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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
PAR 410Chaconne, L'Amour Medecin in two versionsLully (Robinson)SATTBgB/ATBBGbp & s$19.95image
LPM EML 2915 Dances from the Lumley BooksLumley BooksSATTB5s$7.00image
LPM GM 1Fantasia Innsbruck ich muss dich lassenLutkeman5i(5V)p & s$5.50image
PAN 305Flauto a cinqueMaaszSSAATs$17.50image
AMP 580Time and Time AgainMannekeSnATBcBp & s$36.00image
CRCS 376Concerto in c minorMarcello (Ayre)SATBGbp & s$14.00image
LMP 23Spring ReturnsMarenzioAAA(T)TBp & s$5.50image
MHE 90303Three Recorder BluesMarshallSATBBp & s$13.00image
P 483Oi dortnMauteATBGbCbp & s$10.50image
N2616Oskar und die coolen Koalas auf TourneeMauteSnSATB percp & s$32.50image
PRM 387On the Sunny Side of the StreetMcHugh (Barlow)SSATBp & s$14.00image
LPM VM 173 CanzoniMeruloSSATBp & s$7.50image
LPM EML 2972 PavansMico5i5s$5.50image
MK 440/441Four PavansMicoSSATBs$6.00image
N21863 MadrigaleMonteverdiSSATBs$24.00image
LPM RB 11The Kassel Pavan Collection, Vol. 1Moritz4-6is$13.25image
HARA 7Selected DancesMoritz der GelehrteSSATBp & s$13.00image
LPM EML 3822 canzonets (1597)Morley5i(5vo)5s$7.25image
LPM EML 2072 PavansMorley5i5s$5.50image
LPM TM 63Balletts, Selection IMorley5vo, 5i5s$12.00image
LPM TM 68Balletts, Selection IIMorley5vo, 5i5s$12.25image
MD 2Dainty, Fine, Sweet NymphMorleySSATBs$2.00image
MD 4Fire, Fire!MorleySSATBs$2.00image
5003DSThree Secular Songs(director's score)Morley5is$2.00image
PP 73Jelly Roll BluesMortonSSATBp & s$10.00image
PP 122Milenberg JoysMortonSATTBp & s$11.00image
PP 5Allegro Molto, from Divertimento No. 14, K. 270MozartSAATBp & s$7.25image
N4522Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, KV 525MozartSA(S)T(A)T(B)Bp & s$25.25image
HARA 1Non Piu AndraiMozartSAATBp & s$10.50image
LPM EML 254FantasiaMundySSATB5s$6.50image
LPM EM 17Two In NominesMundySATTBp & s$10.25image
LPM 523Intermerata Dei MaterOckeghem5vo, 5i7p & s$7.50image
LPM GM 4Six IntradasOrologioSSATB(TrTrTrTB)p & s$8.75image
TR 23Madrigals and Motets for 5 Voices, Vol. 1, Ogni Loco mi porge, Pulchra esPalestrinaATTTB(TrTnTnTnB)p & s$4.75image
LPM EML 1772 PiecesParsley5i5s$7.00image
HARA 79Spes NostraParsleySATTBp & s$13.00image
HAEE 7Parsley's Clock and Johnson's KnellParsley & JohnsonSSATB (TrTTTB) Bcp & s$16.95image
LPM EM 18De la CourtParsons5ip & s$8.00image
HARA 39First Folk Song SuitePennickSn(A)SATBp & s$9.50image
ST 11805Four Sea SongsPennick5is$6.95image
HARA 72The Cuckoo is a Pretty BirdPennickSnSATBp & s$9.50image
LMP 28Suite a 5, No. 2PezelSn(S)SATBp & s$7.75image
LPM EML 135Pavan & Galliard DolorosaPhillips5i5s$7.00image
LPM EML 104Pavan & Galliard Pagget + Aria del Gran DucaPhillips5i5s$7.00image
PP 181That's a PlentyPollack (Andresen)SAATBp & s$11.00image
LPM EML 201Paduana & GagliardaPoschSSATB5s$5.50image
PAN 801Paduana and Gagliarda EchoPoschSSATBp & s$14.40image
LPM EML 1057 GavottesPraetorius, M.SATTB5s$7.00image
LPM DM 12Dances from Terpsichore, Vol. IIPraetorius, M.5is$12.25image
LPM DM 14Dances from Terpsichore, Vol. IVPraetorius, M.SATTBs$12.25image
LPM DM 16Dances from Terpsichore, Vol. VI (parts)Praetorius, M.5ip & s$19.25image
PP 151Chaconne from DioclesianPurcellAATTBp & s$11.00image
LMP 211Fantasia Upon One Note, Z 745PurcellSSATB (TrTrTTB)p & s$9.95image
HARA 54Rondeau for Abdelazer/ Two Movements from Op. 6. No. 5Purcell/ StanleySSAATB/SSATBp & s$11.00image
LPM EML 1282 ChansonsRichafort5i(5vo)5s$5.50image
LPM EML 164Amar y no padecerRimonte5i(5vo)5s$6.50image
MHE 10911Arden DancesRobinsonSATTBp & s$28.00image
HARA 148A FlippancyRogersSSATBp & s$16.95image
LPM 522Susanne un JourRore5vo, 5i7p & s$6.50image
UE 30372Waiting for a BusRoseSAATBp & s$19.95image
ST 5098Sinfonien und GaillardenRossi5ip & s$20.95image
HARA 2Fossiles from Carnival of the AnimalsSaint-Saens (Lewin)SnSATBp & s$10.50image
DMP 613Concerto in FSammartini (Davey)S SATBp & s$12.00image
FL007DivertimentoSan MartinoSSATB(G)p & s$24.15image
ASC 485.6.7Trois ChansonsSatieSAATBp & s$15.00image
LPM GM 19Canzon a 5 super Cantionem BelgicamScheidtSSATB, TrTrTTB Bcp & s$10.50image
LPM GM 17Canzon a 5 super Cantionem Gallicam (Est-ce Mars)ScheidtSSATB, TrTrTTB Bcp & s$10.50image
LPM GM 18Canzon a 5 super Intradam AEthiopicamScheidtSSATB, TrTrTTB Bcp & s$10.50image
LPM GM 16Canzon a 5 super O Nachbar RolandScheidtSSATB, TrTrTTB Bcp & s$10.50image
HAEE 5Canzon a 5 super Cantionem BelgicamScheidt (Lewin, G.)SSATB (VVVaVaC) Bcp & s$14.95image
HAEE 3Canzon a 5 super Cantionem Gallicam Est-ce MarsScheidt (Lewin, G.)SSATB (VVVaVaC) Bcp & s$14.95n/a
LPM 564Amarilli ZartScheinSS(A)ATB Bc 5vop & s$9.75image
LPM GM 12Canzon a 5 (1615)ScheinSSATBp & s$10.50image
LPM TM 67Intradas and Lieder from VenuskrantzleinSchein5i(5vo)5s$12.25image
LPM EML 147Suite 15 (Banchetto Musicale)Schein5i5s$7.00image
LPM TM 39Suites 6 & 12 from Banchetto MusicaleSchein5i5s $12.25image
MK 458/459Two Suites from Banchetto musicaleScheinSS(A)TTBs$6.00image
PP 72Sonata ad tabulamSchmelzerSSATBp & s$13.50image
HARA 64Two Motets, Unser keiner lebet ihm selber and So fahr ich hinSchuetzSSATBp & s$10.50image
LPM EML 2302 Canonic SongsSenfl2vo3i(5i)5s$7.00image
LPM EML 1232 LiederSenfl5i5s$7.00image
LP ANS 2Missa PaschalisSenflSSATB, (TrTrTTB)p & s$26.00image
KTS 404Tandernack, with facsimileSenflSATTBp & s$8.00image
SMM100Prelude & Fugue No. 1 in D minorShannonSSATBp & s$7.50image
HARB 5The Winds of ChangeShortSAATBp & s$15.95image
SIEG01216 Variationen uber eine irische JigSiegSATTBp & s$34.00image
SIEG024Njagala Nnyimba, African Suite Nr. 17SiegSATTBp & s$32.00image
SIEG009Vitambo vya moyo, Afrikanische Suite No. 4, original for ATTBGbSiegATTBGbp & s$32.00image
MK 619Gagliarda und PavanenStadenSSATBs$4.00image
FL031Arkadische SzeneStaepsSATTBp & s$34.00image
MK 280RondelliStaepsSSAATs$5.00image
LPM EML 376Paduana and GalliardStephan & BatemanSSATB5s$5.50image
LPM EML 112Browning my dear & HackneyStonings & Woodcock5i(5Vdg)5s$7.00image
HARA 96O Sacrum ComviviumTallisSATTBp & s$11.00image
N3867Sonate d-Moll, TWV 44:32 transposedTelemann (Herrmann)SATTB(Gb/Cb)p & s$30.50image
N3870Suite C-Dur, TWV 55:D16Telemann (Herrmann)SATTBp & s$29.00image
MK 614/615Neue liebliche Paduanen, Intraden und GalliardenThesseliusSSATBs$8.00image
LPM EML 351Suite a 5Thesselius5i5s$6.50image
LPM EML 1702 PavansTomkinsSATTB5s$5.50image
PP 101Adieu, ye city-prisoning towersTomkinsSSATBsp & s$12.25image
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