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VC057Italian Ricercars and Canzonas for Viols in Four Parts, Vol. 2AnthologyTrTTBp & s$35.00imageOut of stock
LPM EMLV245La Martinella (4 settings), Version for ViolsAnthologyTrTB3s$8.50n/aOut of stock
CMP 433Trios from 1600AnthologyTrT(Tr)Bp & s$11.00imageOut of stock
EW 888Drei sonaten BWV 1027-1029, FacsimileBach, J. S.Vdg Hp & s$48.00imageOut of stock
VC090Fourteen Trios arranged for TrTB, BWV 789, 788, 790, 793, 798, 800, 791Bach, J. S.TrTBp & s$18.00imageOut of stock
BEVJ. S. Bach Excerpts for Viola da GambaBach, J. S.Vdgs$15.00imageOut of stock
CC015Eight Canonic DuetsBishopBBp & s$15.00imageOut of stock
FE04sp2, 3 and 4 parts: scores and partsCoprario2-4 Vdg9p & 3s$65.00n/aOut of stock
VC029Consort Music for Three ViolsCranfordTrTrB/ TrTBp & s$10.00imageOut of stock
VC031Consorts of Five PartsCranfordTrTrTTBp & s$19.00imageOut of stock
VC027Six Fantasias for Six ViolsCranfordTrTrTTBBp & s$28.00imageOut of stock
VC024Six Fantasias for Six ViolsDeringTrTrTTBBp & s$27.00imageOut of stock
LPM TM 64Nine Pieces (the Fift Set of Bookes)East3i3s$9.50imageOut of stock
EW 455Curiosa and IntradaFingerBBp & s$23.00imageOut of stock
SARGANASSIRegola Rubertina and Lettione SecondaGanassi (Bodig)Vdgs$32.00imageOut of stock
G26912 Kasseler Sonaten, No. 1-4, 1 score with realizationHandel (attributed)B Bc3 s$29.00imageOut of stock
VC017Three-Part Airs, Vol. 1, Airs in G major and e minorJenkinsTrTrB Bcp & s$23.00imageOut of stock
VC021Three-Part Airs, Volume II, Airs in a minor and D majorJenkinsTrTrB Bcp & s$28.00imageOut of stock
0571505619Consort Sets in Five and Six Parts, Part setLawes (Pinto)TrTrTT(B)B Org7 p$76.25imageOut of stock
0571504809Consort Sets in Five and Six Parts, ScoreLawes (Pinto)TrTrTT(B)B Orgs$60.25imageOut of stock
FE22SP4 part Consort Music, score and partsLupoTrTTB,TrTrTB,TrTrBB4p & s$40.00imageOut of stock
FE13spThe Five-Part Consort Music, Volume ILupoTrTrTTBp & s$50.00n/aOut of stock
FE09spThe Six-Part Consort MusicLupoTrTrTTBBp & s$50.00n/aOut of stock
LOMM S1Pieces en Trio, Suite 1 in F major, transcribed from suite C Major, transposedMarais (Shortridge)BBB3s$15.00n/aOut of stock
LOMM S3Pieces en Trio, Suite 3 in F major, transcribed from suite D Major, transposedMarais (Shortridge)BBB3s$15.00n/aOut of stock
LOMM S4Pieces en Trio, Suite 4 in F major, transcribed from suite Bfl Major,transposedMarais (Shortridge)BBB3s$15.00n/aOut of stock
LOMM S5Pieces en Trio, Suite 5 in a minor, transcribed from suite e minor, transposedMarais (Shortridge)BBB3s$15.00n/aOut of stock
LOMM S6Pieces en Trio, Suite 6 in g minor, transcribed from suite c minor, transposedMarais (Shortridge)BBB3s$15.00n/aOut of stock
VC039CSeven Fantasias and Almaines a6 with Organ, Set of score and part booksPeersonTrTrTTBB Organp & s$50.00imageOut of stock
G169Les Surprises de l'amourRameau/ HesseBB Harpsichordp & s$30.00imageOut of stock
VC035Four Fantasias of Five PartsRavenscroftTrTrTTBp & s$20.00imageOut of stock
LPM EMLV164Amar y no padecer, Version for ViolsRimonteTrTrTTB5s$6.50imageOut of stock
EW 984The Ruffo Music Book, 11 Sonatas and Sinfonias, Band 1, I-VRuffoB Bcp & s$30.00imageOut of stock
U HS 84Tombeau Les Regrets (XLIV), Le Retour (XLI), La Bourrasque (XXVII)Sainte-ColombeBBs$16.50imageOut of stock
B004Two Sonatas for Two Bass ViolsSchenckBB2p$22.00imageOut of stock
LPM EMLV1754 Tenorlieder, Version for ViolsSenflTrTTB4s$6.00imageOut of stock
VDGS 32DThe Seasons: WinterSimpson, C.TrBB Organp & s$25.00imageOut of stock
CMP 427GSonata in g minor, TWV 41:fis 2TelemannVdg Bcp & s$10.50n/aOut of stock
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