 323Ave maris stella, 5 settings from the Trent CodicesAnthology3vo(3i)3s$5.25image
LPM EML 360Christ ist erstanden, 5 settingsAnthology3-4vo(3-4i)4s$9.50image
LPM EMLV360Christ ist erstanden, 5 settings, Version for ViolsAnthology3-4vo(3-4i)4s$12.50image
LPM EML 379Christ lag in Todesbanden, 3 settingsAnthology4i(4vo)4s$7.75image
LPM EMLV379Christ lag in Todesbanden, 3 settings, Viol versionAnthologyTrTTB(4vo)4s$9.00image
00710015Christmas Cheer AnthologySS(A)s$5.95image
710187Christmas FavoritesAnthologySS(A)s$4.95image
00710189Christmas TreasuresAnthologySS(A)s$4.95image
LPM EML 325Ein feste Burg, 5 settingsAnthology4-5i(4-5vo)4s$9.50image
LPM EMLV325Ein feste Burg, 5 settings, Viol versionAnthologyTrTTB (4vo)4s$8.75image
LPM EML 375Nu komm der Heiden HeilandAnthology5i(5vo)5s$7.75image
LPM EMLV375Nu komm der Heiden Heiland, Version for ViolsAnthology5i(5vo)5s$8.00image
LPM EML 307Pange lingua, 5 settingsAnthology4i(4vo)4s$9.00image
TR 68Reflections on SpiritualsAytonSATB (TrTTB)p & s$7.50image
TR 51Reflections on American Shape Note Hymns, Set 1AytonSATB(TrTTB)p & s$7.25image
TR 52Reflections on American Shape Note Hymns, Set 2AytonSATB(TrTTB)p & s$7.25image
TR 53Reflections on American Shape Note Hymns, Set 3AytonSATB (TrTTB)p & s$8.00image
TR 54Reflections on American Shape Note Hymns, Set 4AytonSATB (TrTTB)p & s$8.00image
TR 252 Cantata Movements, Sein Allmacht from BWV 128, Seid wachsam from BWV 149Bach, J. S.SATB Bcp & s$4.75image
ST 1149822 Chorale Preludes, Vol. IVBach, J. S.SATBs$8.95image
ST 1150022 Chorale Preludes, Vol. VIBach, J. S.AATBs$8.95n/a
LCC 223 Christmas PiecesBach, J. S.SATB(vo)p & s$8.95image
MK 272Christmas ChoralesBach, J. S.SATBs$5.50image
LMP 43Come Sweet DeathBach, J. S.SATB2s$2.50image
MK 137Eight ChoralsBach, J. S.SATBs$5.50image
MK 144Ein Kleines Weihnachtsoratorium mit J. S. Bach, A little Christmas OratorioBach, J. S.3-4 rec vos$5.50image
DER 1024Fourteen Bach Chorals, Soprano RecorderBach, J. S.S Pfp & s$10.95image
ST 6598Geistliche LiederBach, J. S.SATBs$8.95image
PBE 30Jesu, Joy of Man's DesiringBach, J. S.AA Bcp & s$7.95image
TR 20Ruft und Fleht den Himmel an, from Cantata BWV 63Bach, J. S.SAT Bcp & s$5.00image
LMP 112Sonata from For Us a Child is BornBach, J. S.AA Bcp & s$3.95image
LMP 113Sonatina from God's Time is the BestBach, J. S.AA Bcp & s$3.50image
SP 2329Thirteen Melodies from Schemelli's Song BookBach, J. S.SATBs$3.00image
TR 39Two Christmas PastoralesBach, J. S.SATBp & s$5.00image
TR 35Two Festive ChorusesBach, J. S.SATB(4i)p & s$5.00image
JR 6Wachet Auf! Prelude from Cantata 140Bach, J. S.SATB(G)p & s$17.25image
JR 12Concerto from Cantata 142Bach, J. S.SnSAATTBp & s$15.00image
PBE 34Sheep May Safely GrazeBach, J. S.SATBp & s$7.95image
LCC 15A la Venue de NoelBalbastreAC Pfp & s$6.50image
MK 247Christmas Tunes with Variations, Seven tunes with variationsBarthelS (A)s$5.50image
UE 11417Rumanian Christmas Carols for Recorder EnsembleBartókSATBp & s$23.95image
AP 210Winter WonderlandBernard and SmithAATBp & s$7.95image
MK 206Old Advent SongsBeyerleSSAAT vos$5.50image
LMP 117Three Sacred CanonsBillingsSSSS(TTTT)(4vo)s$2.00image
LMP 104Wake Ev'ry Breath (1770)Billings1-6i6s$5.25image
CVP 08Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead UsBradbury (Lindvall)SATB4s$5.00image
LCC 6Ruf zur MariaBrahmsSATBp & s$2.95image
MK 461Inmitten der Nacht, Zwölf wiehnachtliche Impressionen (1977)BraunSs$5.50image
MK 449/450Old Bohemian Christmas CarolsBresgenSn/S/A(G)s$8.00image
TR 93German ChoralesBruckSATB (TrTTB)p & s$11.00image
MK 679Dutch Christmas CarolsBuisSATBs$5.50image
MK 318Von Himmel Hoch, Songs for Advent and ChristmasBurthelSAT vos$3.50image
PBE 37I Sing a Song of the Saints of God, (7 1/2 Variations on Grand Isle)BuschAAT Pfp & s$7.95image
G139Missa alla brevis BuxWV 114, for instrumental ensemble BuxtehudeSSATB, TrTrTTBp $30.00image
CME 20-109In dulci jubiloBuxtehude (Chaudoir)SATBs$4.00image
LPM 526Arise, Lord, into Thy RestByrd5i, 5vop & s$6.00image
CCBN16009Christ Rising- Christ is Risen AgaineByrdAAATTBp & s$30.00image
TR 46Graduals and Motets for Four Voices, Vol. 1ByrdSATB (TrTrTB)p & s$7.25image
TR 47Graduals and Motets for Four Voices, Vol. IIByrdATTB (TrTTB)p & s$7.50image
TR 55Marian Hymns for Three VoicesByrdA(S)TB (TrTnB)p & s$7.25image
TR 26Mass for Four VoicesByrdATTB(TrTnTnB)p & s$9.50image
FORAY NONNon vos relinquamByrdSSTTBp & s$3.00image
FEA036Beata Viscera after Perotin, Op. 74/BCaldiniBBBB p & s$18.00image
UE 30250French Christmas SongsChedevilleAA(SS)s$17.95image
MK 451Variations on Two English Christmas CarolsCookeSATs$5.00image
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