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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
N4521Solo Album, variations and SonatasHerrmannAs$24.00image
GB4618L'Art de Preluder, FacsimileHotteterre A, Fs$55.00image
DOL 502Preludes & TraitsHotteterreAs$9.75image
OFB 12648 PreludesHotteterre (Doflein/Delius)As$18.95image
N2199A Vade MecumHudgebutAs$11.50image
ZR 143Black Intention (modern technique)IshiiS gongs$21.00image
MK1553Voetnoot 1 for Soprano recorder or PiccoloJanessenSs$8.00image
MK1595KlangRede (modern technique)Kawakami1 rec, perc.s$8.00image
MEM 1100Rokudan no shirabeKengyoTs$18.00image
MK112112 Divertimenti (1822) with tiny facsimileKrahmerSs$16.00image
LMP 6418 Studies, op. 1KrahmerAs$7.75image
MK113140 Progressive Exercises, Op. 1KrahmerSs$18.00image
DOL 51150 Studies, (Csakan-Schule, Op. 31)KrahmerSs$9.75image
DOL 510Fantasia, Op. 31KrahmerSs$5.50image
DOL 210Original Potpourri, Op. 3KrahmerSs$6.00image
DOL 206Souvenir a la SuisseKrahmerSs$6.25image
SP 2328Twelve Divertimenti for Solo CzakanKrahmerAs$5.00image
DOL 215Two Original Themes with Variations, from Op. 24KrahmerSs$6.25image
PBE 45Eliyahu Ha-Navi, Divisions and Tango on a Jewish ThemeKrainisAs$8.95image
MK2558Echo des Schweigens, 8 Miniaturen (modern technique)LechnerSs$8.00image
MK1526Footprints in the Sand (modern technique)LechnerS(T)s$8.00image
MK 436Traum und Tag, Dream and Day, Twelve impressionsLechnerSs$2.50image
MK2508Varianti for Tenor Recorder (modern technique)LechnerTs$12.00image
MK2546Vom andern Stern, From another Star, 20 epigrams (modern technique)LechnerSs$10.00image
MK2809Big BaboonLeenhoutsTs$12.00image
AMP 130DaidoLeenhoutsA(B)p & s$20.00image
OFB 133Amarilli mia bella Hommage to van Eyck (1973)LindeS(A,B)s$14.95image
ST 8250Basel Recorder BookLindeS/A/T/Bs$16.95image
1.2404Four CapricesLindeAs$2.80image
OFB 48Music for a BirdLindeAs$15.99image
OFB 156Recorder Virtuoso Solo Pieces (1983)LindeAs$8.95image
OFB 165Una Folia nuovaLindeAs$10.95image
G 12.031Small Evening Party, Kleine AbendgesellschaftLischkaT (S)s$18.00image
MK 559Waldeinsamkeit LolkesAs$2.50image
MK 469Flauto Solo, Three Little SuitesMaaszS (T)s$2.00image
LMP 183Trois Lais MonophoniqueMachautvo Is$8.25image
PRM 415too much information a solo for tenor recorderMackieTs$9.75image
MK 550Improvvisazione per Flauto SoloMatuszczakSs$2.50image
BP 8126 Soli per FlautoMauteAs$20.00image
ASC 344How I Love You, Sweet Folia!MauteTs$8.50image
MEM 1054La Finette, Le DanseurMauteA(B)s$15.00image
ASC 343La Petite EtudeMauteB(T)s$8.25image
MEM 1058More Turtle TunesMauteS(T)s$18.00image
ASC 38AOnce There was a ChildMauteAs$8.00image
11.609.00Sechs Fantasien für SopranblockflöteMauteSs$12.00image
MEM 1053Turtle TunesMauteS(T)s$17.00image
BVP 1622'T Konstigh SpeeltooneelMeyerS(T)s$12.00image
PAR 103Airs de Danse, Nouvelle Method pour Apprende la Musique (1709), optional BcMonteclair (Robinson)As$19.95image
00-H2815 Songs from Mozart OperasMozartAs$4.95image
MK1602Sisyphos (modern technique)Muller-HornbachAs$8.00image
MK 484Seven PhasesNobisAs$2.50image
MK1578Memoria (modern technique)PolacchiAs$10.00image
PAN 265The Modern Musick-Master, London 1731,Vol. 2PrelleurS(T)s$7.20image
BP 387CapricenQuantzAs$20.00image
DOL 513Solos from the Giedde CollectionQuantzAs$8.00image
OFB 204Fantasien und CapricenQuantz (Heyens)As$17.95image
ST12148Caprices and FantasiasQuantz (Zweers)As$16.95image
OFB 180MeditationenRegnerAs$12.95image
MK1594Fiddlesticks, Op. 2Roberts-James1 recs$15.00image
MK 730Variations on DaphneRoberts-JamesA(S)s$7.00image
11.601Bass BurnerRoseBA gongs$11.00image
UE 30214I'd Rather be in PhiladelphiaRoseAs$16.95image
11.605Medieval NightsRoseTs$9.00image
N2583The Bird and the DonkeyRoseS/As$11.00image
11.608This and ThatRoseS(Sn)s$9.00image
FEB004JazzySchulyS (G)s$13.50image
RS 9Recorder Studies 9ShannonAS$10.00image
RCE 14Sonata and RomanzaSt. George Tucker, TuiAs$2.75image
OFB 95Virtuose SuiteStaepsA(F)s$13.95image
MK1544Ave Maria Zart, Op. 54 (modern technique)SteffensSs$5.00image
1.2840Meadow, Hedge, CuckooSterneAs$6.25image
LMP 123Six GalopsStrauss, Sr.; JohannA(F)s$4.95image
DOL 50312 Fantasias TWV 40:2-13, transposedTelemannAs$9.00image
BP 42512 Fantasien TWV 40:2-13 transposedTelemannAs$16.00image
AL 27179Twelve New Fantasias TWV 40:14-25, tramsposedTelemann (Veilham)As$30.00image
MK1586Three Bagatellen (modern technique)ThomasTs$15.00image
RS 10Recorder Studies, Vol. 10, 8 solos, modern techniqueThornA S vos$10.00image
11.603.00Songs for my father's weddingThornB vos$10.50image
MK2561The Voice of the CrocodileThornBs$14.00image
MK1567Charavgi for Renaissance altoTsoupakiAs$10.00image
52403844Les Nations en Folies ou l'Esprit des EcolesVeilhanA(SnS)s$18.95image
ZM 35590... and cut!WernerS SSs$17.95image
28031Selections from Harry Potter for RecorderWilliams & DoyleSs$6.99image
MK1560Rastermodell II (modern technique)WitzenmannA s$10.00image
M202517468Chinese Pictures for Recorder 1993Yunis$20.00image
MM 18American Folksongs from the Southern Mountains(Bixler)As$3.00imageOut of stock
MM 15Folksongs from England(Bixler)Ss$3.00imageOut of stock
FOS 03Music of the Native North American(Chazanoff)F(S,T,A)s$9.95imageOut of stock
UE 17132Medieval Songs and Dances(Coles)S(T,V,F,O)s$13.95imageOut of stock
20977Solos for the soprano recorder, Collection 1, African-American & Jamaican(Kimberling)Ss$9.95n/aOut of stock
21675Solos for the soprano recorder, Collection 7, Melodies by Women composers(Kimberling)Ss$14.99n/aOut of stock
OMB 33An Irish Tunebook, Part 1(Loesberg)A(V)s$11.95imageOut of stock
LMP 116Three Centuries of Monophonic Dances(Loux)is$10.95imageOut of stock
ST 5240Solo Book for Soprano Recorder, Vol. I(Runge)Ss$9.95imageOut of stock
FZZ03Pieces for Solo Recorder, Vol. 1(Turner)Sn/S/A/Ts$20.00imageOut of stock
FZZ04Pieces for Solo Recorder, Vol. 2(Turner)Sn/S/A/Ts$20.00imageOut of stock
FZZ17Pieces for Solo Recorder, Vol. 3(Turner)Sn/S/A/Ts$22.75imageOut of stock
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