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Item NumberTitleComposerInstrumentationPartsPriceSee ItBuy It
LPM EML 245La Martinella (4 settings)Anthology3iB3s$7.75image
PAN 226Lasst singen die Floten, Swiss songsAnthologySAT(B)s$3.00image
LPM RB 7Madrigali e VillanelleAnthology3is$8.75image
LPM EML 155T'Andernaken (2 settings)Anthology3i3s$6.00image
TR 38Three-Part English MadrigalsAnthologyTTB (TrTrB)s$4.75image
TR 97Trios Selected from Virginia Harmony, 12 TunesAnthologyTTB (TrTrB)3 s$14.00image
LPM EML 2408 Pieces from the Apel CodexApelSTB3s$7.75image
LPM EML 3054 Chansons a 3Arcadelt3vo(3i)3s$6.50image
LPM EM 8Hugh Ashton's MaskeAshton3iBp & s$9.00image
TR 40Incantations for the Solar YearAytonSATp & s$7.25image
TR 43Settings of Songs of the British IslesAytonSAT(TrTB)s$5.00image
BP 2323Trio in B flat major, Wq 85Bach, C. P. E.AAAp & s$17.00image
N3936Wind Symphonies Nos. 4-6Bach, J. C. (Herrmann)ATBp & s$24.00image
HARA 152Trio super Allein Gott, TWV 664Bach, J. S,ATBp & s$13.50image
TR 15 Prelude and AllegroBach, J. S.ATBp & s$4.75image
PBE 329 Pieces from the Anna Magdalena Bach BookBach, J. S.SAT2s$8.95image
SP 2356Bach for Three RecordersBach, J. S.SATs$4.95image
MK 704BadinerieBach, J. S.SATs$7.00image
UE 31480Eight Little Three-Part PiecesBach, J. S.SA(T)Bp & s$19.95image
PP 84Fuga II, from The Well Tempered Clavier, Vol. 1Bach, J. S.ATBp & s$9.00image
PP 89Fuga XXI, from Well Tempered Clavier, Vol. IBach, J. S.ATGbp & s$9.50image
MK 135Hausmusik mit Johann Sebastian Bach, 9 short piecesBach, J. S.SATs$5.50image
UE 31473Rondeau, Bourree, Menuet, Badinerie from Orchestra Suite No. 2, BWV 1067Bach, J. S. (Beutler)ATBp & s$16.95image
MK 733Praeludium BWV 873Bach, J. S. (Nitz)ATBs$6.25image
HARA 165Trio super Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu ich wend, BWV 655Bach, J. S. (Ring)ATBp & s$10.50image
PDL 07Three Trios, BWV 585, 586, and 587Bach, J. S. after FaschSSBp & s$15.00image
N3919Trio F-DurBach, W. F. E. (Herrmann)ATBp & s$17.25image
LPM EM 14Two PiecesBaldwyn3i(3vo)p & s$8.75image
TR 2Old Scottish SongsBarsantiSATs$4.75image
1.2227Hungarian Folk Song SettingsBartokSATs$8.30image
LPM IM 11Fantasie a tre vociBassano3is$13.50image
LMP 3The NightingaleBatesonSSAs$1.75image
MK 271Divertimento, Op. 60, No. 3BaumannSSAs$3.00image
ETF2067Chips N ChocolateBeutlerATBp & s$18.00image
MK 720/721The Great PumpkinBeutlerAABs$8.00image
LMP 48Browning for 3BevinATBp & s$3.50image
LPM EML 2158 ChansonsBinchois3i(3vo)3s$7.50image
LPM EML 1836 FantasiesBlankes3i3s$8.00image
MK2522Concentus for three recorder players (modern technique)Bornefeld3r3s$22.00image
MK 688St. Margaret's SuiteBreenSATs$5.50image
M060013898Alpine SuiteBrittenSSAs$17.95image
PRM 30Triple FippleBullardATBp & s$11.75image
SP 2320Four Trios(1592)BuonaSSTs$2.50image
LPM IM 7Seven FantasiesBuonaTTB(VVVa)s$8.50image
CC023Seven Ghostly FanciesBurfordSATs$5.00image
MK 492/493New Moods for FlutesBuschmannSSAs$6.00image
LPM EML 1745 French SongsBusnois3i(3vo)3s$9.75image
LPM EK 4ATen French Songs of the 15th CenturyBuxheim Organ Book, Vol. 13i(3vo)s$8.75image
FEM222Kanon, BuxWV 124, Canzonetta BuxWV 167BuxtehudeATB3s$12.50image
LPM EML 354Susanna FairByrd3vo(3i)3s$5.50image
ST 11545Two Fantasies for three recordersByrdSATs$7.95image
RFS 36Dorian Weave: Two American Tunes, Wondrous Love, Lonesome ValleyBytherSATs$2.00image
DM 1381Trio op. 2/1Call (Tarasov)AAAp & s$45.00image
LPM EML 2995 RondeauxCaron3vo(3i)3s$7.50image
LPM TM 12Five Chansons (1575)Castro3vo, 3i3s$9.50image
LPM EML 2582 Ricercari (1551)Cavazzoni + Anon.3i3s$5.25image
AP 106Tangos for BassesCervantes (Davis)BBGbp & s$7.95image
PBE 47A Charlton Sampler for Three, Selections from Folk SuitesCharlton3is$9.95image
JR 25American Patriotic SongsCharltonSATs$11.00image
PBE 23An American PotpourriCharltonSATs$6.95image
JR 24Gilbert and Sullivan RevisitedCharltonSATs$11.00image
JR 29Ireland Forever!CharltonSATs$13.95image
JR 10Merrie Old England, Traditional Music of 16th,17th cCharltonSATs$10.00image
PBE 16Suite AmericanaCharltonATBs$6.95image
PBE 10Suite CanadianaCharltonSATp & s$5.95image
PBE 12Suite FrancaiseCharltonSATp & s$6.25image
JR 7Suite HibernicaCharltonSATp & s$14.00image
PBE 44Suite ModerneCharltonATB3s$9.95image
MK 424Souterliedekens, Psalmi NeerlandiciClemens Non PapaSSAs$5.00image
LPM EML 1623 ChansonsCompere3vo(3i)3s$6.00image
MK 520Pieces for ThreeCookeSATs$3.50image
MK 412Sonatina for recorder trioCookeSATs$5.95image
MK 404/405Zwei Fantasien, Two FantasiesCoperarioSATs$8.75image
PBE 40Six Trio SonatasCorelliATB3s$12.95image
ST 4101Selected PiecesCorelli (Giesbert)SSAs$10.95image
N3966Trio F-DurCorelli (Herrmann)AATp & s$14.25image
LPM EML 2284 Instrumental PiecesCornysh & othersSTB3s$8.50image
AP 097Four Bass TriosCornysh, Purcell, Morley, HandelBBB3s$7.95image
UE 12554Les Fauvetes PlaintivesCouperinSATs$8.95image
AP 081Variations sur les Folies d'Espagned'AnglebertTTBp & s$7.95image
LPM TM 41Nine Villanelleda Nola3i3s$8.00image
LPM TM 41ANine Villanelleda Nola3is$4.25image
MK 841/842Le CoucouDaquin (Rosin)SABp & s$10.00image
LPM EML 1194 Rondeauxde la HalleAAT3s$5.25image
TR 96Sonata a 3 DessusDornelAAT, 3 pardessusp & s$8.00image
TR 41Sonata Op. 3, No. 4DornelATB(Bc)p & s$6.00image
TR 5Sonata Op. 3, No. 7, Third editionDornelATBp & s$11.00image
DOL 322Two SonatasDornelAAAp & s$11.50image
RCE 35Homophonic Suite in Four MovementsDoroughSATs$3.95image
TR 62Ayres to the Lute Arranged for 3 PartsDowland (Nagel)ATB (STB) TrTBs$3.75image
LPM EML 1914 Italian SongsDufay3i(3vo)3s$7.50image
LPM EML 2278 RondeauxDufay3-4vo(3-4i)4s$7.50image
LPM EML 317Ballades + RondeauxDufay3vo(3i)3s$7.50image
LPM EML 107O Rosa Bella (2 settings)Dunstable3vo(3i)3s$6.00image
LMP 2See Amaryllis ShamedEastSSAs$1.75image
LMP 94Songs full of Spirit & Delight, Vol. 1EastAABp & s$7.70image
LMP 95Songs full of Spirit & Delight, Vol. 2EastAABp & s$7.70image
LMP 97Songs full of Spirit & Delight, Vol. 3EastAABp & s$7.70image
LMP 98Songs full of Spirit & Delight, Vol. 4EastAABp & s$7.70image
TR 16The Muses, Vol. IEastTTB(TrTrB)p & s$7.50image
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