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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
CM 1026Pavan, Galliard from Opusculum, 1610Tomkins, Simpson5is$2.75image
LMP 52Balla D'AmoreTregianSSATBp & s$6.50image
LPM IM 204 CanzoniTroilo5i (Bc)8p & s$13.25image
LPM EML 1292 In NominesTye5i(5Vdg)5s$7.00image
PP 164Come Away, DeathVaughan WilliamsSAATB5s$14.00image
PP 39Sweet Suffolk OwlVauterSSATBp & s$10.00image
LPM TM 38Songs & Dances from Selva di Varie RecreationeVecchi4-5i(5vo)5s$12.25image
AP 078SarabandaVivaldiATTBGbp & s$7.95image
LPM 560Hope of My HeartWard5vo, 5i6p & s$7.50image
M060029172Capriol Suite score and partsWarlockSAATBp & s$34.00image
M060029189Capriol Suite, Parts onlyWarlockSAAT(T)B6p$28.00image
LPM EML 3392 BallettsWeelkesSSTTB5s$6.50image
PP 143Hark, all ye lovely saintsWeelkesSSATBp & s$4.25image
LPM 538O Care, Thou Wilt Despatch MeWeelkesSSATB7p & s$7.00image
HARA 164O Mortal ManWeelkesSAATBp & s$12.95image
LPM EML 1592 VillanellesWert5i(5vo)5s$5.50image
LPM GM 9Canzonas and IntradasWidmann5ip & s$12.50image
MK 533/534Musicalischer Tugendtspiegel Gantz neuer GesangWidmannSSATB vos$7.75image
LPM 529Down in a ValleyWilbyeSSATB(5vo)p & s$9.75image
LPM 530There Where I SawWilbyeSSATB(5vo)p & s$7.00image
LPM 511Weep, weep, Mine EyesWilbye5vo(SSATB)p & s$6.00image
LPM TM 10Four ChansonsWilder5i(5vo)Vdgs$4.50image
LPM 519Helas, Ma MereWillaert5vo, 5i8p & s$6.50image
LPM EML 2842 Motto Motets from the Copenhagen MSWillaert, Presten5i5s$5.00image
LPM EM 1Browning FantasyWoodcock5i(TrTrTTB)p & s$5.50image
PCC 24Blow the wind southerly(Clark)SAATBp & s$7.75imageOut of stock
PP 3All Creatures NowBennetSSATBp & s$4.25n/aOut of stock
CRCS 322Allegro Assai (Fugato)Boyce (Ayre)SAATBp & s$14.00n/aOut of stock
AVP 34The Leaves be GreeneByrdSAATBp & s$6.50n/aOut of stock
MK 210Dances in the Polish and German Styles, Six DancesDemantiusSATTBs$5.00n/aOut of stock
FEM3213 English FolksongsEcclesTTTTB p & s$18.50imageOut of stock
FEM3225 Highland SongsEcclesSATTB (G) p & s$26.00imageOut of stock
ST 11504Second Set of Pieces, Pavan, Almayne, and AllemandaFerrabosco IISSATBs$5.95imageOut of stock
PP 50Dainty Fine BirdGibbonsSSTTBp & s$4.75n/aOut of stock
HARB 11Three Bird SongsGibbons, VauterSATTBp & s$13.50imageOut of stock
PP 85Come away, sweet loveGreavesSSATBvop & s$3.50n/aOut of stock
EMP 5005The EntertainerJoplinSnAATBp & s$7.00n/aOut of stock
PP 129See what a maze of errorKirbyeSSATBp & s$5.25imageOut of stock
LP SRS 3Emendemus in meliusMoralesATTTBp & s$11.00n/aOut of stock
MK 184Dances in Five Parts, Galliarde, Courante, GalliardeScheidtSSATBs$2.50n/aOut of stock
MK 362Suite XIII g minor from Banchetto musicaleScheinSA(S)T(A)TBs$5.00n/aOut of stock
MK 43Two Suites in Five PartsScheinSS(A)A(T)TBs$5.50n/aOut of stock
SMM140La Follia Variations for Recorder QuintetShannonSn/S,S/A,A/T,T/B,Bp & s$15.00imageOut of stock
PP 135See, see the shepherds' queenTomkinsSSATBp & s$4.75n/aOut of stock
UE 14033Sonata for Five Recorders, La ScalabrinaVitaliSSATBp & s$19.95n/aOut of stock
PP 53Flora gave me fairest flowersWilbyeSSATBp & s$4.75n/aOut of stock
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