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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
ST12292Dances from TerpsichoreHandelS Pfp $13.95image
MEM 2007Die Sonaten fur altblockflote und Bc, handwritten facsimileHandelA Bcs$24.00image
PP 19CDFour Sonatas, Opus 1/2,4,7,11, CDHandelA BcCD$15.00image
DOL 264Music for the Ballet at Covent Garden TheatreHandelS Bcp & s$12.00image
DOL 268Music for the Royal FireworksHandelA Pfp & s$10.50image
MK 692Music from The Musical EntertainerHandelA Bcs$5.00image
UE 19929Sonata F major for Treble Recorder after HWV 371HandelA Bcp & s$19.95image
DOL 222Sonata in B flat after HWV 363HandelA Bcp & s$7.00image
B 2002Sonata in C MajorHandelS(T,V,O) Bcp & s$5.00image
DOL 234Sonata in D minor after HWV 366HandelS Bcp & s$7.00image
DOL 228Sonata in D minor after HWV 374HandelA Bcp & s$7.50image
DOL 221Sonata in F after HWV 378HandelA Bcp & s$5.95image
UE 18745Sonata in F after HWV 378HandelA Bcp & s$9.95image
DOL 225Sonata in G minor after HWV 375HandelA Bcp & s$7.50image
G26612 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 1-4, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)A Bc3 s$29.00image
G26712 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 5-8, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)A Bc3 s$29.00image
G26812 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 9-12, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)A Bc3 s$29.00image
BA 4259Complete Sonatas for Treble Recorder & Continuo, HWV 360,362,365,369,377, & 367aHandel (Best)A Bcp & s$42.00image
ST 10062The Fitzwilliam Sonatas, HWV 377, movements assembled by Thurston Dart , 367aHandel (Dart)A Bcp & s$19.95image
OFB 41Four Sonatas for Treble Recorder, HWV 360, 362, 365, 369Handel (Hillemann)A(F,O,V)Bcp & s$16.95image
PP 54Sonata in A minor, Opus 1/4 HWV 362Handel (Kupferberg)A Bcp & s$7.25image
12-057150566XComplete Sonatas for Treble Recorder & Continuo, HWV 360,362,365,369,377,367aHandel (Lasoki/ Bergmann)A Bcp & s$22.25image
EP45524 Sonaten HWV 360, 362, 365, 369Handel (Woehl)A Bcp & s$18.75image
P0401Jazzin' 1HaverkateA Pfp & s$21.00image
M060032790Five CameosHealeyS Pfp & s$15.95image
MK1510Sonatine, Op. 48HeylA Pfp & s$12.00image
DOL 408Sax OriginalsHodgesS Pfp & s$10.50image
DOL 140Fourteen Dances for Recorder and KeyboardHolborneS Pfp & s$8.95image
ST 10108Sonata in G majorHookS Pfp & s$10.95image
DOL 106The James Hook Collection, Vol. IHookA Pfp & s$9.50image
ST 11719Four DancesHopkinsA Pfp & s$5.95image
ST 10339Suite (1953)HopkinsS Pfp & s$8.95image
BP 988Five Suites for Alto and Bc, op. 2/1-2HotteterreA Bcp & s$23.00image
BP 989Five Suites for Alto and Bc, op. 2/3-5HotteterreA Bcp & s$23.00image
HM 198Suite in e minor, Op. 5/2HotteterreA Bcp & s$22.00image
BP 787Vier Suiten fur Altblockflote, Op. 5/1-2HotteterreA Bcp & s$24.00image
BP 788Vier Suiten fur Altblockflote, Op. 5/3-4HotteterreA Bcp & s$25.00image
OFB 169Sonata brevis(1987)Hummel, B.A Pfp & s$10.95image
MK1503Five StudiesJacobiA Pfp & s$15.00image
1854726749Sounds Good! Five pieces for descant or treble recorder or flute with piano acc.JacquesS(A,F) Pf2p & s$11.00image
PAR 131Rags, Book 1 for soprano recorder and pianoJoplin (Robinson)S Pfp & s$14.50image
PAR 132Rags, Book 2 for alto recorder and pianoJoplin (Robinson)A Pfp & s$14.50image
MK1511Sonatine, Op. 9KelkelA Pfp & s$16.00image
MK 668/66912 Landler, op. 8KrahmerS Pfs$8.00image
MK 6476 Lander, op. 9KrahmerS Pfs$4.00image
DOL 204Concert Polonaise, Op. 5KrahmerA Pfp & s$9.75image
DOL 209Introduction & Variations Brillantes, Op. 23KrahmerS Pfp & s$7.00image
DOL 212Introduction & Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 32KrahmerS Pf (G)p & s$11.00image
DOL 211Rondeau Hongrois, Op. 28KrahmerS Pf(G)p & s$10.50image
DOL 205Rondo La Tyrolienne, Op 35KrahmerS Pfp & s$7.00image
DOL 207Variations Brillantes, Op. 18KrahmerS Pfp & s$10.75image
MK1532Four Minuets KupkovicS Bcp & s$18.00image
MK 502PartitiaKupkovicS(A) Pfs$2.50image
MK2506Ludus Juvenalis I Two CanzonasLechnerS Pfp & s$15.00image
OFB 1773 Jazzy TunesLindeA Pfp & s$13.95image
G 12.001For Several Friends, Bd. I: Suiten Nr. 1 and 2LockeS(T) Bcp & s$25.00image
G 12.002For Several Friends, Bd. II: Suiten Nr. 3 and 4LockeS(T) Bcp & s$25.00image
G 12.003For Several Friends, Bd. III: Suiten Nr. 5 and 6LockeS(T) Bcp & s$25.00image
G 12.004For Several Friends, Bd. IV: Suiten Nr. 7 and 8LockeS(T) Bcp & s$25.00image
DOL 235Two Suites 'For severall Freinds' pieces from No. 4 and 3LockeS Bcp & s$9.75image
BP 676Sechs Sonaten op. 3, Vol. I, No. 1-3Loeillet, J. BA Bcp & s$23.00image
BP 677Sechs Sonaten op. 3, Vol. II, No. 4-6Loeillet, J. B.A Bcp & s$23.00image
OFB 51Sonata F Major op. 3, No. 3Loeillet, J. B.A(F)Bcp & s$9.95image
N4027Sonata in A MinorLoeillet, J. B.S Bcp & s$7.75image
N4028Sonata in C MajorLoeillet, J. B.S Bcp & s$9.50image
MK1031Sonata in d minor, op. I, Nr. 8Loeillet, J. B. de GantA(F,O,V)Bcp & s$16.00image
OFB 58Sonate g minor, op 3, No. 3Loeillet, J. B. de GantA(F,O,V)Bcp & s$9.95image
BP 2485Twelve sonatas Op. 2, Vol. 1, Nos. 1-3Loeillet, J. B. de GantA Bcp & s$19.00image
BP 2486Twelve sonatas Op. 2, Vol. 2, Nos. 4-6Loeillet, J. B. de GantA Bcp & s$19.00image
BP 2487Twelve sonatas Op. 2, Vol. 3, Nos. 7-9Loeillet, J. B. de GantA Bcp & s$19.00image
BP 2488Twelve sonatas Op. 2, Vol. 4, Nos. 10-12Loeillet, J. B. de GantA Bcp & s$19.00image
BP 575Zwolf Sonaten, op. 1, Vol. 1, 1-3Loeillet, J. B. de GantA Bcp & s$19.00image
BP 576Zwolf Sonaten, op. 1, Vol. 2, 4-6Loeillet, J. B. de GantA Bcp & s$19.00image
BP 577Zwolf Sonaten, op. 1, Vol. 3, 7-9Loeillet, J. B. de GantA Bcp & s$22.00image
BP 578Zwolf Sonaten, op. 1, Vol. 4, 10-12Loeillet, J. B. de GantA Bcp & s$22.00image
LMP 133Suite: TheseeLullyS/A(F) Bcp & s$6.95image
EP9433Sonata 1ManciniA Bcp & s$20.00image
OFB 1036Sonata 10, b minorManciniA Bcp & s$14.95image
H 139Sonata No. 8 in G minorManciniA Bcp & s$6.50image
BP 863Zwölf Sonaten für Altblockflöte und Bc, No. 1-3ManciniA Bcp & s$25.00image
BP 864Zwölf Sonaten für Altblockflöte und Bc, No. 4-6ManciniA Bcp & s$27.00image
MK1126Zwolf Sonaten, Vol. 5, 9-10ManciniA Bcp & s$35.20image
11.225/00Les Folies d'Espagne, Variationen für Altblockflöte une GeneralbassMarais (Lind Höffer-von Winterfeld)A Bcp & s$15.00image
OFB 1753 Sonatas Opus 2, Nr. 1-3MarcelloA Bcp & s$24.95image
OFB 1763 Sonatas Opus 2, Nr. 4-6MarcelloA Bcp & s$24.95image
OFB 10003 Sonatas Opus 2, Nr. 9, 11, & 12MarcelloA Bcp & s$19.95image
HM 151Sonatas, Book 1, Sonata in F major Op. 2/1, Sonata in d minor Op. 2/11MarcelloA Bcp & s$20.00image
HM 142Sonatas, Book 2, Sonata in g minor Op. 2/3, Sonata in e minor Op. 2/4MarcelloA Bcp & s$20.00image
HM 152Sonatas, Op. 2, Vol. III, Nr. 6 & 7MarcelloA(F,V)Bcp & s$20.00image
OFB 63Sonate d minor Opus 2, Nr. 8MarcelloA Bcp & s$15.95image
MK15055 Melodien MartelliA Pfp & s$4.25image
PP 148Meditation from ThaisMassenetA Pfp & s$9.00image
DOL 602Ground after the Scotch HumorMatteisA Bcp & s$13.00image
DOL 602AGround after the Scotch Humour for soprano and continuoMatteisS Bcp & s$4.00image
UE 12571Suite in DMatteisS Pfp & s$9.95image
N2709 Sonata per flauto e pianoMauteA(F) Pfp & s$20.00image
MEM 1046Red Gardens' RosesMauteA Pfp & s$18.00image
MK1533Ikebana, Two Pieces for Alto Recorder and PianoMedekA Pfp & s$17.00image
MK1612A Straw in the Wind, with CDMeijeringT Pfp & s CD$16.00image
ZR 166Sonata IV from opus 2MercyA Bcp & s$5.00image
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