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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
LPM EML 216The Consort Music for 3 InstrumentsByrd3i3s$9.75image
WB 3Three Part Consort MusicByrdTrTBp & s$16.00image
CMP 446Nouveautes de CaixCaix d'HerveloisVdg Bcp & s$11.00image
GP 1Mr. Carolo, 10 Sonatas for 2 bass viols and Bc, Joy Dobson CalligraphyCarolo (Rogers)BB Bc2p$42.00image
LPM EMLV2995 Rondeaux, Version for ViolsCaronTrTB3s$8.50image
LPM EML 1683 FantasiesCaurroy3i3s$6.00image
LPM EMLV2232 Canzoni da sonar, Version for ViolsCima, A.TrTrTB4s$5.25image
LPM EMLV1623 Chansons, Version for ViolsCompereTrTB3s$5.25image
JC 4Fantasias of Four PartsCoprarioTrTTBp & s$22.00image
JC 3Seven Fantasias of Three PartsCoprarioTrTBp & s$20.00image
JC 2BSix Fantasias for the Tenor and Bass ViolCoprarioTBp & s$15.00image
JC 2ASix Fantasias for Treble and Tenor ViolCoprarioTrTp & s$10.00image
VC045The Six-Part PiecesCoprario6i TrTrTTTBp & s$25.00image
VDGS 6Twelve FanciesCoprarioBB Organp & s$18.00image
EBA21072 Sonaten, für 2 Viole da gamba und Bc, oder 3 Viole da gambaCorbettTTB Bcp & s$29.95image
UHS1002 Concerts a deux ViolesCouperinBBs$17.50image
VC029Consort Music for Three ViolsCranfordTrTrB/ TrTBp & s$10.00image
VC031Consorts of Five PartsCranfordTrTrTTBp & s$19.00image
VC027Six Fantasias for Six ViolsCranfordTrTrTTBBp & s$28.00image
LPM EMLV1342 Chansons, Version for ViolsCrecquillonTrTrTTB5s$7.00image
CMP 406Variations sur Les Folies d'Espagned'AnglebertBBBp & s$9.00image
CMP 459Sonate l'Inconnuede la BarreVdg Bcp & s$9.00image
LPM EMLV1194 Rondeaux, Version for violsde la HalleTrTT3s$7.25image
VDGS 4Suites 1-8de MachyBs$10.50image
LPM GM 2Fifteen Dances, (1601) German and Polish DancesDemantiusTrTrTTBp & s$14.75image
VC019Eight FantasiasDeringTrTrTTBp & s$25.00image
VC024Six Fantasias for Six ViolsDeringTrTrTTBBp & s$27.00image
VC012Two In NominesDeringTrTrTTBBp & s$12.00image
VDGS 64Premiere Suite Op. 2DolleVdg Bcp & s$22.95image
CMP 4487 Sinfonie à 5Duarte, L.TrTrTTBp & s$22.00image
VDGS 8Four SuitesDuBuissonVdgs$9.95image
VDGS 49BThirteen Suites Vol. IIDubuissonVdgp$11.50image
LPM EMLV1914 Italian Songs, Version for ViolsDufayTrTT3s$7.50image
VDGS 39The Symphonias, Pavanes and AllemandesDuMontTrTrTB Bcp & s$11.25image
VDGS 43Ayerie FanciesEastTrTrTBp & s$15.00image
LPM TM 64Nine Pieces (the Fift Set of Bookes)East3i3s$9.50image
TR 59Songs full of Spirit and Delight, Vol. I, Fifth set of books, 1618EastTrTrTn(B) (TTB)p & s$8.50image
TR 60Songs full of Spirit and Delight, Vol. II, Fifth set of books, 1618EastTrTrTn(B) (TTB)p & s$8.00image
TR 61Songs full of Spirit and Delight, Vol. III, Fifth set of books, 1618EastTrTrTn(B) (TTB)p & s$8.50image
VDGS 50Two Part Fancies, or DuosEastBBp & s$14.00image
LPM 548Susanna FairFarnabyTrTrTB (4vo)6p & s$7.50image
CMP 426The Hexachord Fantasies in 4 and 5 partsFerrabosco IITrTTB, TrTrTTBp $21.00image
CMP 410-412The Six Part Works, Fantasias 1-10, Almandes 1 Ferrabosco IITrTrTTBBp$30.00image
LPM EML 3532 Contrapunti sopra il canto fermo (La Spagna)Festa, C.3i3s$5.50image
EW 542PastoralleFingerVdgVdg2s$20.00image
VDGS 18SonatinaFingerBBp & s$5.00image
VDGS 24Suites (E minor & D Major)FingerBBp & s$8.00image
LPM EMLV275Five Pieces, from Trium Vocum Carmina, Version for ViolsFormschneyderTrTB3s$7.50image
IRCS 23ACanzoni à Due Bassi, Vol. 1FrescobaldiBB Organp & s$8.00image
IRCS 23BCanzoni à Due Bassi, Vol. 2FrescobaldiBB Organp & s$8.00image
FUX004Canon a 2 viole di Gamba in G minor, revisedFuxVdgVdg Bcp & s$16.00image
LPM EMLV365Chi'nde dara la bose, Version for ViolsGabrieli, A.TTB3s$5.50image
UHS 72Works for Viol, from Regola Ruberina and Lettione SecondaGanassiVdgs$17.50image
OG 3GBFantasia of Three Parts for Treble, Bass, and Great BassGibbonsTrBGbp & s$25.00image
OG 4Four Part Consort MusicGibbonsTrTBBp & s$25.00image
OG 5In Nomines and Pavan of Five PartsGibbonsTrTrTT(B)Bp & s$27.00image
OG 3Nine Fantasias of Three PartsGibbonsTrTBp & s$22.00image
N4081Six Fancies for Two Treble InstrumentsGibbonsTrTrs$5.50n/a
OG 2Six Fantasias for Two TreblesGibbonsTrTrp & s$15.00image
OG 2TNSix Fantasias for Two TenorsGibbonsTTp & s$15.00image
OG 6Six-Part Consort MusicGibbonsTrTrTTBBp & s$40.00image
LPM EMLV34711 pieces from the Glogauer Liederbuch, Version for ViolsGlogauer LiederbuchTrTB3s$7.50image
VDGS 2Twelve AirsGortonBB(CC)2s$9.00image
G225Sonate C Major, GraunWV A:XVII:1GraunVdg Bcp & s $29.00image
EBA2135Fantasie Con le Partitte à 2 Violadagambe, vier Suiten für zwei BassgambenGreckeBBp & s$25.00image
VDGS 42Two Suites (D Major & E Major)GreckeBBp & s$12.50image
B017The Complete Works for Solo Viola da GambaHacquartBs$12.00image
BCMS 31Sonata in A Dur for viola da gamba and basso continuoHammerVdg Bcp & s$12.00image
BCMS 32Sonatta à Viola da Gamba, Nr. 5 D DurHammerVdg Bcp & s$11.00image
G27012 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 5-8, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)B Bc3 s$29.00image
G27112 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 9-12, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)B Bc3 s$29.00image
VDGS 26Sonata Op. 1, No. 4HardtVdg Bcp & s$13.95image
KM 2Six Sonatas for Bass Viols, Solo parts and continuoHely (Graham-Jones)BBB(Bc)p$20.00image
LPM EMLV1712 Passamezzi, Version for ViolsHessenTrTrTTT(B)B6s$7.00image
VDGS 41Suite in A from Premier Livre de Suites de Pièces, 1701HeudelinneTr(V) Bcp & s$10.00image
VC022Fantasia Suites for Two Violins, Bass Viol, and OrganHingestonVVB Organp & s$28.00image
VC020Fantasia-Suites for Three ViolsHingestonTrTB Organp & s$35.00image
VDGS 38Fourteen Fantasias & AirsHingestonBBBp & s$11.00image
VC006Suites for Five Viols (old and Revised)HingestonTrTrTTB Organp & s$50.00image
VC025Suites for Two Treble Viols(Violins), Bass Viol, and OrganHingestonTrTr(VV)B Organp & s$28.00image
VC014The Fantasy-Suites for Four ViolsHingestonTrTrBB Organp & s$40.00image
LPM EMLV1202 La Spagna Settings, Version for ViolsIsaac & de la TorreTrTB3s$5.25image
VC011Ayres for Two Bass ViolsIvesBB2s$16.00image
VDGS 3Divisions in a minorJenkinsTrB Organp & s$10.00image
VDGS 15Divisions in g minor, Divisions in C majorJenkinsBB Organp & s$7.00image
VDGS 7Six Airs and Divisions for Two Bass Viols & KeyboardJenkinsBB Organp & s$14.00image
VC017Three-Part Airs, Vol. 1, Airs in G major and e minorJenkinsTrTrB Bcp & s$23.00image
VC021Three-Part Airs, Volume II, Airs in a minor and D majorJenkinsTrTrB Bcp & s$28.00image
VC028Three-Part Airs, Volume III, Airs in g minor and C majorJenkinsTrTrB Bcp & s$28.00image
VC089Twenty-Four Consorts arranged for TrTBJenkinsTrTB3p$35.00image
VC089BTwenty-Four Consorts arranged for TrTB, Barless versionJenkinsTrTB3p$35.00image
VC010Two Fantasia-SuitesJenkinsTr(V)B Organp & s$30.00image
VDGS 14Four DuosJenkins, Whyte & ColemanBB2s$8.00image
LPM EMLV1992 Italian Songs, Version for ViolsJosquinTrTTB4s$6.00image
CL 017Canons and Fugues arranged for Viol QuartetKlengelTrTrTB/ TrTTB/ TrTBBp & s$30.00image
VC084The Krebs Cycle, Eight Fugues arranged for Viol QuartetKrebs or Bach, J. S.TrTT(B)Bp & s$18.00image
VDGS 20Sonata No. 2 (1678)KühnelBB Bcp & s$10.00image
B055Three Partitas a 2, Vol. II: IV a min., V Serenata c dorian, VI Echo C Maj.KuhnelBB Bcp & s$20.00image
B054Three Sonatas a 2, Vol. I: I F maj., II e min., III g dorianKuhnelBB Bcp & s$26.00image
VDGS 45Two SuitesLawesTrTrBBp & s$8.90image
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