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HARA 15Two Pieces, c. 1350, Biaute qui tontes autres pere, Ma fin est mon commencementMachaut (Lewin, G.)TTBp & s$13.50image
LMP 152Trio for SAT RecordersMageauSATp & s$14.00image
LPM TM 20Twelve VillanelleMarenzio3vo(3i)3s$9.50image
RMS 134Sonata in g minor, Opus 1, No. 3MatthesonAAAs$2.00image
RMS 142Sonata in g minor, Opus 1, No. 9MatthesonAAAs$2.00image
OFB 10098 Sonatas, Opus 1, Vol. IMatthesonAAAs$17.95image
OFB 10108 Sonatas, Opus 1, Vol. IIMatthesonAAAs$17.95image
MK1572CiaconaMauteTBBp & s$22.00image
BP 890Concerto in F dur für drei AltblockflötenMauteAAAp & s$22.00image
ASC 29Les BarricadesMauteAAAs$8.25image
LPM EML 3772 ricercari (1606)MayoneATB3s$5.25image
LPM IM 143 Ricercari sopra Canto FermoMayone3ip & s$9.75image
HACO 10A Scrapbook of Party PiecesMeechSATp & s$12.95image
HARA 101A Second Scrapbook of Party PiecesMeechSATp & s$9.50image
HARA 123A Third Scrapbook of Party PiecesMeechSATp & s$13.00image
PP 30Nocturne from A Midsummer Night's DreamMendelssohnSSA(TTB)3s$3.25image
LPM EML 3065 Canzonets a 3Morley3vo(3i)3s$7.50image
LMP 1Joy Doth So AriseMorleySSTs$1.75image
LMP 12Madrigals, Vol. 1MorleySSAs$4.50image
LPM EML 3715 SongsMorton3vo(3i)3s$7.75image
AP 148Allergo from Divertimento No. 1, K. 229MozartATBp & s$7.95image
LMP 56Rondo a la TurqueMozartATBp & s$4.25image
ST12243Trio Arranged after K439bMozartSATs$12.95image
N3915Divertimento 2, KV 137Mozart (Cassignol)ATBp & s$17.25image
SP 2315Allegro from Divertimento No. 1, K. 229Mozart (Reichenthal)ATBp & s$3.75image
AP 010Canon on the Death of a Nightingale for 3; Canon a Due BassiMozart, Gabrieli (Davis)BBB/BBp & s$7.95image
MK 208Pieces from the London Sketch BookMozart, W.SATs$5.00image
ASC 171Bye Bye, Blues (C-U, Jesus)NieuwkerkATBp & s$16.50image
AMP 31KadanzaNieuwkerkATB3s$13.00image
ASC 7So TearNieuwkerk3ip & s$19.95image
LPM AN 9Thirteen PiecesObrecht3-4vo(3-4i)s$11.75image
LPM EML 341Rondeaux & VirelaisOckeghem3vo(3i)3s$8.50image
LMP 170Hyde Park, a Canon at the UnisonOppenheimerSSS (TTT) (CCC)(BBB)6p & s$12.00image
MK 843/844Two Fugues (Die Nachtigall) and one FantasiaPachelbelSAT/STBp & s$8.50image
UE 14005Two FuguesPachelbel (Gardner)SATs$13.95image
MK 382Bukolische Weisen, Bucolic TunesPaporiszSAAs$2.50image
ST11623Sonata for 2 Alto Recorders and Cello or Bass Recorder in F majorPepuschAA(C)Bs$6.95image
LPM AN 3Seven Instrumental PiecesPetrucci, Canti CATB(TrTB)p & s$13.00image
LPM EM 12Three TriosPhilips3ip & s$9.50image
LMP 39Surtous RegretzPipelareATB3s$3.90image
AP1688French Court Dances and English Country DancesPointel3is$20.00image
MK 240Dance PortraitsPoletzkySAT percs$3.00image
LMP 149TanzstuckPoserSATp & s$7.95image
MK 301Variations on a Popular SongPoserSATs$2.50image
PP 105Marche from The Love for Three OrangesProkofievTTB3s$3.75image
PP 1A Viol RoundPurcell3i3s$3.25image
MK 45Fourteen Canons with textsPurcellSSS (TTT) 3vos$5.00image
MK 243Pieces for TrioPurcellSS(A)T(B)s$5.00image
ECS2048Two FantasiasPurcellSATs$6.95image
BP 481Two Trios for three AltosQuantzA(S)AAs$14.50image
AP 019Sonata a Tre for Bass Recorder TrioQuantz (Davis)BBBp & s$7.95image
MK 470/471Eight TricinienRhauSATs$6.00image
LPM EML 2515 Chansons rustiquesRichafort3vo(3i)3s$9.75image
LPM EML 342Tutto il diRore3vo(3i)3s$5.50image
UE 30190New Braun BagRoseATBp & s$21.95image
ST 4094Sinfonien zu drei StimmenRossiSSA(VVV)s$10.95image
MK 517Dance PlayRottlerSSAs$3.50image
LPM IM 1Four PiecesRuffoATB(TrTB)p & s$8.50image
LPM IM 2Three PiecesRuffoSAT(TrTB)p & s$7.75image
MK 263Three MiniaturesSalomonSSAs$3.50image
CH09809Suite from Il Tigrane 1715Scarlatti, A. (Beat)SST(A)s$8.50image
MK 643A Solis Ortus CardineScheidtST/ATB/SATs$5.00image
OFB 842 Sonaten, opus 1, No. 1-2SchererAAA(VVV)s$16.95image
N3938Trio in F major original in B majorSchickardt (Herrmann)SATp & s$18.25image
MK 610Sechs AllemandenSchopTTTs$5.50image
PAN 311Spielereien for three alto recordersSchroderAAAs$6.00image
DO04 425Mississippi-SuiteSchwertbergerSATs$22.00image
LMP 124JasminaSearsAAAp & s$5.75image
LMP 125SkylarkSearsSAAp & s$5.75image
RS 7Recorder Studies, Vol. 7, 4 triosShannonAAA, TTB, ATB, BBBp & s$15.00image
LPM 207Resonet in Laudibus, 2 settings from the Sicher TablaturSicher3i4p & s$4.50image
SIEG015Canarie, 12 Variations on an Old Dutch Dance TuneSiegATBp & s$27.00image
SIEG003Djaboue, Suite 1SiegATB/SAT/ATBp & s$27.00image
MK1570Pina ya Phala, Afrikanische Suite Nr. 2SiegATBp & s$26.00image
SIEG006Suite grotesqueSiegATB, TBB, AATp & s$27.00image
SIEG005Suite sentimentale SiegATB/TTB/ATBp & s$27.00image
BP 393Sonata a tre und Ciacona fur Drei AltblockflotenSimonettiAAAs$22.00image
DO4 355TriludiStaepsSATs$17.00image
AVP 24Voluntary IIStanleyATB3s$5.50image
HARA180Four Eighteenth Century Trios for recordersStanley, Heron, WalondSAB, ATB, TTBp & s$10.50image
MK1514Three Episodes for Recorder Ensemble, I Music with Folksongs (modern technique)StockmeierAAA3s$9.00image
MK 363Five Small PiecesSzalonekSATs$3.50image
N3918Trio F Major from Tafelmusik 3 TWV 42:D5 transposedTelemann (Herrmann)AABp & s$18.75image
BP 650Drei Sonaten fur drei Altfloten ohne Bass (completed by Michel)Telemann (Michel)AAAs$23.00image
MK 700Der Wassertrager, 4 Chinese folk song settingsTentaSSAs$7.00image
MK 705/706Three Jewish Wedding DancesTentaSSAs$10.50image
MK 734/735Fablebook, four piecesTeschnerAATs$7.00image
MK1569Tango ValentinoTeschnerSSA3s$18.00image
MK 287Walloon Folk DancesThisse-DerouetteSATs$2.50image
LPM IM 15Fantasie et Ricercari a tre vociTiburtino3is$10.25image
LPM EML 3292 Parody Chansons after LassusTurnhout3vo(3i)3s$5.50image
MK 837/838Aria sopra la BergamascaUccellini (Rosin)AABp & s$10.50image
CVP 37Ashokan FarewellUnger (Lindvall)TTB3s$5.00image
LPM EML 179Par maintes foysVaillant3vo(3i)3s$5.50image
TR 79Trios from Larger WorksVictoria ATB (TrTB, TrTT)3s$9.00image
52402972Concerto in F major, op. 10 no. 1, La tempesta di mareVivaldiAAAp & s$24.95image
N3828Trio in a Moll, nach RV 106VivaldiAABp & s$18.50image
MK 758/759Partita Jesu, meine FreudeWalterSAT3s$10.00image
LPM EML 2827 Airs or Fantastic SpiritsWeelkes3vo(3i)3s$9.75image
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