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MK2099Symphonie des Noëls, Book IIIDelalande2-13i, Bcp & s$23.00image
3.1100Complete PsalmsDowlandSATBs$14.00image
MK 665Variations on a French Christmas song from the 17th century DulinS Organs$5.50image
LPM EML 3213 Christmas HymnsEccard5i(5vo)5s$7.00image
LPM EMLV3213 Christmas Hymns, Version for ViolsEccard5i(5vo)5s$6.50image
FEA182A3 Christmas Encore, I The Holly and the IvyEcclesSAATBp & s$10.00image
FEA182B3 Christmas Encore, II This Endris NightEcclesSAATBp & s$10.00image
FEA182C3 Christmas Encore, III God Rest ye Merry GentlemenEcclesSAATBp & s$10.00image
MK3611IIThree part Villancicos and Mass sections, Alto partEscobar & PenalosaAp$2.00n/a
MK3611Three part Villancicos and Mass sections, ScoreEscobar & PenalosaSATBs$16.00image
MK3611IThree part Villancicos and Mass sections, Soprano partEscobar & PenalosaSp$2.00n/a
LPM EML 273Christ ist erstanden (2 settings)Finck5i(5vo)5s$8.50image
LPM EML 1493 Antiphons from the Trent CodicesFrye + Dufay3vo(3i)3s$5.00image
LPM EMLV1493 Antiphons from the Trent Codices, Version for ViolsFrye + DufayTrTT3s$5.50image
FS 7La Palabra del Senor es RectaGarciaSATBs$1.50image
CVP 33What God OrdainsGastorius (Lindvall)TBp & s$5.00image
LPM EML 3133 Psalm SettingsGoudimel4i(4vo)4s$6.00image
MK 689Es kommt ein Schiff, geladen, Partita for soprano and organGraapS Organs$5.50image
MK 703Kommet, ihr HirtenGraapS Organ(Pf)s$5.50image
HARA 163The Three KingsHallSATp & s$10.00image
EUT 003Chandos Overtures X and XIaHandelATB (OOB, VVC)p & s$24.00image
PEL 748Eight Psalm-Overtures, No. 1-4Handel4is$21.25image
FORAY I IN EThree choruses from Israel in EgyptHandelSATBp & s$5.00image
JE 24While Shepherds Watched Their FlocksHandelSATBs$2.00image
AP 022Hallelujah Chorus From: MessiahHandel (Davis)SATBp & s$7.95image
D602Hodie Christus Natus Est(two choirs)Handl6i$4.00image
CCBN16005Gaudeamus Omnes Fideles a 7Handl (Gallus)7vo(SSAATTB,2Tr4TB) p & s$22.00image
CCBN16008Regem Natum (Christmas motet a 4) for voices, viols or recorders Handl (Gallus)satb, SATB, TrTTBp $17.00image
CM 1040Eleven German ChoralesHasslerSATBs$4.00image
TR 73Motets for Four VoicesHasslerSATB (TrTTB)p & s$10.50image
MK 547Two Small PartitasHollfelderSATBBs$2.50image
FORAY QUISQuis dabit capiti meo aquam?IsaacATTBp & s$3.00image
LMP 33Missa Pange LinguaJosquinATTBs$11.25image
LMP 33AMissa Pange LinguaJosquinAp$5.75image
LMP 33BMissa Pange LinguaJosquinTp$5.75image
LMP 33CMissa Pange LinguaJosquinTp$5.75image
LMP 33DMissa Pange LinguaJosquinBp$5.75image
MK 690/691Christmas MusicLaburdaSATBs$8.75image
TR 64Motets for Four VoicesLassoATTB, TrTTBp & s$7.75image
LPM 502Resonet in LaudibusLassus5ip & s$8.00image
MK 475In Dulci Jubilo, Eleven Christmas carols in two and three parts (1978)Lechner2-3is$5.00image
AP 079Carol of the BellsLeontovichSATBp & s$7.95image
MK 367Noels (Modern improvised settings)LindeATBs$5.50image
LMP 38Agnus DeiLottiSATB2s$2.50image
LMP 22Truly He Hath Borne Our GriefLottiATB+ATB2s$2.00image
TR 57Two Missae BrevesLottiSATB (TrTTB)p & s$8.00image
LCC 24Thymus Vulgaris, The Shepherds' CarolLouxvo Pf(4i)p & s$6.75image
CVP 18Shall We Gather at the RiverLowry (Lindvall)ATB3 s$5.00image
PRM 113Christmas Medley for Recorder QuartetMorseSSSTp & s$9.75image
MK 182Vechtaer Advent CantataOberborbeckSAT vos$5.50image
PP 2Adoramus tePalestrinaTTBGbp & s$2.50image
H 112Missa Jam Christus astra ascenderatPalestrinaSAA(T)Tp & s$6.50image
AVP 20Super flumina BabylonisPalestrinaSATBp & s$4.00image
TR 30Ten Trios from the MagnificatPalestrinaATB(TrTB)s$4.50image
JE 46Tu Es PetrusPalestrinaSSATTBp & s$3.95image
FS 9Mountains are all AglowParkAATBs$1.50image
CC004Seven PiecesPeppingSATBp & s$10.00image
LCC 25Viderunt/ Vide PropheciePerotin4 vo, 4ip & s$8.00image
JE 42O Beatum et Sacrosanctum DiemPhillipsSSATBp & s$3.95image
JE 4The Barbershop Jingle BellsPierpontSATBp & s$3.95image
MK 237Christmas Partitia on With joy my heart shall leapPoserSATs$5.00image
G152Puer natus in Bethleham, Heft 2 for three partsPraetorius3i 3vo3s$29.00image
MK 342Three Part Christmas SongsPraetoriusSSTs$3.50image
MK 595Wie Schon Leuchtet der MorgensternPraetorius2-5 rec, vos$4.00image
MK 490Passion and Easter HymnsPraetorius, MSSTs$5.00image
LPM EML 3005 Christmas settingsPraetorius, M.3vo(3i)3s$7.75image
MK 631Christmas Duos for two recordersPraetorius, M.SS(A) ss VVs$5.50image
LPM EML 248Christmas HymnsPraetorius, M.4i(4vo)4s$9.75image
LPM EMLV248Christmas Hymns, Version for ViolsPraetorius, M.4i(4vo)4s$8.50n/a
JE 9God's Blessed Son Today is BornPraetorius, M.SATBs$2.00image
HARA 65Resonet in laudibusPraetorius, M.SSSSATBp & s$14.95image
AVP 35Lord, How Long Wilt Thou Be Angry?PurcellSSATBp & s$6.25image
MK 258Pastorales for ChristmastideRathgeberSSAs$5.50image
TR 82Chorales for Four VoiciesResinariusSATB (TrTTB)p & s$10.00image
LPM EML 3727 Christmas Hymns after Georg RhawRhaw4vo(SATB)4s$9.00image
FS 3Cantemos al SenorRosasSATBs$1.50image
MK 510/511Hymnus de Adventu Domini, Hymns for AdventScheidtSATBs$6.00image
CVP 10The Day that You Gave us, LordScholefield (Lindvall)SATB4s$5.00image
MK 51Little Christmas Music, CantataSchreyer3 vo, 2 recs$2.50image
FORAY PS98Singet dem Herrn ein neues LiedSchützSSAATTBBp & s$4.00image
CC067Brightest & Best, Carol Tunes from the American TraditionSeibertSATBp & s$16.00image
FORAY JACOBDa Jacob nu das Kleid ansahSenflATTBp & s$3.00image
MK 402Five Inventions on Christmas Carols (modern harmony)StockmeierAAAs$5.50image
AP 151Santa Claus BluesStraight & Kahn (Davis)SATB (TBGbCb)p & s$7.95image
EW 774Five Christmas CarolsSullivan (Wilgo)SATB p & s$20.00image
TR 94Psalm 1SweelinckSATB (TrTTB)p & s$11.00image
TR 83Psalms for Four voices, Vol. 1, Psalm 21, Psalm 128, Psalm 75 and Psalm 138SweelinckSATB (TrTTB)p & s$10.50image
TR 84Psalms for Four voices, Vol. 2, Psalm 121, Psalm 90, Psalm 96 and Psalm 23SweelinckSATB (TrTTB)p & s$10.50image
LMP 182Miserere Nostri DomineTallisSSTTTBB ssattbb vop & s$7.50image
ST 11505Nine Psalm TunesTallisSATB(vo)s$5.95image
LPM EML 252Sancte DeusTallisTTBB(4vo)4s$6.00image
LPM EMLV252Sancte Deus, Version for ViolsTallisTTBB(4vo)4s$7.75image
LPM EMLV3804 short motetsTavernerTrTB(3vo)3s$5.25image
LPM EML 3804 short motetsTaverner3vo(3i)3s$5.25image
TR 80Two Chamber Cantatas, Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt, Jauchzet, irh HimmelTelemannSA(sa) Bcp & s$7.00image
LPM EML 381Ave maris stella, 2 settingsTitelouze4i4s$6.00image
JE 12If it be Thy PleasureTobisSATBs$2.00image
TR 78Hymns for Four VoicesVictoriaATTB (TrTrTB)p & s$8.50image
LPM 5162 Christmas Hymns; Joseph, Lieber Joseph mein, Nun komm der Heiden HeilandWalter5vo, 5i7p & s$8.75image
ECS2083We Now Implore the Holy GhostWaltherSnSATBp & s$7.70image
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