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JC 2ASix Fantasias for Treble and Tenor ViolCoprarioTrTp & s$10.00imageOut of stock
VC029Consort Music for Three ViolsCranfordTrTrB/ TrTBp & s$10.00imageOut of stock
LPM EMLV1342 Chansons, Version for ViolsCrecquillonTrTrTTB5s$6.50n/aOut of stock
LPM EMLV1914 Italian Songs, Version for ViolsDufayTrTT3s$11.75imageOut of stock
LPM EMLV365Chi'nde dara la bose, Version for ViolsGabrieli, A.TTB3s$5.50imageOut of stock
OG 4Four Part Consort MusicGibbonsTrTBBp & s$25.00imageOut of stock
OG 3Nine Fantasias of Three PartsGibbonsTrTBp & s$22.00imageOut of stock
OG 6Six-Part Consort MusicGibbonsTrTrTTBBp & s$40.00imageOut of stock
EBA2135Fantasie Con le Partitte à 2 Violadagambe, vier Suiten für zwei BassgambenGreckeBBp & s$44.00n/aOut of stock
FE13spThe Five-Part Consort Music, Volume ILupoTrTrTTBp & s$50.00n/aOut of stock
FE09spThe Six-Part Consort MusicLupoTrTrTTBBp & s$50.00n/aOut of stock
LOMM S1Pieces en Trio, Suite 1 in F major, transcribed from suite C Major, transposedMarais (Shortridge)BBB3s$15.00n/aOut of stock
LOMM S3Pieces en Trio, Suite 3 in F major, transcribed from suite D Major, transposedMarais (Shortridge)BBB3s$15.00n/aOut of stock
LOMM S4Pieces en Trio, Suite 4 in F major, transcribed from suite Bfl Major,transposedMarais (Shortridge)BBB3s$15.00n/aOut of stock
LOMM S5Pieces en Trio, Suite 5 in a minor, transcribed from suite e minor, transposedMarais (Shortridge)BBB3s$15.00n/aOut of stock
LOMM S6Pieces en Trio, Suite 6 in g minor, transcribed from suite c minor, transposedMarais (Shortridge)BBB3s$15.00n/aOut of stock
LPM EMLV341Rondeaux & Virelais, Version for ViolsOckeghem3vo(3i)3s$11.75n/aOut of stock
LPM EMLV1754 Tenorlieder, Version for ViolsSenflTrTTB4s$6.00imageOut of stock
LPM EMLV2052 Chansons of Clement Marot, Version for ViolsSermisyTrTTB(vo,L)5s$6.00imageOut of stock
CMP 427GSonata in g minor, TWV 41:fis 2TelemannVdg Bcp & s$10.50n/aOut of stock
LPM EMLV1702 Pavans, Version for ViolsTomkinsTrTrTTB5s$6.50imageOut of stock
TT 5Five-Part FantasiasTomkinsTrTrTnTnBp & s$13.00imageOut of stock
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